What is a Hipster - Are You a Hipster?

by katiem2

Have you been wondering if you are a hipster? Find out once and for all if in fact you could be considered a hipster. What is a hipster and how to be a hipster 101 it begins here.

Are you a suspected hipster or has a loved one been called a hipster? Find the answers to your many questions about being hipster here. I have my own personal experience with the lifestyle of a hipster. This got me thinking, and so I've been doing some deep undercover research into the lives of real hipsters digging deep to learn the truth as to what and how to be a hipster. The definition of being hipster for the average person is described as a someone who follows the latest trends and fashions and yet I find this to be quite the opposite. Ironic as it is, ironic is a good bit of what it means to be a hipster. It gets fairly involved, so follow along as I share with you my findings as to what a hipster is, what it takes to be a hipster and if you or a loved one is in fact a hipster. To define it broadly, hipsters are a subculture of men and women in their teens (once 20's) to 30's who value counter-culture, progressive politics, independent thinking, indie-rock, creativity, intelligence and witty banter, often confused with sarcasm.

The Hipster Fashion

Fashion is very much the outward expression of the Hipster.

You may suspect the local vintage store to be the ritual shopping experience of hipsters every where and yet big name brand fashion designers are cashing in on the hipster experience and fashion demands.

Vintage stores do remain the staple for hipsters as an original from another time, and more to the point experience, is all the better.  

Many big name labels now cater to the hipster scene. The biggest of these are, H&M, American Apparel, CobraSnake and Urban Outfitters.

I'm sure this crowd or retailers has grown and will continue to do so as the hipster vibe continues to thrive.

The Hipster Layers

It seems the layering or wearing of things that don't match at all is very hipster.

The overall statement being the  "I can't be bothered to care or worry about such things as fashion" look that actually does takes a good bit of thought and planning until it becomes habit. You must supply your wardrobe and life with the various irony of being hipster. Ironic isn't it?

The Hipster Age Group

You must be in the right age group to be a hipster.

Hipsters range in age beginning in the teens through to their 30's.  

In the here and now society expects to extend its youth way beyond the 30's. It is for this reason many are looking to become hipsters out of this age group.

The age boundary doesn't exclude older hipsters and yet as we age labels and groups tend to fall from our list of needs.

Being hipster beyond one's thirties is something less likely to occur due to the natural progression of life. 

What Jeans do Hipsters Wear

The type of jean is the hinge to which the hipster look connects.

It all began with the classic skinny jean, making the authentic hipster look in both females and males. Hipster men tend to be as skinny as their female counter parts. Who else can wear skinny jeans.

The thin figure of the original hipster created that falling off their body skinny jean effect.

It should be noted that currently male hipsters wear skinny jeans more so than the female or girl hipsters.

The girl hipster now prefers jeggings, leggings or treggings. The tighter the better.

Hipsters Love Mom Jeans

Possibly the oddest of all the Hipster fashion choices may be the Mom jeans, pants and shorts.

The girl hipsters have adopted a love of the once mocked Mom jeans. They now wear the high waisted pants and jeans hidden in the back of some mom's closets. My daughter once asked me if I had any old mom jeans packed away. I did not, I never fell into that decade. If you do you might want to pack them up and head down to the vintage store to sell them for hipster fashions.

Hipster Glasses

Hipsters are big on anything ironic especially eyewear.

Hipsters wear the unique glasses that tend to be over sized  plastic framed and fake. The Buddy Holly and nerd look are favorites among hipsters. The highly sought after eye wear of the hipster is Ray Ban Wayfarers all the colors of the rainbow, the more outrageous the better. Fake eyeglasses for those who have perfect vision is very trendy among hipsters.

A Perfect Example of an Ironic Tee

This is the perfect example of a tee a hipster would love.

Hipster Tops and Shirts

What tops the outfit of a hipster is vital to the hipster look.

It all began with ironic tees paired with those highly sought after colored skinny jeans. Now the list includes the same ironic tees, cowboy shirts, plaid shirts, gingham, checkers, paisley and vintage floral. Hipsters also love fitted hoodies.

What it means to be an ironic tee, that would fall in the category of ironic sayings, children's television show icons, appliques, sport tops, and animal prints such as forest animals and such.

Keep the word ironic in mind, if it seems odd and like something no other teen or young person you know would wear, you are probably on to hipster heaven.

Hipster Shoes

The foot wear of the hipster is of a wide variety.

The shoes hipsters wear are as follows; converse tennis shoes, lots of ironic flats and cowboy boots are the staples of the hipsters foot wear. The converse tennis shoe can be seen worn by hipsters who pair this shoe with just about anything. It was once thought the converse was the hipster shoe of choice. The problem is everyone else loves converse and so this was just not ironic enough. Hipsters began moving to anything vintage or Doc Martens, classic Reeboks or Vans. 

