The 80's Halloween Costume for Teen Girls and Women

by katiem2

The eighties are a hot trend now. Get your 80's fashions rocking in this totally rad Halloween costume. Be trendy and a flash back this Halloween

The eighties are back, eighties stuff is everywhere, you might not realize it if you yourself are not a product of the 80's but it's true. The 80's have become the hottest new fashion trend or shall we say a flashback from the past. I have a great collection of everything tubular any 80's chic would wear. So come on and get your eighties on. I've got everything from how to dress to how to get that big 80's hair. Soon you'll be looking like an original flash back from the past. Be warned, we 80s chic's knew how to have a good time you might never want to go back.

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80's Satin Bow Headband

Aqua Net Hairspray

The Preferred Hair Spray of the 80's

80's Hair Bows

Hair was big in the 80's

Everyone's hair was big in the 80's.  Big hair called for big bows, to balance things out!  To get your own 80's hair style perfect for your Halloween costume party follow the directions below.

How to Style 80's Hair

  • Wash Hair
  • Apply Volume Jell or Mouse
  • Blow Dry Hair Upside Down
  • Rubbing Finger Tips Briskly All Over Scalp While Drying
  • This Fluffs the Hair, Work in Some Scrunching
  • Once Dry Spray Hair While Upside Down All Over and Scrunch
  • Toss Head Upright and Wa La 

You now have eighties hair.

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I Love the 80s Shirt

Slouchy 80s Shirt

The shirts or tees of the eighties had huge necks.

These slouchy tees were designed to hang off one shoulder as illustrated above. Now pay attention to detail and get it right.

It's simple, allow the one side to hang down low enough and you will be comfortable with it and in no time at all forget the one side is hanging off balance.  Check it out it is a rad look don't you think?

Get your leg warmer to the right, these come in the yellow you see here, lime green parakeet yellow, neon orange and the pink you see above.  Your color choice really doesn't matter.

Don't Forget the Legwarmers

Uggs are no longer the hot trend in boots. A green footwear otherwise known as Bearpaws boots is taking over and with good reason? Get great deals here on hot stylish boot!

The 80s Fishnet Gloves

Cindy Lauper made these gloves hot. She really knew how to rock the eighties styles. Cindy Lauper along with Madonna made these fashion trends an 80s fashion staple.

Complete the 80's Costume

  1. Add the gloves mix and match the colors to your leg warmers
  2. Wear the entire outfit with a pair of dark black jeggings or skinny jeans.
  3. Wear a pair of converse tennis shoes or fun heels.
  4. Wear the 80's Jewelry and add Fun 

Enjoy one of my favorite 80's videos and Have Fun this Halloween. Watch this video carefully to get fashion tips and style info straight from the 80's while you watch this flash back in time.  See anything you notice friends wearing lately?  It's all coming back just watch and see.


80's Fishnet Gloves

Plus Add Fun 80's Earrings

and Bangle Bracelet

Get More 80's Fashion Tips Here

Dress Like Cindy Lauper
Updated: 09/23/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 08/28/2012

Thanks kinworm, I know right the 80s retro, it was a very long time ago, I was a kid in the 80's now my two daughters are shopping and buying things I wore back then... Go Figure!

Marie on 08/27/2012

Love the 80s fashion - not that I'd wear any of it but the leg warmers bring back fond memories of Fame, Madonna and lots of fun pop music :) I can't believe the 80s is so far back now that it's retro. Where did the time go? Your article is spot on with the costume advice.

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