Who's Smarter Redheads, Brunettes or Blondes?

by katiem2

It's been said brunettes are smarter than blondes but are they smarter than redheads? Find out now and learn who's the smartest of them all.

Are brunettes really smarter than blondes? If so why?

What about redheads, while gingers make up the smallest portion of our population that doesn't mean they are not the most brilliant of them all. Is there real scientific proof that redheads are the smartest creatures on the planet?

Follow along as we reveal who's smarter, redheads, brunettes or is it the blondes who have us all in the dark?

The Smartest Kid in Class

It seems those redheads are always at the top of the class.

Redheads originated in Scotland as a result of a gene mutation. They were feared by all for their pale, yet freckled skin, green, blue or hazel eyes,  and their flaming red hair.  Whose eyes are green one day and then blue the next turning a pale shade of brown right before your very eyes, those redheads with hazel eyes that's who? Imagine how, in earlier times, this would have come off as bit of a shock having witnessed this in addition to all the other redheaded features.  Its been said they change their eye color as if indicating the fluctuation of their thoughts or emotions.  In times gone by it was thought the changing of eye color was a warning of good or bad intentions. These uniquely different redheads were often thought to be witches. How brilliant, did you ever see a brunette or blonde do anything like that? You bet yer sweet grannies McFanny ya have not!  Yes the data's in from the hallowed halls of the great intricate minds institute of smart studies,and it's the redheads who's the smartest of them all. One must beware for there are those genius type of redheads who toss you off the mark having you think they're not bright at all. They may well be the most cunning and brilliant of them all. Have you been tricked by a redhead lately? Maybe you have and didn't know it, you gotta watch them redheads.

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The Smartest Brunettes

A smart brunette is easy to spot once you know the signs.

The Smartest Brunettes

The smartest brunettes are those who dye their hair red! You can spot them by their lack of freckles and overly dark skin... Duh!   

The Most Popular Hair Dye

30% of those who dye their hair dye it red.

Thirty percent of women who dye their hair, choose to dye it a shade of red. Just more proof redheads are smarter than brunettes. It is after all the brunettes dying their hair red, not a redhead dying her hair brown. When was the last time you heard of brown hair being a fad or a trend?  Okay a few blondes may be in the mix but hair dressers report its the brown haired people dying their hair either blonde or red. So why is it they chose to look like or impersonate a redhead or blonde? No offense to anyone having done so, you do look better with those pretty highlights of red and blonde.

Is this making any sense to you? What color is your hair?

The Smartest Blonde

The smartest blonde ever known to man is a well known actress on a very popular television series.

Abby Sciuto is a natural blonde and yet you'd never know it if she hadn't told us. 

So many girls want the NCIS Abby look. While Abby has a hair and makeup artist, she basically does it all her self. Follow along as we see how she creates her look plus secrets..

She's smart, funny talented and yet pulls off playing a brunette brilliantly, or is Abby's hair black, yes in fact it is dyed black, giving her that sort of goth look.She really pulls of the look and without any evidence she's a natural blonde.  So this proves that blondes too are smarter than brunettes. Blondes can dye their hair and get away with it although it's far easier to spot a brunette gone blonde. 

The Redheads Survival

The redhead is a brilliant survivalist.

Back in early times many tried to exterminate the redheads as they feared this rare phenomenon. Anytime such a small percentage of the human population can survive such efforts and flourish they have got to be cunning, resourceful and brilliant creatures. As I've mentioned earlier, redheads originated in Scotland and it is from their very country a multitude of great inventions came to life. Must be them redheaded genes, smart people they are. The redhead has survived others extreme prejudice and invented a lot of stuff to make life easier, many you depend on today, but that's another story in itself.  

Men Adore Redheads

Redheads have quiet the disproportionate following of men given the mere number of redheads.

Many men adore redheads, with most claiming its the rare and soft features of a redhead that attracts them. There's a quality about gingers setting them apart from the rest.The minimal amount of hair redheads have on their bodies is another interesting and attractive feature of redheads.

