Avoid Split Ends - Hair Care

by katiem2

If you're burdened with the dry frizzy appearance of split ends worry no more. Learn the best way to treat and prevent split ends once and for all.

It’s no secret both men and women love a gorgeous head of hair! We girls tend to have a love hate relationship with our hair.

The natural treatments you're about to learn are easy, extremely affordable in fact cheap compared to the over priced chemical products that don’t really work.

The tips your about to get actually nourish your hair with real and natural elements that soak into your hair making it look and feel great. This is hands down the best way to eliminate and prevent split ends.

On the days you hate your hair, you will quickly learn it’s time for a little in home love. How long has it been since you enjoyed beautiful bouncy hair free of split ends?

For those who enjoy coloring their own hair get the latest on coloring your own hair at home.

Get Rid of Split Ends

Learn the two easy steps to eliminate and prevent split ends creating beautiful hair.

Split ends seem to come from out of no where and yet there are a few things we all do to create split ends. The causes of split ends are dry over worked hair.  When hair is stripped of oil or has a low level of natural oil it becomes dry and brittle due to the cuticle of the hair remaining open and vulnerable. Many of us have dry hair naturally while others create dry hair from harsh shampoos, over washing and styling products.  

The best thing you can do to avoid split ends and have beautiful hair is;

  1. Avoid using harsh hair care products
  2. Maintain your hairstyle by scheduling routine trims
  3. Stop over washing your hair
  4. Brush, comb and style hair properly
  5. Use a good nurturing conditioning oil
  6. Avoid the things that cause split ends

Avoid Harsh Hair Care Products

Hair care products and harmful alcohol

Most all hair care products contain alcohol.  Alcohol opens the cuticle of the hair to allow the benefits of the hair care product to penetrate the hair shaft instead of merely coating it.  The problem being to much alcohol is a bad thing. Two different types of alcohol are commonly found in hair care products, some with too much of one or both.

The two types used in hair products are cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol.  Cetyl alcohol is considered to be better for your hair being less harmful than stearyl.  A good rule of thumb is to by products with primarily or only cetyl alcohol.  The further down the list of ingredients the alcohol is the better. 

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Long Hair Requires Special Care

Develop a good hair care routine to keep your long hair and keep it beautiful

Maintain Your Hairstyle

Everyone's hair grows at a different rate.  The best way to maintain the good healthy of your hair cut and style between trims is to maintain a gentle care routine.  Using products as outlined per the alcohol guidelines above is one way to do this. Others are to coming up below.  The basic routine of a hair cut is not enough to prevent split ends.  The most powerful tool in the war against split ends is the basic care and keeping of hair on a daily basis. You can extend the time between hair cuts if you practice good hair care at home on a daily basis.  As you read on you will learn just how to do so.  Enjoy beautiful hair!

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Stop Over Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair daily is not a good idea for everyone.

For those of us with medium to long hair, who want to maintain our length, should shampoo less often.  While its a great idea to hydrate our hair daily, shampooing is not the answer.  Follow the proper brushing instructions below, allow your hair to get damp or moist while showering yet don't wash it everyday.  A great way to style your hair is in the shower. Adding Velcro rollers to the bang area while showering sets a beautiful bang area without starting from scratch.  You may add as many rollers as you like for the desired hair style.  Cover your rolled hair with a shower cap and enjoy your shower.  

The Only Hair Shampoo and Conditioner I Use

Tip - Allow the rollers to remain in the hair as long as possible to both set and air dry any hair line dampness.  This is a gentle way to style your hair and creates a drop dead beautiful hair style. 

Tip 2 - If you use hair spray on your hair, try applying it to the bang area only.  The bang area can be set with the roller technique above for several days.  The bang area will become tacky after a few days (and it may not) depending on the type of hair spray, spritz or product you use, it is then you can wash just the bang area allow the length of your hair to merely be misted by the shower.  The hair ends may get saturated.  Apply a good condition to the ends and areas of hair that gets wet or damp freshening your hair style without drying it out with shampoos.

