10 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

by katiem2

Learn 10 simple things you can easily work into your daily routine making you both look and feel younger in just days.

How to stop the signs of aging and look years younger is easier now more than ever and yet many of us do all sorts of things causing us to look older quicker. Today we take a look at what we can do to make ourselves both look and feel younger.

We are literally surrounded with age promoting foods, products and daily rituals all contributing to looking older faster.

We do this even while a vast sea of modern and affordable products are just waiting to help us look and feel years younger. Read on as we explore many tips and tricks to reduce the signs of aging. Each will have you turning heads in no time.

Reverse the Aging Process

The first anti aging tip is free and easy!

Remember to be gentle with yourself, stop putting junk into and onto your body. I don't think I need to elaborate on this as we all know what I mean. Develop some new habits and begin looking better today. We all avoid the pain of change until the pain of staying the same hurts worse than the change. In some cases the mere sight of ourselves scares us, if we catch a glimpse of ourselves off guard. I promise this won't hurt a bit, in fact it will feel good!

First off, lets explore the no nonsense and affordable ways to change your appearance and well being and all from the comfort of home. Taking the steps listed below will reduce the aging process, one that you may be accelerating instead of halting. Practice including these steps into your lifestyle and before you know it you'll be doing a double take when you walk past a mirror and this time for the good!

The Freebie - This tip doesn't count in the list of 10, its a no brainer but worth reminding.The biggest and simplest thing you can do to brighten your eyes, soften and smooth your skin, increase your inner well being and energy is to drink water.  Its amazing the difference drinking water makes. Drinking the required 8 to 10 glasses of water a day makes all the difference as it does when you do and don't water a plant. The plant that does not get watered shrinks, wrinkles and looks terrible, just before it dies water it and life comes back to the plant.  Before you know it the plant is beautiful, colorful and vibrant again.  We are like those withering plants. Plus, you won't be thirsty for those other drinks packed with chemicals which age you from the inside out because your drinking the fountain of youth, good clean water.  As I said this is a freebie, water is free!

Sun tanning can do more than provide the body with vitamin D it also has other positive effects on those who tan. Learn more about the positive benefits of sun tanning.

Youthful Nutrients Eat For Beauty

Eating right is a huge contributor to looking and feeling youthful.

But we can't always eat all the nutrients we need to look great.

1. Slow or stop aging, to truly look and feel younger you must work from the inside out giving your skin the vitamins and nutrients needed to promote new cell growth and defeat free radicals.

The best way to do this is eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible.  

If you cannot eat these foods as much as you need include the power of greens into diet.

2. Sun exposure, fifteen minutes of sun exposure daily increases your vitamin D levels which is a crucial part of your bodies ability to absorb and utilize calcium properly.

This helps give your body what it needs to function and look great. Calcium has been proven to reduce belly fat.

The sun triggers your body’s natural productions of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency will have a dramatic effect on your body and skins appearance.

NOTE: do not feel bad but be honest, like most everyone, you no doubt have terrible eating habits.  The super foods to the left will super charge your cell reproduction and clean the nasty waste from your bodies, something that must be done to look and feel younger.

If you're tired of what you see when you look in the mirror a simple change can turn that around. Switching a few beauty products maybe all you need to improve your look in a wink

Stop Aging Quick

The right vitamins makes a huge difference.

2. Know how and why skin ages, skin is the body’s largest organ, 15% in all. Skin naturally retains water.  A well hydrated body has skin that stays plumped up with a youthful appearance and glow.

Dry skin is prone to wrinkles. Drinking lots of fresh water makes a huge difference in your skins moisture level. Caffeine dehydrates the skin so as I mentioned earlier water is a huge factor in the anti aging process.

3. Sun tanning, the right amount of sun exposure as mentioned above helps you look younger giving you that beautiful glow and healthy appearance. However, too much will cause irreparable skin damage making you look years older.  A great way to remove a ugly layer of sun damage skin is by giving yourself regular skin peels.  We've included great in home peels just beside this text, check it out and get your youth back today.

4. Youth vitamins, vitamin c is a great vitamin for the skin it helps fight wrinkles and lines by the production of collagen. Vitamin e protects skin from uv rays and eliminates harmful free radicals.


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Natural Cures

Stop the aging process and accelerate the youthful glow and power from within with these easy steps.

5. Roses, rose water is packed with hydrating nourishment and is fantastic for skin. Rose water can tone and rejuvenate mature and older skin. In addition it smooths wrinkles, restores vitality and moisture balance.

6. Exercise, facial exercises plus regular physical activity will make you look and feel better.

  • As you age skin becomes loose and can droop, exercise keeps skin tight and lifted without the unsightly flapping which is a dead give away as to your age.
  • Keeping fit and tone is an amazing way to look ten plus years younger.

7. Lose weight, you can look years younger by shrinking the fat cells in your body. Simply taking off a few pounds will do this.  Weight loss take years off your appearance plus puts many years back into your step. You''ll love the feeling!

8. Anti aging vitamins, specially formulated antioxidants like vitamin E and co-enzyme Q10 supplements the amount the body once maintained in its more youthful years. These nutrients aid the turn around of cells and aid the skin to maintain a healthy youthful appearance.

  • Aging creates a greater need to aid this production of youthful agents.
  • Taking good supplement like the one to your left helps your body do what it did when you were younger.
  • This recreates that youthful beauty.
With the various names and types of face lifts, quick lifts and plastic surgery it gets very confusing as to what to do learn the facts here now before you go under the knife.

The Biggest Hair Mistake

The two key players in a youthful appearance are the hair and nails.

9. Hair, great looking hair can make anyone look and feel super fabulous.  Great hair attracts attention away from your facial flaws.

The Biggest Hair Mistake

Cutting your hair to short draws more attention to the face highlighting your flaws. When it gets right down to looking younger, there’s a very powerful tool to do so and its hair.

Take good care of your hair, don’t over process it as this creates a dull, damaged and old head of hair. Over processed and or overly dry hair can make anyone look years older.  Moisturize your hair well maintaining a soft shiny mane. 

Allow your hair to be longer and grow, style it with ceramic or velcro rollers for a soft flowing look. The soft flowing style is perfect for any age and creates a younger looking you.

PLUS longer hair feels good and makes you feel good, go ahead you can pull it off!

10. Fingernails, are a symbol of good health and beauty. If not cared for nails create a dead give away of your real age. Rough and unkept hands can ruin a youthful appearance. Start by making the use of hand and nail cream a habit every time your hands come into contact with water. Doing so just after your hands have been wet helps the lotions to penetrate the skin doing their job much better.

There is so much we can do to look and feel better than ever, so arm yourself with the tools to make it happen. You may start out big or small but remember every good habit you adopt will make noticeable changes in both how you look and feel.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

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katiem2 on 03/31/2012

Brenda, I very good point and so true. The wash and wear routine you practice does maintain a healthy head of hair. A thick head of hair always helps too.

BrendaReeves on 03/29/2012

This is great information Katie. I have very thick hair with a lot of body. I've always done a wash and wear routine, and I only wash once a week. I've had hair stylists tell me my hair is really healthy, and it's because I don't use curling irons, hair dryers and wash all the natural oils out of it. I'm very interested in the peel. I've got to check that out.

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