Buy the Best Halloween Trick or Treat Candy and Goodies

by katiem2

Don't disappoint get the best deals on Halloween candy and treats. Surprise your kids and trick or treats with the a surprising new fun candy. Get novelty Halloween candy here.

Halloween is one of the most fun and highly anticipated celebrations of the year. Every little ghoul, goblin, witch or warlock loves trick or treat. Kids and adults alike look forward to dressing up and the especially unique goodies, treats and candies! Fresh new ideas are always a great way to surprise the thrill seekers showing up at your door. Halloween is no better time to step it up and get creative.

Bottom line the candy is a huge part of the anticipation for all the kids. Do you remember the best and worst of candy handed out when you were a kid?

Halloween a Favorite Holiday

In fact people spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday second to Christmas! That’s saying a lot considering there is no huge list of gifts to buy! Nope, Halloween is all about cutting loose and having a good time. Today we explore what’s hot and spooky with creepy new thrills for all the senses.  So let’s get to it!


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Caramel Apple Pops

The perfect Halloween Treat

This delicious lollipop offers all the flavor of the traditional caramel apples without all the mess. If you haven't tried these you simply must. Once you have one you'll add these to your Halloween shopping list each year. Kids love the caramel apple pops.  The lollipop is green and taste like an apple which is drenched in smooth caramel.  The flavor combination is genius.

Caramel Apple Pops


Gummy Body Parts

Gummies are always a big hit add body parts to the mix and you've hit a home run.

Kids love the fun novelty candies and who can blame them. These types of candies make sorting the Halloween trick or treat haul all the better.  Enjoy being the house handing out body parts with these fun eye raising treats.

Halloween Candy Gummy Body Parts

Eyeball Gum Balls

Another favorite among trick or treat goers is bubble gum, these gum eyeballs make for another thrilling treat.

Kids don't get to chew gum that often so make it a trick or treat regular.  Kids love enjoying bubble gum novelty candies. These bubble gum eyeballs makes gum balls a perfect Halloween occasional treat.

Spooky Eyes Bubble Gum

Candy Eyeballs

Novelty Halloween candies are a fast favorite among kids who love trick or treat.

In fact eyeballs are among the most favorite novelty candy requested by little ghost and goblins. Be sure to stock up on the fun stuff putting a huge smile on the faces of your kids.  Imagine the fond childhood memories.  I know I still think back to how amazing my own parents made Halloween. Especially my Mom. I love you MOM your amazing!

Oozing Candy Eyeballs

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Safety First

Remember to send your kids out with safety in mind as they enjoy a carefree trick or treat.

The most important thing to consider for Halloween safety is visibility. You want to be certain your little darlings are visible to others. Be sure to stock up on enough safety items for your kids and all their friends.

Plus, make certain everyone, both kids and adults, going trick or treating wear safe and comfortable shoes.  This will avoid sore feet and dangerous slips and falls.  Enjoy Your Halloween Celebrations.

Sylvania Clip-on Lights for Safety During Trick-or-treat At Halloween

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katiem2 on 09/04/2012

Brenda, We always get chocolate candy bars of all varieties, but the kids love the fun novelty candy. :)K

BrendaReeves on 09/04/2012

The candy is gross, but kids would love them. I always get lots of chocolate for the kids so I can eat the leftovers.

katiem2 on 08/28/2012

kinworm, Halloween is a HUGE holiday here in the states. It is so much fun. I'm sure it will catch on and snowball there in the UK now that you're a trend setter.

Marie on 08/27/2012

I love Halloween, as you can probably guess :) Thing is, in my part of the UK, we don't really have any Halloween celebrations. But I've always found the idea very appealing. Last year we had our first Halloween party which was a blast - lots of cool (and gross looking) food and dressing up. I can't wait to celebrate it again this year. Spooky eyes are a real winner.

katiem2 on 08/27/2012

Thanks cleanclover, great to have you.

katiem2 on 08/27/2012

Thanks Susan, Great to hear from you :)

SusanM on 08/26/2012

Great ideas!!!

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