Get the NCIS Abby Look

by katiem2

So many girls want the NCIS Abby look. While Abby has a hair and makeup artist, she basically does it all her self. Follow along as we see how she creates her look plus secrets..

Abby Sciuto's real life name is Pauley. Pauley is very much like the character Abby. It makes you wonder if they created the character around the real life Pauley. They are both energetic take charge girls who like to do it themselves. While Abby has a hair and makeup artist she basically does most of her own hair and all of her makeup except (spoiler alert) for adding the tattoos. Follow along as we learn how to get the Abby look and watch her do it herself. Yes that's right you can learn once and for all the correct way to apply NCIS Abby makeup!

How Often Does Abby Dye Her Hair?

Find out what color Abby dyes her hair and who does it

Fun Fact - Abby basically does all of her own hair and makeup with the hair and makeup crew assisting.  Abby's bangs get cut for every episode. Do you know Abby's real hair color?

Abby, her real name is Pauley, has really curly blonde hair, so her hair is dyed black and straightened. Abby dyes her own hair. The hair stylist straightens it with a flat iron.

Abby's makeup - The very first thing Abby does is to apply lots of sun block, being a natural fair skinned blonde she must protect her fair skin from the sun, they shot in the dessert. To maintain the pale look you too will want to use sunblock everyday.  Abby or Pauley neither one like the sun.

For those who enjoy coloring their own hair get the latest on coloring your own hair at home.

How Abby Applies Her Makeup

Follow along as I reveal the step by step method Abby uses to get her look.


Apply a light foundation all over, for the pale look use a shade lighter than you normally would.

Brush eye brows with a dark brown or black powder.

Eyeliner, she uses a black eyeliner pencil, after which she applies black mascara.  

Lips, Abby colors her lips with lip liner pencils and gloss, she uses one of two pencils (but not together,mixed) for her lips either a pink pencil or a red pencil, depending on her out fit, if what she's wearing has pink in it she wears the pink toned pencil if not she wears the red brick toned pencil.  She covers her entire lip with the pencil, never using lipstick.  First she lines her lips and then fills the remaining lip in with the same pencil, ending with a red brick gloss.

Secret, after Abby applies her red lip pencil she outlines her upper eye lids with the same red lip liner carefully adding a smudged red line just above the black line.

Now her makeup artist applies the spider web tattoo to her neck, no it is not real!  She hates it because its an annoying process.  

What about the cross tattoo on her back you wonder?  It is not real, its a decal. The rest of Abby's tattoos are all hers and yes all real!

Enjoy, Katie

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Abby Doing Her Thing on Video - How Abby Becomes Abby!

Abby Shows You How
Abby Shows You How
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katiem2 on 04/11/2016

SophieSkittles, As alluded to in the video, Abby is a very hands on actor who adds her own special flare, hair etc. I do not know what her exact lip liner is other than the tip to try them till you find the one that looks good on your specific skin tone. Mac colors are my fave. Honestly I have about 14 different shades of red. Thanks for the great question.

SophieSkittles_14 on 04/11/2016

Do you know what the exact red lip liner she uses?

katiem2 on 03/08/2012

ExploreDecor, I agree Abby seems very much like the real life Pauley who's a lively free spirit. Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

ExploreDecor on 03/08/2012

Great article. I watch NCIS and I like about all the characters on the show. Abby is a stand out though. She is fun to watch and her character is sweet, smart and one of a kind. I watched the video and she seems like that in real life too.

katiem2 on 03/07/2012

Thanks for taking the time to comment Cyndi, I really appreciate your feedback.

cyndi on 03/07/2012

I so love this look it is so sick can't believe you've made it so easy, wicked!

katiem2 on 03/05/2012

Miaden, I agree, Abby is very cool, love her myself, the character is one of if not my favorite.

Mladen on 03/05/2012

I probably don't need advices to look like Abby, now do I? :D
I just wanted to say that I love Abby, my favorite character from NCIS. And every girl with her look, is perfect girl for me. ;)

katiem2 on 03/05/2012

Angie, The Abby look is a cool look and one that's not really that hard to achieve. Have fun and enjoy

Angie on 03/05/2012

I want the Abby look! Thanks this is great!

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