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The best trends and deals on women's knee socks. Get your hands on the most stylish comfortable knee socks that stay put and look amazing. The perfect gift for any girl or woman.

The knee sock has become the most popular and trendy fashion statement for girls and women. The most popular ladies sock has never been better as it's available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles. The knee sock for woman and girls can be worn with shorts, skirts, dresses and under jeans or slacks. There really are no rules when it comes to wearing knee socks, just fashion statements. Women and girls love wearing them all the time. The modern day knee sock is comfortable, flexible and stays put without the need to pull them up. This may be one of the most popular features of the knee sock. Lets face it, women can't help but love the trendy fashion of the knee sock as they are both stylish and functional.

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Nine West Women's Knee High Sock

A great knee sock for school or work.

The nine west knee socks are hands down my favorite sock. I wear knee socks from October all the way through to May. I love the look. The comfort is unbelievable.

I wear my nine west knee socks under jeans all the time. Jeans are the main staple of my wardrobe. I love these floral print and neutral colors. My socks are a big fashion statement as I wear heals and flats with my jeans. The socks are seen and must always complement my outfit each and everyday.

These socks are so comfortable I wear them all day long. In the winter I never take them off. When I get ready for bed I leave my socks on as they are so comfortable. I have a huge collection of knee socks.

I'm so addicted to them I never wear anything else. I go bare leg in the warmer months. But cool weather is upon us and its out with the knee socks. 

These are the go to sock when you want comfort and a great neutral color for office and school. They match school uniforms as well plus give you that special girly flare making the day better.

The Mix Match Sock Trend

The mix matched sock trend began years ago and is still very hot.

The idea is to wear a mix matched pair of socks that are in the same color theme and yet obviously miss matched. The fad is to wear socks that are not pairs. This trend has grown to such a large hit with a huge following sock manufacturers have finally gotten smart and jump on board with this sock fashion trend. The sock makers are now pairing up mix matched socks making the trend all the more trendy and fashionable. The socks below are the perfect example of the fashion sock mix matched trend. Note how the socks are opposite from one another. This is the perfect example and must have mix matched sock of the season. These socks are offered in other colors, black and white a hot bright yellow, pink and teal colors that pop. These are must see socks, not to mention must have, that's a given. Enjoy your knee socks :)

How to Wear Knee Socks

The best part about knee socks is you can wear the most comfortable sock ever in any way you can think of.

There really is no wrong way to wear knee socks. This is why knee sock designers have gone to such lengths creating the perfect knee sock for any and every occasion. Check out how to wear knee socks with shorts below. This style can be switch up by wearing flats, a pair of Vans or any other shoe you like. That's the fun of it, you express your own individual style. If it makes you feel good, wear it and it will look amazing. You may also wear skirts of any length in the same manner as you see the shorts here today. Enjoy your knee sock style and have fun. 

Updated: 11/11/2012, katiem2
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