Men go on to say, they can't help themselves, redheads are smart, spirited and strong minded women that drive many a man crazy. This in itself gives credit to their brilliance, after all it is the men who drive most women crazy.

Many men don't understand their inner drive and desire to be with a redhead and yet they are drawn to them without mistake.  

Men report redheaded women to be well rounded, talented, smart, funny and practical.  These women can be demanding and challenge a man in a sort of manly way most women do not.  Its' been said that redheaded women have a better understanding and acceptance of men than any other type of woman having a one of the boys sort of mentality hard to offend and lacking sensitive natures to spite their soft and very feminine appearance.  Men find this very appealing.

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Redhead Traits Men Love

Redheaded women exhibit certain qualities keeping them positioned as the smartest.

Men find redheads to be more adventurous, outgoing and fearless, often giving men a good run for their money.  This keeps a good bit of excitement alive and well.  Many men confess to enjoying the attention their redheads attract as many people, both men and women, find themselves curiously observing redheads as if a rare sighting. Men also confess the deep need to protect their redheads as they feel they are a prized possession others secretly long to steal and would if given the chance.

Poll Results

Redheads receive more open and outward compliments on their hair than do blondes or brunettes.

When polled more people report to openly complimenting redheaded strangers in public for having beautiful hair than they have blondes or brunettes.  Redheads support these findings by reporting they receive, on average, over three times the compliments on their hair as do blondes and or brunettes. Blondes came in a very distant second and brunettes last.

For those who enjoy coloring their own hair get the latest on coloring your own hair at home.

Are Redheads Smarter than Blondes and Brunettes?

Explain if you think intelligence is genetic or not, nature or nurture?
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Nah hair color nor DNA doesn't have a thing to do with it.
Julia on 04/14/2017

I am a proud redhead, top of my GT classes and Algebra 1 in 7th grade, but my hair color doesn't have anything to do with that. My brother who is in 9th grade, has brown hair and has had all A's literally his whole life, and been top in his classes. Neither of my parents nor grandparents have red hair either. Intelligence has everything to do with how you were raised. Me and my brother are very privilaged and have had options in our lives, along with having the ability to get extra help or extra materials. They also stressed the importance of having good grades growing up and they are very supportive.

Tata on 01/10/2016

It's not true. My sister is red hair and she is not very smart. She drop out of school, she have no intellectuals interests, no general culture, and she is boring to talk to. She did so many dumbs choices in life! I can't believe that red hairs are smaters.

Jacqueline on 03/06/2013

I personally think intelligence in humans is not based on the size or on the COLOUR of the HAIR.
Smartness has everything to do with your upbringing.

The environment provided conducive to learning, encouragement , and even the curve balls that life throws our way and how we deal with it ( or are trained to deal with it) makes one smart or not......not so much the color of ones hair, skin or eyes.

Veeger3000 on 12/08/2012

Ya know, I find it real funny how you cant do this type of thing with anybody on the basis of SKIN color anymore ( everybody gets offended and calls that "racist" ), . .. yet if it's on the basis of HAIR color then it seems to be ok.

Jasmine on 07/07/2012

Great post, Katie! Funny, too :) My mum dyed her hair red for years, and I went crazy for red in my early twenties (back to being a natural brunette now). I love your choice of photos for this wizz! Speaking of redheads, I can't wait to see the Merida film - the heroine is beautiful, smart and a readhead.

Well I guess you've proved it they are hands down the smartest of all.
J-eye on 01/28/2016

Hi. Imma Redheaded Gemini. Imma mix breed, my ancesters use to sneek to the border of Ireland and Scotland, and they'd... being a Redheaded Gemini, has it's challanges, we compete against eachother, but she always has my back, checks my load, n says RUN when she see's trouble brewing. but tends ta stay n stir the pot...Im Beyond Intellengent im told. and i've had a TBI (tramatic Brain injury) for 25 yrs now. 1/4 of a century. 2 n half decades. i can fix perty much anything from build your house, ceiling to floors etc. replace ur transmission, n small engines. im a retired electrician by trade. currently a blacksmith. But i cant cook a meal. why waste time in the kitchen when i got things ta do in the shop. just thot i'd share, cuzz i can do that too... gigl n grin, from tip ta chin.