Girls don't wear much of anything with a heel. The female hipster can be seen wearing Keds, granny boots, cowboy boots, and the above mentioned shoes.

Hipster Essentials

Every good hipster must, among all else, carry a courier bag.

No backpacks allowed, if you see a hipster carrying a back pack they are no doubt a hipster in training or a poser. A messenger or courier bag must be big enough to accommodate the hipster Mac Book  iPhone, the tunes of your current favorite band carried around on viny LP's not CDs. This one puzzles me, how do they play vinyl's? It seems ironic mystery is a big part of the coveted hipster creed.

The Hipster Mac Book

Hipster Accesories

The basics of accessories is a big deal in the hipster world with accessories meaning everything.

The wide collection of accessories in any hipsters wardrobe can get extensive. Head bands are a big thing with the floral variety topping the charts. The larger the flower the better, how ironic. Bold color nail polish is favored with neon colors included. Odd broaches or pins can be found on a hipster hoodie or jacket. Piercings or gauges are popular. Scars are a trend among the hipster crowd, one I've yet to really get and yet I've been told they acquire such scars via woodworking and the sort. Yes, you heard me, a sort of carpenter sort of hazard of working with wood. These endeavors are a bit of another ironic mystery or a bit of joke on the non hipster crowd if you will.

Once again ironic is the theme for accessories with the odd kids varieties of memorabilia such as children's lunch boxes with the cuddly animal image. 

Hipster Grooming and Hair

The grooming and hair is a key part of the hipster look.

Hipsters are often compared to dirty hippies being accused of not bathing, showering or washing their hair.

Hipsters are in fact clean just not into caring about maintaining a fashionable trendy salon style.

Hipsters are not interested in spending their money on pricey salons and the like. They are all to happy with the carefree messy appearance that once again begs to mention, I can't be bothered with such trivial details.

Hipsters have a healthy self image placing value on their real and overall talents non of which consist of appearance,

Should I Become Hipster

Many young people are exploring and examining the lifestyle of a hipster.

The most important thing any of us can do is to be passionate about our lives. Express your own personal style and taste. For most hipsters it's about awareness. They are keen on being aware of the way consumer culture dictates so much to so many. They have broken free from it and its control over our lives.  Hipsters don't take a critical stand against consumerism as hippies once did yet are simply aware of it and the hold it can take society. 

How to Know If I'm a Hipster

  1. If you are open to expressing your love for all things indie, or the independent art, cultural exposing literature, intense cultural awareness, existentialist or nihilist philosophy and your finger is on the pulse of what's gone bad with everything you are no doubt a hipster.
  2. If the fashion and style of other hipsters is appealing to you, attracts your attention and you feel drawn to it you may well be on your way to embracing the hipster within you, let it out, express yourself and enjoy all life has to offer.

Some Favorite Hipster Tunes

Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness
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katiem2 on 11/20/2012

Mike, It feels good to know whats going on in your kids generation.

teddletonmr on 11/20/2012

Just wanted to come back and tell you I had a hipster sighting last night. The young girl on the voice is a hipster, I spotted her and pointed her out, the kids confirmed she is in fact a hipster. Your lesson worked I am now in the know.

katiem2 on 10/19/2012

Thamisgith, Good to have you here. Now you can be in the know when it comes to being a hipster. My 16 year old is a hipster. She's such a beautiful young lady. Getting all the facts about hipsters was like pulling teeth. I'm a product of the 80's and she thinks that is an era of the stone ages. I like the hipster vibe, I get it, these young people are free thinking young adults. The only thing I don't get is where do they play those vinyl records....

Thamisgith on 10/19/2012

I am, sadly, too old to be a hipster. I think my sons are both becoming hipsters though.

katiem2 on 10/12/2012

belinda342, Glad to clear the term Hipster up for you.

belinda342 on 10/12/2012

I was wondering what the term Hipster meant! Thank you for this very indepth study. I may be a part time hipster myself...

katiem2 on 10/10/2012

Thanks Mike and Mira, glad you found this interesting. Hipsters are a entirely new cultural experience and a group growing in our younger generation. What once began in a persons twenties is now taking root in young teens.

Yes Mike I just might be living with a hipster myself. I <3 Hipsters

Mira on 10/10/2012

This is all very interesting to me. Enjoyed reading your article! :)

teddletonmr on 10/10/2012

How interesting, sounds like you have done your homework or do you live with a hipster as well. I learned a lot of helpful cultural information. I should forward this to Blake Sheldon. He mentioned he did not understand indie music last night on the voice. It's simply independent musicians without the big labels. Great article Katie!

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