Why Am I Always So Tired - Stop Being Exhausted

by katiem2

Many things cause routine fatigue Lack of sleep makes you tired, gain weight and drive drowsy a serious danger. Review the cures and methods to rid sleepiness from your day.

Several things can make you tired all the time, the most obvious reason is the lack of adequate sleep. Many of the common reasons for exhaustion are overlooked but have a simple fix. Once hypo thyroid, depression or sleeping disorders have been eliminated as possibilities review other culprits and learn simple solutions to a restful sleep.

What Makes Me so Tired?

So your always tired and not sure why, read this to find out what's making you so tired and stop it now?

Truth be told more than half the groggy people have a mild and commonly under diagnosed energy zapping deficiency. The deficiency is the basic nutrients we all need to maintain a healthy balance and flow of constant energy throughout any day regardless of the demands. 

Its hard to get what we need as healthy nutrient rich food is just not available to us during our busy day to day activities. There are however key nutrients that cause unique and different types of fatigue.  This article looks at each individual reason as to why you are tired all the time.  There are unique types of exhaustion with each indicating a different nutrient need.  You can easily identify which type of exhaustion is zapping your energy and target the exact fix to cure your specific reason for being tired all the time.  Don't you think it's time to wake up and feel energize?

Persistent Moderate Loss of Energy

So you get really tired but it comes and goes find out why.

If your tired but not totally wiped out, like some people get, you need vitamin A.  Many people who eat a low fat diet become low in vitamin A which causes moderate yet persistent fatigue.  The top sources of vitamin A are rich in dietary fat; Vitamin A balances the levels of blood sugar plus keeps hormone levels in check. A diet low in these fatty foods can leave you tired with a persistent moderate feeling of lethargy.  If you eat a low fat diet avoiding fatty foods both in the meat and diary food selections you can relieve the feelings of constant yet moderate fatigue by taking a vitamin A supplement. Its always best to remedy this deficiency by eating foods rich in energy boosting elements. 

Natural Options 

Many good foods are rich in nutrients that will eliminate the feeling of being tired all the time.  

Eating foods such as;orange foods, melons, papayas, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots are rich in beta-carotene.

The beauty of beta-carotene is in its conversion into energy boosting vitamin A. 

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Causes of Tired Weary Muscles

Do you feel tired all the time and muscle weary as if you are over come with a weakness?

A large number, upwards of 16% of us are low in iron.  This causes our energy levels to drop by half, that's cause for feeling tired and muscle weary. The lack of iron may progress into anemia.  Mild shortages of iron saps the bodies proper cell absorption of oxygen.  This creates a major source of fatigue. 

The Fix

A simple 4 ounce serving of pork, chicken or beef , all rich in iron, can eliminate your symptoms of constant fatigue and muscle weakness in three months or less depending on your deficiency. 

The Vegan Fix

For those of us who are vegetarian and vegan meat is not an option and yet there are many other natural sources of iron.  Dried beans and dark leafy vegetables are all great sources of iron.  Increase the bodies ability to absorb iron by eating foods rich in vitamin c with iron rich leafy veggies, such as spinach.

Sun tanning can do more than provide the body with vitamin D it also has other positive effects on those who tan. Learn more about the positive benefits of sun tanning.

Why Am I Tired and Can't Concentration

If you're tired and unable to concentrate you lack the nutrient boron.

Boron is a mineral often going unnoticed and yet is essential for the vibrant  brain signals of energy the body needs to maintain both energy and concentration.  Without the transmission of these vital signals we feel tired and foggy.

The Boron Fix

Almonds and hazelnuts easily correct the lack of boron in up to two short weeks.  This is an easy addition to your daily routine and so worth the effort.

If you're tired of what you see when you look in the mirror a simple change can turn that around. Switching a few beauty products maybe all you need to improve your look in a wink

What Makes You Tired and Causes Acne

If you're tired all the time and your face suffers frequent breakouts of acne you need zinc.

You may feel you're tired due to your age and yet you suffer breakouts and or acne as well leaving you to wonder why.  You are in need of zinc regardless of age.  Fatigue and acne are both caused by a lack of zinc. Zinc is the mineral responsible for dozens of energizing chemical reactions in the body.  The winter, or any time of year, when your immune system is low as it fights colds, flu and or allergies is especially draining on your zinc reserves.  

The Zinc Fix

Taking zinc during the evening is key as this is a time when your stomach acids are at their highest aiding the bodies ability to absorb the zinc.  Take 30 mg. of zinc each night to ward of fatigue and acne break outs. 

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These are the quick absorb type resolving quickly under your tongue delivery quick energy and clarity.

As with any dificiency your level of lack determines the recovery of your energy and clarity.

Why am I Tired and Forgetful?

If you're tired and seem to forget things all the time you're in need of B12.

