The Best Clogs and Mules for Women

by katiem2

Life would not be the same without the style and ease of the woman's clog. Take a peek at the trendiest styles in ladies clogs and mules in style again.

What is it about clogs that's got women all across the globe rushing to find the best clogs and mules? The fact is mules and clogs look and feel great going with anything.
I'll tell you they both look good and feel great! Mules and or clogs are the go to shoe for the on the go girl. You can slip into them and be off, feeling good about your footwear. Anytime you slip into a pair you know your in for comfort and a great look that gets attention. I've even worn my mules after just breaking a toe, no problem they are that comfortable in fact there was something about the perfect incline of the mule that eased my foot pain. Crazy you say, hmm have you tried them yet?

What is a Clog?

The History of Clogs and Mules

It's been said over and over again the clog originated as a Dutch wooden shoe or clog. It's been a popular shoe since medieval times. The creators of clogs date back as far as the 1570's in Holland. 

Given its time honored history, it can be said, a good thing never goes out of style. The clog is one such thing and clog lovers run the gamut across the globe. Go ahead look down and take note of all the great fashionable clogs and mules out there.  I know, sorry, now that I've mentioned it you'll be spotting clogs and mules everywhere you go.

This is a must have highly functional shoe with a special place in every girls closet. More often than not clogs or mules are found near by the door as they are the slip in and go shoe everyone loves to have near by. Have you tried slipping into something a little more comfortable?

These amazing shoes are so comfortable think about the last time you saw a pair of the Dansko professional clogs, nurses all over dentist offices, hospitals, etc. wear them because the both look amazing and are insanely comfortable.  When busy professional women like these ditch their nursing shoes for clogs, we know their on to something.

Note them to your right, they even come in vegan.  

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Open Toed Clog

Open heel or closed for really cold weather, it's all good in a clog or mule which ever the type fully functional and stylish is the main attribute.

My absolute drop dead favorite shoe for spring, summer and fall is the open toed clog. I love the ease of slipping into either my brown or black slide clog.

The two colors go with everything. I wear the brown with lighter colored clothes and the black with brighter colored clothes. Although both the black and the brown can be paired with any color.

The most wonderful thing about open toed clogs, other than the great look and comfort is the fact you can wear them with everything.

Oh yes, they look great with pants, leggings, capri's, skirts, shorts and dresses. I've tried them with everything and they always look great.

One final pro of the clog is the longevity of this shoe. They never go out of style and a good quality clog will last for years and years.

I have a black pair I've owned and worn regularly for over ten years. The soles have literally worn down to the interior leather sole, I just took them down to the shoe repair shop and got them fixed.

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The Rocket Dog Clog

The Rocket Dog women's fuzzy clog is the must have staple in my footwear line up.

I live in Ohio and get cold, even in the spring there's a need for this warm and fuzzy best friend, on cold or even cool mornings or evenings this is my go to shoe that looks good and feels great.

This fantastic comfy clog or mule is so sweet on my feet I never want to take it off, it's my wear around the house shoe as well. It offers me better traction up and down carpeted stairs and feels as good if not better than any house slipper I've ever worn.

amazon.comPlus, I just have got to introduce the sexy Steve Madden Daynty Open -Toe Clog in black. This is a hot little number all dressed up and ready to paint the town.

This handy little treasure offers all the comforts of the standard clog with an sexy ready to dance the night away appeal.

You can look good and feel good in this clog as it is a sturdy keep you up and on your feet shoe that looks amazing. You will feel the high once you slip into this amazing clog.

Good grief just writing this has me missing my rocket dogs, oh there they are just beside my bed where I relax telling you all about one of my favorite shoe experiences.  I hope to see you out and about town, I'll know you by your shoes!  Oh but I digress, there's more read on, scroll down, you don't want to miss the cutie collection of clogs and mules.


Sanita Floral Clog

I love shoes and adore my clogs and mules, if you haven't tried them yet I'm thrilled to be your first introduction to this little jewel.

I just love to get my cute on and with this awesome Sanita floral clog I can do just that. The amazing colors makes this clog compatible with any color in my wardrobe.

This clog looks great with skirts, shorts, dresses, pants or carpi's. I love this fun clog and wouldn't be without it. Just wait till you get a look at the many different fun patterns and colors, its clog heaven.

I thought you might like the cute clogs and mules category and so here's more to choose from.

There is nothing better than getting your girly girl thing on if you're into that kinda thing. Growing up with three brothers I could never get enough of the pretty frilly girls stuff.

So for all you gals, chicks, women and girls out there like me who get into this fun feline display of shoe awesomeness, here's to you!

Enjoy Your Clogs and Mules, Katie

Updated: 06/25/2020, katiem2
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katiem2 on 06/26/2017

Antonio, I really enjoy wearing clogs or mules without socks, tights or the like, but anyway you like is the way to go...IMO

Antonio on 05/03/2017

I've thought them to be typically worn with bare legs and rarely with socks, but I agree they can look cool with leggings and opaque tights.

Guest on 02/15/2012

I only wear clogs and mules. They are so comfortable. I love the collection you reviewed here.

katiem2 on 02/03/2012

They are Angel, I ask people and yes professional women wear the Dansko professional clogs because they are so darn comfortable. The fact that they look good is a huge bonus. You know if these professionals who are on their feet all day long are wearing them they are comfortable.

Angel on 02/01/2012

Oh you hit my weak spot.. shoes!! I love the red open toed clogs. They are so cool. My friend is a nurse and has all kinds of colored clogs. My hairdresser too. They must be comfortable since they stand on their feet all day. Great page.

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