Maisie on 10/21/2015

I'm a proud ginger, and i believe it is true

Syd on 10/18/2014

I am a redhead and I am one of the smartest in my grade. I think having red hair makes you somewhat set apart from others which then inspires redheads to continue being unique. I am proud of my red hair and I Love the fact that it makes me different.

Erik on 09/21/2014

I am on the fence w/this question. (There are great facts to factor-in). I agree w/Jacqueline & others that, intelligence is not a matter of hair colour. Though many studies have shown certain things like: People who are far more intelligent have a much higher amount of zinc & copper in their hair. (I say again, "Copper".) ;) Another study was that of the highest I.Q's measured per area - the study came-up with an out-standing highest I.Q. area around Scotland & Ireland (where the highest % of redheads are). Some very intelligent redheads that come to mind are: Thomas Jefferson, Danny Elfman, Vincent Van Gough, Tori Amos, Antonio Vivaldi, Glenn Hansard, Galileo Galilei, Malcolm X, George Washington, Adam Savage, Jaime Heinemen, Kari Byron, James Joyce, Mark Twain, Charles Darwin (and tons of Comedians/Writers/Musicians).

River on 07/24/2014

I happen to be a redhead myself and have always had perfect grades and I do understand men better than some of the blondes and brunettes I know. However, there are some redheads out there that I know that act like they don't know anything to get attention (which I think is pretty smart).

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

When Michelle dies her hair a semi bright red she looks spectacular, Red hair is great but it's all about how it fits the person, some peopel even with natural read hair don't look flattering :) attitude, however can change everything!

Craig on 06/09/2012

I happen to be in love with a brilliant redhead, not sure is she'll have me but I attest to this humous but true report on redheads and their impact on society.

Updated: 03/07/2013, katiem2
Thank you! Would you like to post a comment now?

Who's Smarter Redheads, Brunettes or Blondes? Plus do you think katiem2 is a natural redhead???

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katiem2 on 03/07/2013

Jacqueline, How interesting and very cool. I wrote this from a humorous angle and yet how lucky you found this and have contributed actual facts. I appreciate you taking the time to add real life actual findings. Thanks for adding to this post. :)K

Jacqueline on 03/07/2013

Oh ! And sweetie ...I think you're a natural redhead :)

Jacqueline on 03/07/2013

I was just on a TV show an hour ago ...Topic- " Woman have smaller brains but, are smarter than men". I did say a lot from my research on the topic.... but, the bottom line I gave was the same one I posted here....and LOL --> they all agreed ( even the women)

katiem2 on 03/07/2013

Jacqueline, I agree :)

Jacqueline on 03/06/2013

I think it would be more the environment , back ground of the person, encouragement and opps. to learn, even the curve balls life throws us that makes one take on a challenges and succeed....that would decide a persons smartness,
Not the color of hair, skin or eyes for that matter.....but , that's just me

katiem2 on 12/10/2012

Veeger, This is true and yet I've done this piece in fun as I myself am a redhead. Redheads get a lot of biased comments as if our hair color dictates who we are, how smart we are, how tempered we are and on and on. I wrote this as a self expression of poking fun at those assuming what others are like and what their potential is based on their hair color. It's so funny indeed.

Veeger3000 on 12/08/2012

Ya know, it's really funny how one can't do this sort of thing with anybody on the basis of SKIN color anymore ( everybody gets offended by that and calls that "racist ), . .. yet if it's on the basis of HAIR color then it seems to be alright.

katiem2 on 10/04/2012

Jerrico, It's amazing how changing your hair color can put a fire in your fierce diva. Love it!

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

This was great, I like the take on hair and attitude, there's definitely a connection and it's not always based on DNA/genetics :) red hair for example makes michelle come out of her hermit shell and she's so much more "firey" especially after a bunch of people complimented her on it!

katiem2 on 06/18/2012

Kim, Thanks so glad you enjoyed the who's smarter article. :) K

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