Pastel Goth – The Softer Gothic Trend

by katiem2

The Goth subculture started in the 80's and is the only subculture of that time to remain and continue to grow in numbers. Today's Gothic look has gotten a bit softer adding color.

The Gothic style is evolving into something other than the traditional all black attire, accessories and makeup. The subcultures of this country and those worldwide continue to grow and evolve. The Goth trend became a contemporary subculture back in the 80’s. It came in with the Gothic rock era. It is thought to have taken a page from the book of the punk genre. Goth has out lasted the other subcultures of the eighties and is still popular today. Today's Goth is not that of their 80's parents and has taken on a new life all it's own. It's adapted and survived.

Goth in Color

The once all black Goths are adding a splash of color to their style.

The Gothic culture does continue to diversify with the Emo crowd and the pastel Goths emerging from the Goth subculture.

The pastel Goths don’t deny their homage to the original Goth subculture. They just feel the need to add a little color added to the mix.

The new trend of hair chalking has many Goth’s thirsty for a splash of color. The outrageous color fashions of both clothes and hair have many Goths converting.

Goth Pants and Bottoms

The female goths pants and bottoms are far more simplistic than those of the males.

The females typically pair wicked tees with even more wicked layers, adding a wild hair do or even hats and scarves, the sky is really the limit to their expression.

In terms of the pants and bottoms the Goth chic seem to be wearing a lot of black skinny jeans or jeggings offering them protection from the cold and hiding the skin tone of their legs.

The Gothic chic most often don't expose their legs yet opt to cover them with a black garment worn under dresses, tees and jackets.

There are an outrageous assortment of Goth pants for the male Gothics. Simply follow the leggings link to Amazon to check out the Goth jeans and pants for men. Just type Goth into the search bar and watch the assorted variety of the many Gothic clothing and accessories options that show up. It's a great assortment. There you will see a tab for pants scowl down to it and check out the wild variety of pants for guys.

Traditional Goth

The traditional Goth subculture remains the same with just a bit of changes occurring.

The traditional Goth subculture remains the same with its love for Gothic rock, post-punk tunes, darkwave, death rock, ethereal and neoclassic music.


Those of the Gothic set continue to dress in a number of different and original fashions.

The dress of a Goth includes any death rock styles, the punk fashions and anything Victorian or a mix and match of all those mentioned.

To the right you see a very popular Lolita dress added to the Gothic fashion collection now being categorized in the Gothic closet.

The added color of a white white Peter Pan type collar was once a big no no in the Goth world and yet now is common place.

While shopping for Goth clothes you will see many of these types of dresses.

While the clothing images displayed are worn with cute bobby socks and Mary Janes this is not how most Goths would wear a dress like either of the two shown here to your right.

They might pair this dress with black ieggings and a goth pair of boots like seen below. The jewelry used to accessorize such an ensemble would be traditional Gothic jewelry, belts and the like. This adds to the allure of the Gothic style and irony.

Also the dresses are often worn with the leggings you see above with the tattoo art designs. Very Ed Hardy! This would be a more pastel goth look.

There are some who might wear it as seen in the images but those are a matter of personal choice for a particular event they may be attending.It would be risky to buy any goth's such socks or shoes as they undoubtedly would reject them. 

The styles historically have always been black with black hair, dyed if your hair was not or enhanced to a jet black if it were black. Goth’s also wear black lipstick and black nail polish, both having gained in popularity among society as a whole. Could the normality of it all have Goths embracing their change in color?

The Staying Power of Goth

The Goth subculture of the world has not faded in the least yet it continues to evolve and remain all at the same time.

So it seems the staying power of this subculture is both evolving and impacting society in general.

Today Goths are trending in a splash of color. Some started adding red as it relates to the beliefs of the Gothic  As the color remained others began adding pastels and such perhaps confusing society yet they are still Goth. 

Goth Boots

Boots are an essential part of any Goth's wardrobe.

The more sinister looking the better. While the Gothic look of the 80's went with a flat black army boot of sorts today's pastel goths wear shiny more elaborate footwear.

Unisex Gothic 5 Strap Leather Knee Boot

Today's modern Gothic boots are lighter in weight, more comfortable and come in a better variety of sizes.

The boots you see here today are typical of what many goths wear. There are those hardcore goths who wear a simpler more militant boot like those worn by the early goths. 

The Gothic boots more commonly found today are unisex. It's not uncommon for dudes to wear the same boot a chic would wear and visa versa. 

Black Combat Boots

The traditional foot wear of the 80's Goth's were the black combat boots.

The words combat boot fit the Gothic profile. The kick butt and call names later imagery of the combat boots were the highly sought after footwear of the original goth's. 

These types of boots weren't found in shoe stores, anyone goth would shop military surplus stores to get their hands on a great pair of black combat boots.

This made it all the more thrilling. Imagine a goth walking into a military surplus store to buy combat boots.This reporter knows all to well what a thrill it was to be stared at with mouth gaping and eyes popping, or did I?

The trend caught on and before long it became harder and harder to get your hands on a pair of black military combat boots.

Those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on an original pair of actual authentic military boots held them in high regard as a prized possession.

Some Goth's claim to have appropriated the boots of their one time Goth parents.

This is an even greater honor held in high regard among the Gothic community. It's better than finding a pair of military combat boots in some thrift store somewhere.

To be the second generation of a Gothic blood line is sick, meaning fantastic. The combat boots of your mother or father serve as proof. 

Women's Combat Boots

Abby S. a Popular Goth Figure

NCIS - Goth Crime Fighter
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Who's Goth?

Are you now or have you ever been Goth?
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No, but I was back in the 80's
DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2018

I need a separate category in that I haven't been a Goth even though I sometimes integrate individual components from the style for costume and Halloween parties.

Racheal on 12/25/2012

I was one of the first Goths. May have pioneered it. My sister and best friend died tragic ally at only 17. I went in mourning wearing only progressed for ten years evolving into the Gothic trend. The thing I loved most about being goth back in the 80's was the oddity of it that cteated fear in others causing them to avoid us at all cost. It was fantastic to be left alone.

Updated: 12/13/2012, katiem2
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Pastel Goth – The Softer Gothic Trend Chat

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katiem2 on 06/07/2017

DerdriuMarriner I reported on this out of hearing of the new trend, I feel it won't last.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/19/2017

katiem2, I don't remember seeing an overweight Gothic trender. Do you suppose that it's the weight of the boots?

katiem2 on 12/12/2012

Tina, Glad to have confirmation that I've gotten it right.

Tina on 12/12/2012

My friend is pastel goth, when she told me that's what it's called I thought she was making it up you know playin with me. You nailed, this page is sick, gotta share it with my pastel goth friend.

katiem2 on 12/10/2012

2uesday, I agree :)

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