Tip 3 - If you feel your hair needs a complete soaking do so rinsing the hair well, shampooing only the bang area and that around the hair line, using a very small portion of shampoo.  Cover the length of the hair with a very generous amount of good moisturizing conditioner.  Always start every shower with your hair care routine allowing the moisturizing conditioner to remain on the hair for the entire shower.  If hair is really long, getting in the way of your showering pile it on top of your head with a big clip.  Rinse conditioner from hair just before your shower is over, this allows the water to cool down, if not turn the water to a cooler setting.  Hot water damages the hair and causes split ends.  Rinse hair with the coolest water tolerable.  This closes the cuticle of the hair making the hair more slick like glass as apposed to being open and flaky and ugly like dry flaky skin compared to well moisturized skin.  Hair is an appendage of the skin, very much like skin!

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Hair Combing and Brushing Tools I Love and Use!

Brush, Comb and Style Hair Properly

Always use a good brush or comb and the proper brushing and combing techniques.

The way you brush and comb your hair either creates or prevents split ends.  You must always start with a brush or comb that can easily be moved through your hair type.  

The brush or comb should not get stuck in your hair, if it does the teeth or bristles are to tight or close together. Use a tangle free brush or comb to get the tangles out and always and I mean ALWAYS start brushing or combing at the very ends of the hair.

How to Comb or Brush Properly

  1. Use the proper brush or comb
  2. Start at the ends of the hair
  3. Slowly moving or inching your way up the hair shaft only an inch at a time combing through to the ends. This gently combs through removing the tangle without damaging your hair and causing split or broken ends.
  4. Once completed if you notice dry ends spray with a conditioning spray and gently scrunch the hair ends helping the spray to penetrate the ends.

Tip - I fill a spray bottle with purified water, no chlorine, and a few pumps of Moroccan oil and Moroccan Conditioner to have on hand anytime my ends need a bit of moisture, touch up or curl boost.  Just simply shake and spray.  

This is a great asset you will quickly grow to love. Pack it in your travel bag, a small spray bottle in gym bags or your purse for easy touch ups that will keep your hair beautiful and free from split ends.

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Use a Good Nurturing Conditioning Oil

Replacing or adding oil to hair is crucial to avoiding split ends.

I'm an authority on split ends as I have my cosmetology degree and have very dry, no extremely dry overly curly red hair.  I have researched and tried every product known to man claiming to address this issue.  I can tell you with great certainty all the above mentioned steps are the simple things you must do to avoid split ends.  There is however one key ritual you must adopt to have beautiful sexy hair free of split ends.  That is using a hair oil.  I know, I know so many oils make the hair look awful!  I've used them all and found there is a oil that does not make any hair look oily.  Its amazing, pure magic. One of the happiest days of my life occurred when I finally found the Moroccan Oil.  It works, it makes my hair look and feel like its never been dry or brittle a day in its life.  I've never experienced such a result.  

How to Use - Apply to wet or damp hair out of the shower. Pump oil into your palm gently rub both hands together allowing the oil to evenly distribute over the surface of both hands.  While hanging your head between your legs or from side to side pat hair ends gently squeezing the oil into the ends of the hair.  Apply the oil any place you have dry hair.  Generally you only need to apply it to the ends.  

WARNING This Oil Hair Treatment for Split Ends Smells Terrific and will have people unable to fight the desire to sniff your hair...they will not be able to resist. As my Grandfather always said, “A women’s hair is her glory.”

Moroccan Oil smells amazing!  I've rarely had anyone comment about the way my hair smells.  Once I started using Moroccan hair oil everyone started telling me I smell good!  It took me a while to figure it out as I don't wear perfume or perfumed deodorants.  I realized it was my hair. The first time my significant other smelled it their face was buried in my hair as they repeatedly said, "Uhm your hair smells so good", as they deeply inhaled the aroma of my hair. Not only does it smell amazing it looks amazing just look at the before and after pictures to see for yourself. 

