How to Wear Flats - What Looks Good With Flats

by katiem2

Flats are once again all the rage in fashion footwear trends, they are hotter than ever begging all the more how do we wear flats. Learn what looks great with flats.

Look Great in Flats - You've just found your go-to place for flat fashion do's and don'ts As I'm sure you've heard, flats are the hot new trend in shoe fashions this season and one destined to be around for a very long time. The demand for flats is increasing as the comfy trend becomes widely marketed and styles more cutting edge, hot and stunning.

Flats and low heels are being designed like never before. The trendy new flats are colorful, sexy, dressy, and highly functional. The best part is everyone looks and feels good in this fashion trend. The new comfy and the highly fashionable flat is all the rage and once you build your collection of flats, you'll need to know all the many ways to wear them.

How to Wear Flats Fashionably

There is a trick to wearing flats. Follow along as we review the latest fashion do's and don'ts

Wear Flats With;

  • skirts
  • shorts
  • pants and trousers
  • dresses

etc. etc., let us take a look at exactly how to wear flats with anything and everything in your wardrobe.

How to wear flats with any item in your wardrobe


  • Jeans have long been the must have and most loved garment in every ones closet.
  • Jeans offer both a chic and casual look and are one that can be dressed up or down with any flat of low heeled shoe.
  • Jeans make us feel good, sexy, and comfortable pairing great with any and all flats, the key is the length of the jean. You must get this right!
  • For a good jean match up with your hot new flats pick an ankle-length jean to wear with ballet flats or low heels.
  • This is a delightful combination that is fun to wear out for dinner and dancing.
  • The options are limitless.
  • For a dressier option choose a kitten heel or a nice stylish patent leather flat coupled with either a boot cut jean or a trouser fit jean.


Get Your Flats ON

This floral pair is amazing with jeans or anything denim

Flats are Flattering

You can wear flats anywhere, to lunch, dinner a wedding and the dancing in flats, oh look out!


  • The trendy gladiator sandal or thongs are a great look with long skirts.
  • If you like a shorter hemline, choose a sandal closely matching your skin tone.
  • This keeps your leg looking sleek and longer, exactly what you want.
  • If you are short, choose a more slim fitting skirt, more closely hugging your body to add to the longer effect of height.
  • Remember ankle straps draw attention to the leg and accentuate the shorter statue of short women.
  • Be careful wearing clunky low heals as these too can accentuate short frames making you appear shorter.
  • The biggest concern wearing flats is that of taking away from the long and lean illusion for we shorter gals.
  • Be careful to follow these rules and you won't have to worry about a thing, just enjoy looking good and very feminine in sexy flats and low heels.

Wearing Flats With Pants

Flats look and feel amazing with pants regardless if jeans or dress slacks flats are key to looking good in pants.


  • Always make sure your pants fall (at least) half-way between the back of the heel and bottom of your shoe.
  • If your pants don't meet this length use temporary tape to alter the length of your pant hem to the perfect length.
  • If you’re wearing completely flat heels, your pants should fall just over centimeters above the ground. Never, ever allow your pant legs to drag the ground while wearing flats.
  • For the most part, your shoe options are practically limitless here in the world of flats.
  • During the spring and summer months and depending on your office, pants and a cute little lace-up pair of tan, navy, or khaki Keds type shoes can be a smart professional look.
  • As another option, you may stick with a kitten heel or open-toed sandal (with or without an ankle strap, remembering you shouldn't ever see it).

Flats for Evening

Flats are hands down an evening favorite, what better time to relax be yourself and enjoy life?


  • Thongs or flip flops don't usually cut it for the evening; instead, wear a low heel with embellishment or a splash of color to compliment an evening look.
  • A great black shoe with a flashy gold or silver hardware is a must; you have simply got to have this in your weaponry of fashion as this priceless little treasure wears well with anything.
  • You may dress up a pair of pants, shorts, a skirt, or a go-to option for a wide variety of evening outfits.

Flat and Career Wear

Flats are perfect for the office, regardless if you wear your flats to run errands or out to lunch every fashion conscious business person should have a great pair of flats at work.


  • A good kitten heel is your best friend in the career world. It won't hurt to have a great selection of colors to choose from.
  • The fashion-forward trend for suede lace-up oxfords makes a stylish addition to a business suit, skirt, or pant.
  • Never ever look too casual as with a gladiator-shoe, it would not strike the right tone at your workplace. Remember, however, a low heel, patent-leather thong or low peep-toe heel can give any office outfit the right touch of confidence and professionalism.

Low heels are a must in the fast-paced world we move and shake in and now they are the hottest new trend in fashion footwear. Take advantage of this comfortable trend and enjoy the savings as flats have never been more affordable.

Much Love and Success, Katie

Womens flats are back again and hotter than ever. Flat shoes just keep getting better and better check out these hot new flat trends.
Updated: 09/03/2020, katiem2
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katiem2 on 02/19/2013

Carl, Thank you so much for your expedient response and review of your shoe purchases. Both women and men alike will find this review very helpful, I know I do. Thanks for the heads up on the Ollio comfort flats and other women's flats. Much Appreciated! :)K

katiem2 on 02/06/2013

Carl, Sounds very interesting. Please get back with us and share your review of Ollio shoe. :)K

Carl on 02/06/2013

There's a shoe out there that I've never seen until recently, called "Ollio", which comes in both a ballet flat and very low heel/wedge... These products are available on (through "ShoeCafe24")... The purchase prices suggest to me that these aren't the highest in quality (I should know better once they're shipped to me), but there are SO MANY COLORS available, I had to take a chance on them... Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green - something for every mood! Great Job, Katie on your November 2012 article on men who like wearing flats designed for women :-)

katiem2 on 10/15/2012

Brian, It is nice they have that attitude. I think a lot of men enjoy women's shoes and flats all the more as they are so functional and stylish. I'm so happy to hear from you. Thanks for commenting it is always a pleasure to hear from men who enjoy wearing women's shoes. :)

Brian Davis on 10/15/2012

Hi Katiem. I like that line - we are both just one sex or the other turned inside out... I've never heard that before but it is so true. It funny cuz I will walk into a women's shoe store and not even hesitate about looking around or trying on women's flats. I'm doing this as a guy but I don't even find it that unusual. One of the sales girls at the Tory Burch boutique did say this to me, "at Tory Burch we think EVERYONE should be able to enjoy out great flats." I wouldn't think they get too many guys buying flats for themselves but it nice they have that attitude.

katiem2 on 10/11/2012

Mike, I know, I love these flats, the adornment on the toe, the bow, these are hands down the most amazing flats I've ever seen. I have mine ordered. The brand is amazing you can literally wear these flats for years and years till your wear the soles off them. Great quality and comfort in one drop dead gorgeous flat. :) Don't get me started on shoes ....

teddletonmr on 10/11/2012

My wife loves flats, she runs all day long not to mention after work. I know she's going to love the first pair of black Libby Edelman flats, the metro metal feature on the toe is fantastic. Thanks Katie

katiem2 on 10/09/2012

Thanks Brian, I think I get the entire shoe thing for men. We are both just one sex or the other turned inside out... I so get what you mean about Tory Burch Reva flats, great pictures, you look wonderful. Keep on stylin! ;) I'll be visiting you again soon :)K

Brian Davis on 10/09/2012

What a great article. I can relate to everything you said. Every sub section in that article hits home in some way to my love for women's shoes. Thanks for sharing this very well written article. If you'd like to see some pictures of my shoes/flats have a look at my Flickr photo page

katiem2 on 10/08/2012

Brian, Lots of guys love women's shoes. Have you read my article men who love women's shoes? Check it out here

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