More women than men are low in vitamin B12.  One of the first signs of a B12 shortage is fatigue.  The reason and forgetfulness. B12 helps your body convert food into the energy it was intended. Taking heartburn medications regularly increases your risk of being low of B12.  Vegans and Vegetarians are at higher risk as meat, dairy and seafood are a rich source of B12.  

The B12 Fix

A good source of B12 is the quick absorb type as they provide you with the much needed quick energy. To clear the fatigue and fog take a daily dose of B12 at 1,000 mcg. does of the rapidly absorbed type under the tongue.  Your energy can be completely restored within up to two weeks depending on the deficiency.

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Why I Feel Tired and Anxious

The two very frustrating combinations of fatigue are being tired and anxious.

This is a big issue holding many of us back, one in three to be exact.  The lack of vitamin C causes us to be both tired and anxious.  

Did you know vitamin C calms you down?  The adrenal glands need vitamin C to produce adrenaline which give you energy and rev up your hormones.  

The off balance of energy and hormones creates a tired person with an anxious feeling, not a good combination. 

The Tired and Anxious Fix

One or two simple serving of citrus fruit a day can easy the symptoms and have you as good as new in up to three weeks.

Wake Up and Enjoy Life, Katie

Vitamin E is a nutrient with antioxidant capabilities. Tocopherols prevent oxidation, which destroy vitamins A and D. Choose natural vitamin E (d-alpha) supplements.
Updated: 11/16/2016, katiem2
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katiem2 on 11/11/2016

AbrarAhmad, I will accept your link and information, thanks for visiting

AbrarAhmad on 11/04/2016

There are a few reasons you are feeling tired without any reason. One of them is anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells and conversely, oxygen from the lungs is not properly brought to the tissues and cells. Anemia may be caused by deficiency of vitamins or minerals, internal bleeding or chronic diseases. Women who are at “that time” of the month are susceptible to anemia as blood is lost during menstruation. Still, iron deficiency due to menstruation is less than in pregnant women or lactating mothers, as their body needs extra iron to maintain healthy blood levels. Things may also go wrong when your thyroid glands refuse to cooperate with you. Thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are responsible for metabolic processes in the body. Too much thyroid hormone causes hyperthyroidism which speeds up metabolism while too little thyroid hormone slows down metabolism. Hyperthyroidism causes fatigue and muscle weakness and starts in the thighs. Doing energy demanding activities become difficult and other symptoms include weight loss, feeling warm, shorter menstruations, increased heart rate and thirst. Hypothyroidism also causes fatigue and muscle weakness. The symptoms are reversed to hyperthyroidism such as weight gain, feeling cold and longer menstruations. Diabetes, notorious for causing a range of problems in the body, is also related to fatigue. As glucose is the staple fuel of the body, it is not utilized properly in patients with type 2 diabetes as the absence of insulin causes the glucose to build up in the body. Without its staple fuel, the tissues of the body are not nourished properly and causes fatigue. Sadly, being sad can also be the reason you feel tired. Depression induces negative feelings and also has negative effects on the body as it causes a reduction in energy levels, changes in sleep and eating patterns, decreased concentration and overall laziness and worthlessness which keeps you in bed all day.
Reference: http://bit.ly/2f9bC1e

katiem2 on 05/16/2013

fitzcharming, you are welcome and do be sure to take vitamin D and possibly have your levels checked as it is a very common vitamin deficiency causing fatigue and joint pain and stiffness.

fitzcharming on 05/16/2013

I am always tired. I'm starting to eat less processed foods and taking vitamins to perk myself up. Your info is helpful, thanks.

katiem2 on 12/07/2012

Mike, Here's to waking up with lots of energy.

teddletonmr on 12/07/2012

It's good to know the nagging problem of being tired can be cured with natural alternatives.

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

samsara, I was recently told my vitamin D was low while having routine blood work. My doctor told me it could also make you feel tired. So now I'm on a vitamin D supplement, but this is being watched carefully. She wants me to come back for more blood work in six weeks to determine what I should do in way of continuing on the vitamin D supplement of discontinuing it. Good luck with your concentration related tired feeling, Sounds like you need Boron, I take boron and it makes a tremendous difference. I too tend to have low blood pressure, always have.

katiem2 on 04/23/2012

Pinkchic18, I'm sure you'll have your energy back in no time as you pay attention to what you are missing replacing it. You'll be amazed at the energy you regain and how amazing it feels, and just in time for the beautiful weather of spring and summer.

Pinkchic18 on 04/23/2012

I'm constantly exhausted, and can never figure out why. I will try some of these tips. I have recently started taking B12 vitamins, and that helps but doesn't cure it. I think you're right about the diet. It's tough to get all the vitamins and minerals necessary.

katiem2 on 04/10/2012

Dustytoes, I didn't know who you were for a second, great profile pic. I really appreciate actually seeing the real creative genious behind their work. Thanks for the great comment and compliment.

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