My Hair Without Split Ends Treatment Moroccan Oil


My hair With Moroccan Oil Treatment


Get Your Split End Cure Here - The Amazing Moroccan Oil

This is drop dead a must have to avoid split ends

Really Saves Money

This product last so long you will save tons of money in the long run.

The first time I bought this brand of product was in a hair salon after my hair dresser friend told me about it.  I had to take some home it worked so well even against the advice of my friend.  He told me I could get it at a fraction of the cost online.  I couldn't bare the thought of going home without the product fix I had finally found!  The Moroccan Oil I bought that day lasted me over one year. That's right you heard me 1 YEAR!  During that time it maintained it's quality and intoxication aroma. Not only is this the best product ever it's the most cost effective product as well.  I've found all the products online so you can take advantage of the discounted prices.  Use these products sparingly as directed.  Moroccan hair care products are the only product I've ever used that honestly worked using the small amount advised!  

Learn 10 simple things you can easily work into your daily routine making you both look and feel younger in just days.

Avoid The Things That Cause Split Ends

There are many things we do day in and out causing split ends.

Other than the things mentioned here today there are many thing we do to cause further damage which creates the split ends we despise. I've created a list of things we do day in and out causing your hair to be beaten, broken and least of all split ends.  If you notice one side of your hair being worse than the other you no doubt are committing some of these brutal hair offenses.  This is especially vital for any of us with medium to long hair as it comes it contact with many split end causing offenses. 

The Things That Cause Split Ends

  1. Book Bags, Purses, Brief Cases or anything that rest on your shoulders.  These thing break, split and damage the hair as we rush out the door in the morning, after school and running errands. We quickly throw these items on our shoulders most often trapping the hair under quickly sweeping the hair out from beneath the strap.  Think about it, this caused great damage to the hair and is the prime reason your hair dresser needs to cut off so much of your hair to eliminate the offending split damaged or broken hairs.
  2. Seat belts are another of the things we quickly pull down onto our hair trapping it and then again pulling it free.  
  3. Pulling tight shirts, dresses or other items of clothing over our heads in a rush catches, pulls, breaks or damages our hair causing split ends.
  4. Quickly throwing on a jacket coat or sweater over our hair trapping it and often adding a purse or brief case strap to further the damage.

The list goes on and on, once you think about it there are many things we do to create split ends.  Now that the mystery is solved you may go about eliminating these causes and adding great hair care to your daily routine.  There is no reason you too cannot have beautifully georgeous hair free from split ends and damage. 

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

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katiem2 on 12/12/2012

Tina, lol Moroccan oil is my magical potion :)

Tina on 12/12/2012

My hair so looks like yours without the moroccan oil. So it smells good eh?

katiem2 on 05/30/2012

Tolovaj, Thanks for sharing, my issues with dry hair that cause split ends has been a difficult process and finding Morrocan oil is the solution that turned my bad hair days around. Thanks again, I'm sure your friends will be glad you shared.

Tolovaj on 05/30/2012

Thanks for very detailed and colorful presentation. Split ends were my problem for years but now I am almost without hair (I rather call this condition aerodynamic) and this problem is almost solved...
I know few girls who will be very thankful for this article. I'll send them over!

katiem2 on 04/13/2012

2uesday, very good points, hair bands and ties are big contributors to hair breakage, rubber bands should never be put in the hair. Thankfully very hair friendly and safe hair ties are available. I have long hair and often toss it up on my head with a loose messy pony, I use the cloth covered bands myself. I think they have a nice elastic band inside.

katiem2 on 04/07/2012

thanks sheilamarie, its a mess naturally, needs all the good moroccan oil it can get, I so love that product.

sheilamarie on 04/07/2012

Thanks for these tips, Katie! Your hair is gorgeous!

katiem2 on 04/06/2012

mulberry, I learned that very lesson years ago and you said it best, does it ever make an improvement and stop split ends. Thanks for sharing.

mulberry on 04/06/2012

Great tips. After years of over washing my hair I learned to wash less often. Wow, have I seen an improvement!

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