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by katiem2

Uggs are no longer the hot trend in boots. A green footwear otherwise known as Bearpaws boots is taking over and with good reason? Get great deals here on hot stylish boot!

Uggs are just not the in boot anymore, so what is? Forget about wearing stinky boots that fall apart. Bearpaw boots are the fashion trend of the moment. If you know where to look there are great deals out there just waiting for you. They beat Ugg prices and quality by far. Plus, the don't look cheap! Bottom line is these boots are schooling Uggs on how to be a real boot. Let’s explore the best places to find these hot deals. After all many people are looking for the exact same thing as you, now you may think this is a bad thing, but really it’s great. If you know where to look, you can get some really low prices. Just keep reading and I'll tell you how.

Quality You Can See

At first glance the quality of Bearpaws jumps out at you.

Look at the stitching, the soles the amazing attention to details. My shoe repairman told me he gets Uggs brought in to him all the time for repairs he can't make. He has to tell disappointed Uggs buyers their boots can't be repaired.  He went on to tell me they rip just in the seam line where the boot meets the sole and simply cannot be repaired.  He's the one who told me about the best quality boat that never comes into his shop.  In fact he sells bearpaws to dissatisfied Ugg owners each time they come in with a blown out pair of Uggs. 

Note - The Bearpaw Boots never come back to him for repairs!

A Better Boot than Uggs

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Why Bearpaws Boots are Great

A Review of the Bearpaw boots company and how these boots are a return to the real green movement.

For the last 20 years boot manufacturers have been creating artificial materials and toying with petroleum products in an attempt to make shoes "feel natural". Finally a manufacturer gets it. They are using natural materials to make a comfortable, warm, good looking pair of boots. Where others have failed, they get it right.

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A Planet Friendly Boot

Green companies leave the planet better than it was when they found it.

Check out the amazing comfy and slouchy boot to your right. This boot goes great with skirts and dresses not to mention they too look amazing with skinny jeans.

Bearpaw sheepskin boots do just that. Footwear manufacturers have been using the most toxic of chemicals to make shoes more like tires. They do this because it is cheaper. However, this approach produces huge quantities of bi-products that are extremely harmful to the environment.

Bearpaw Shoes is the exception. Rather than invent new cheaper forms of artificial boot materials, they looked to nature for a solution. Instead of petroleum based shoe linings and faux exteriors, they use high-quality natural materials like suede or shearling.

These sweet little boots are hand crafted by Mother Nature. For that reason alone, they do not produce the plumes of toxic clouds or spent petroleum vats seen at competing shoe manufacturers. A conscious choice to limit those harmful bi-products makes them a very green company.

So that is why many people online are searching for Bearpaw womens boots, mens boots, and even kids Bearpaw boots.

BEARPAW Women's Knit Boot

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Bearpaw Boots A Green Solution

Check out these sweet brushed silver bearpaws boots.

The warm and cozy lining keeps toes toasty. The leather upper in a sweet paisley design adding the latest fashion flare we girls demand. The rubber sole provides great durable traction for cold winter days with its slippery streets and snow.  if you must leave the comfort of your safe warm den (home) do it like the bearpaws do.Other companies make footwear from artificial materials many petroleum based products which are not good for the environment and feel uncomfortable and stiff on your foot, you know the type. 

Makers of green products such as Bearpaws leave nature alone.  The other companies use the chemical created artificial products because their cheaper.  While it’s cheaper for them they produce large quantities of bi-products that are harmful to our environment. 

BEARPAW Women's Bristol Boot

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BEARPAW Women's Constantine Boot

How Bearpaws are Made

Bearpaws are Natural Boots

Tis the season to look amazing!  This hot little red number will do just that! So sweet!

Bearpaws designers use the tried and true natural solution to footwear, using suede or shearing natural fibers which are hand crafted by good ole Mother nature herself. These natural products do not create toxic chemicals which are released into our environment like the petroleum based manufactors.  This is how Bearpaws keeps it green and insures quality. 

It is for this great reason people young and old alike are searching for Bearpaws boots for men, women and children. The quality of this process creates a boot that contours the foot in comfort and fashion.

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BEARPAW Women's Siren Boot

Get The Best Deals on Boots

The retail giant Amazon offers amazing deals on these amazing Bearpaw boots

No matter what style or function preference you have Bearpaws has it.  So enjoy your environmentally friendly product knowing the difference and feeling the difference in both you heart and the comfort of your feet.  

Check out the amazing design and style of the comfy pretty bearpaw boots.  Move over Uggs, the fashion diva in us girls has us making the best choice in winter footwear and it's not you.  Now we don't have to wonder how they got their name. 

These boots are the hottest trend and for good reason just look at them, and it all comes in all natural fibers with a comfy feel.

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BEARPAW Women's Tama II Mid-Calf Boot

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katiem2 on 09/08/2012

Scott, lol, thanks for adding this testament. I've heard that over and over again from parents who've spent way to much money on Uggs. Thanks for your customer review. :)K

Scott on 09/08/2012

NIce boots, my daughter wears those stinky Ugs. They are four times the price of these boots. I think the whole Ugg things was a big marketing joke. Make ugly boots, price them high and see if people will buy them because we get a few famous people to wear them. I'm here to tell you the Ug or Ugg boots are cheap, they stink and fall apart in no time. I told my daughter I'm not wasting another penny on those ugly cheap boots again. I'll show her these boots they are a doable price and I know I can trust your recommendations. Thanks Katiem2, Scott

katiem2 on 08/26/2012

Hey Sheila and Mira, These boots are very trendy and comfy. Plus boot season is going to be here before you know it. A lot of students who've gotten their fall boots for back to school can't wait to wear them. They are in big demand.

Mira on 08/26/2012

Yeah, I see people in boots at the mall even as temperatures are in the high 30s (Celsius). They looked like these Bearpaws -- not sure, since I only bought sandals lately :-). But winter will be here in no time :)

sheilamarie on 08/26/2012

Nice boots! They look comfy, too.

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

Ragtimelil, I can believe it and I'm not laughing, you are insanely talented. I admire that very much about you. I have a pair of bearpaws, they are so comfortable. I love them.

Ragtimelil on 08/25/2012

Wow. I' m not a shopper but I will need some new boots this winter. I can almost afford a pair of these. It's either that or make them myself. (Don't laugh, I've done it....)

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