How to Look Better with a Sun Tan

by katiem2

Sun tanning can do more than provide the body with vitamin D it also has other positive effects on those who tan. Learn more about the positive benefits of sun tanning.

The bronze appearance of a tan makes everyone look better. Tanning has long been a ritual making the skin glow with a warm hue helping summer fashions look great on a variety of shapes and sizes. Anyone who's ever enjoyed a sun tan will tell you the fashion and beauty benefits of tanning give you the edge hiding those flaws making you self conscious. These people can't wait to take on a more attractive appearance the sun provides after a long winter has left the complexion dull, blemished and sluggish. A good dose of healthy sun tanning brightens pale skin, hides flaws, lifts the spirits, and provides a healthy dose of vitamin D. In fact sunless tanners have become a staple allowing us to maintain the more attractive sun kissed glow we love year round.

How to Look Best with a Sun Tan

A sun tan makes anyone look fresher more energetic with that nice hint of glowing color.

The Beauty Benefits of Tanning

Tanning is a ritual for many a sun goddess who seeks to achieve the perfect glow. It is after all this glow that's said to make one more attractive and it does.There are several physical benefits of tanning and many mental qualities as well.

A healthy suntan really is beneficial for our skin, our minds and our over all appearance.

Look Better with a Sun Tan

Why do people look better with a suntan?
  • A lovely tan hides or camouflages imperfections such as spider veins and cellulite.
  • A beautiful bronze body appears thinner.
  • A good dose of sunshine clears the skin of blemishes all over the body and face.
  • Sun is therapeutic both inside and out, the physical attributes makes us feel good, we know we look good!
  • Studies prove 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure a day delivers the much needed vitamin D to our bodies.
  • A healthy tan makes your teeth appear whiter and brighter.
  • A glowing tan makes your eyes appear brighter and bigger.

Tanning is taking a blank canvas, which is your winter parched skin and bringing beauty and life to it. Many of us just don't feel complete without our cheerful summer glow.  Women enjoy a tan for many other reasons as well.

A Sun Tan Makes You Look Thin

A healthy glowing tan does more than make skin look better it actually is better.

Given you practice the proper tanning methods and do so safely you can achieve a beautiful long lasting and healthy tan.

Other Tanning Beauty Builders

  1. A warm glowing bronze eliminates the need for make up, plus it clears the skin of blemishes.
  2. A great tan has long been viewed as an attribute to ones good looks and desirability.

The optimal amount of time spent sun bathing (without sunscreen) is fifteen to twenty minutes daily. 

Many people maintain and enjoy a healthy tan with this regimen. Moisturizers play a key role to this healthy sun bathing ritual as this maintains the skins balance keeping it soft and subtle. 

Many health reports are now covering the benefits of healthy sun exposure. Sun bathing provides the body with healthy levels of vitamin D aiding the body’s ability to absorb calcium. 

These two nutrients are vital to health bones, healthy skin, nails and hair plus a whole other host of life saving benefits. 

Calcium is said to help prevent many cancers plus contributes to weight loss.

Basic Sun Tan Care

Learn the simple basic steps to maintaining a beautiful long lasting tan.

While enjoying your daily tanning sessions it is important to apply a moisturizing lotion before and after exposure. This balances the skins level of moisture and it’s readiness to tan.  Any time spent sun bathing after the unprotected fifteen to twenty minutes should be done so after applying a good sunscreen. After this time damage can occur without sunscreen. If burning occurs it will cause blistering and soon pealing.  

Suntan Moisturizers

A good moisturizer is key to a beautiful suntan.

Moisturizers Insure a Great Tan

  1. The lack of moisturizer will wreak havoc on your tan and create a very undesirable appearance.
  2. The dead skin will build up causing cracking peeling and an over all barrier for the healthy skin to tan.
  3. Daily use of moisturizer stimulates blood flow delivering nutrients to the skin giving it a healthy maintenance level for long term tanning.
  4. A good moisturizer penetrates the skin leaving a beautiful glow accentuating the beauty of your tan making it more appealing and radiant.

Following these basic sun bathing rituals provides your skin with all the tools necessary to maintain a beautiful healthy tan.

Enjoy looking your best this summer taking great care of your skin and tan for good health!

Updated: 05/25/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 03/02/2013

FG, Glad you found the suntan tips and tricks.

tublrgurl on 03/02/2013

Sweet it is that time again. I'm done with tanning beds and spray tans, time to get back to nature.

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