The Best Valentines Gifts for Anyone

by katiem2

The gift list of the most enjoyed valentines day gifts to impress the one you love. Learn the best valentines gifts for anyone, the runner, the dieter, the artist etc.

As valentines day rolls around again wouldn't you like to give your valentine the best gift, one specific to their personality?

A great deal of anticipation goes into both the giving and receiving of the perfect valentine.

It sends a message to the person getting the valentine, one expressing what that special someone means to you. It is important but doesn't have to cost a lot.

The Best Valentines Gifts

The most loved Valentines day gifts are those that related to the person you love, touching them is getting them and giving a gift that suits their personality and what matters to them.

It’s easy to come up with the perfect gift, just think about your valentine, what’s special and unique about them?  Think back, have you received a valentine’s gift that made you feel less than valued?  It happens and it hurts to be thought of so casually. Loving relationships go beyond that; Valentines Day is the time to express the degree to which you love another.  It truly is the little things that matter most, being thought of is wonderful.

I've created a list of Valentine ideas for you to consider as something other than chocolates, stuffed animals, cards and jewelry. The first gift we'll cover today is a common one topping the list of timeless favorites. Get the love of your life the most popular Valentines gift.


The Best Gift for Chocolate Lovers

Only the Best Chocolate for a Die Hard Chocolate Lover.

While many chocolate lovers love to get chocolate you may want to consider getting them a box of really good quality chocolates.  

Chocolate lovers know their chocolate and will be impressed with your ability to seek out the best for them.  A serious chocolate lover will be extremely happy with a once a year very special chocolate indulgence. 



                               Chocolate Lovers love;

  1. Fine chocolate is the best gift you could give to the true chocolate lover. You do not want to eliminate chocolate gift giving for the chocolate lover.  Take the money you would spend on other things and buy the best chocolate you can. But remember if they do have a favorite chocolate they can't live without you may want to consider that for their valentines gift.

The Best Gift for a Lover

The best gift to give your boyfriend or girlfriend is the most popular gift for lovers.

 Lovers Love;

  1. Do you have a special love song?  All lovers find one in time.  If you have or have not, an iPod is a wonderful way to make your lover smile and think of you always.  Make a list of special songs that remind you of your lover.  Keep a journal or log so you don’t forget them when you hear them.  You could either give the list including an iTunes gift card as a Valentines gift or by the iPod and load the songs on it yourself, telling your sweetheart this is loaded with songs that always make me think of you, very touching gift!  Together you two can decide what your special love song is.
  2. Coupon books are a big favorite among lovers and yet if you don’t want to buy the store type, you can create your own special coupon book filled with all the things they’d like.  This is meaningful as you invest your time and it will come back to you and your loving relationship 10 fold, good love karma.  Just gather up some construction paper, scissors and pen making your own.  But it can get tricky filling them up so I've included some great coupon books for lovers.  You can give these to your valentine or get ideas for your own from them.


The Best Valentine for the Runner

If your Valentine is a runner you will want to give them a runners favorite.

It’s no secret runners like to stay in shape other wise they wouldn't be running.  Runners come in all shapes and sizes, many flat out marathon run and others jog, regardless there are many memorable gifts for any runner.

Although many of us don’t get it and are all too happy to pass up any opportunity to run there’s a huge community of serious runners who love it. 

For the runner in your life show support and understanding for their love of running by incorporating it into their valentines gift.  This will make any runner feel more loved creating a stronger bond.  

Runners love;

  1. Fitness or nutrition bars much more than chocolates, explore the many types to create a nice arrangement.  Do it yourself by adding the bars to a basket or dish for easy access on a kitchen counter etc.  Maybe even their desk.   I'll also include a nice valentines display basket over to your left to fill with runners favorites.  
  2. Running gear specific to the runners needs.  They may need a water bottle or new running shoes.  Be certain to listen for what they need and like when you casually ask them questions about their shoes, socks, gear and how it unique to running, they will no doubt drop a few details as to their favorites as well. 
  3. Runner’s guides or books, just as with any other activity or sport runners like to be up to speed on the latest and greatest dietary and gear related advancements in this field.
  4. Music motivate runners and joggers, a iPod running strap is an amazing gift as iPods are packed with motivational music geared just for them.  You may also want to include an iTunes gift card so they may buy more music.  iPods are a treasured item by so many, an iTunes gift card is always a gift very much appreciated.


The Best Valentine for the Dieter

The perfect gift for a dieter is also another all time Valentines gift favorite that is among the most popular gifts for lovers.

First and foremost some dieters like getting the old chocolate stand by valentine while others don’t want it near them. 

Most dieters are easily offended if given a box of chocolates.  It feels like you don't care about their goal or you don't have faith in them.   If they’re working to lose weight the last thing they want is temptation.

Dieter’s Love

  1. Fruit baskets are the best gift you can give a dieter.  In fact it’s a great idea to create a dieter’s basket, one they can set on the kitchen counter helping them to stay the course and continue getting fit and healthy.
  2. Dieters love and benefit from music as well.  Everyone loves and responds positively to good music. While we each have our taste an iTunes gift card to buy songs for their iPod is another great motivator for the dieter.  They can tune into the upbeat music and move about the house dancing and burning off the pounds.
  3. Spa treatments are another great idea for the dieter in your life.  Pampering is a great way for dieters to remain image conscious and stay focused on their goal.

Note: Whatever you decide to buy your dieter valentine remember never buy them clothes as they are constantly shrinking.  If you mistakenly happen to buy something to small they would be devastated.

Much Love and Happiness

Hi, I'm Katie the author, I wanted to wish you all much love and happiness this valentines day.

Plus I want you to understand you are worthy of and deserve great love in your life, there's just nothing like it.  

Look down to find article links on love as it is my passion and my mission to insure everyone understands how love works and how to enjoy love in their lives.  

                                                                             Much Love and Happiness, Katie

What's Your Favorite Valentines Gift

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