Romantic Valentine Gifts for an Outlander Fan

by JoHarrington

Your love is obsessed with 'Outlander'. Jamie and Claire aren't your rivals, they're your way into your sweetheart's affections. Explore 'Outlander' themed Valentine goodies.

'Outlander' is many things, but above all, it's an epic love story spanning centuries.

This makes it a great template upon which to base your own romantic leanings, particularly if you're wooing someone in love with all things Jamie and Claire.

Diana Gabaldon gave us the words and setting. Now it's down to you to bring those wonderful scenes to life with your own 'Outlander' Valentine's Day tableau. Beginning with cards, chocolates and/or other romantic gifts for an 'Outlander' fan.

Check these out!

Outlander Valentine Cards for Women (or Gay Men)

Could you be her real world Jamie Fraser? That's a big kilt to follow... no pressure.

You have found the lady of your dreams, but she appears to be madly in love already - albeit with a fictional Highlander from the 18th century.  That gives you the perfect opening to align yourself with what you know she likes.

Present herself as her real world Jamie Fraser beginning with the card.

These Outlander Valentine's Day cards both name-check Jamie Fraser, the romantic hero of Diana Gabaldon's swash-buckling, time-travel novels.  They are festooned in his tartan too.

Both slogans are well-known to Outlander fans, while the verse quoted within the cards is that recited by Jamie to his Claire, then etched upon her wedding ring.

Outlander Valentine Card

The Romance of Outlander

For those out of the loop, Outlander can be downright steamy in part. Yet filled with humor, romance and sweetness alongside all of the heady passion.

Is it any wonder then that so many people dream of finding their own Jamie or Claire?  If only to experience half the depth of feeling revealed through Diana Gabaldon's rich imaginary world.

Did I mention romance?  Oh yes! Outlander has that in abundance, complete with ready made verses which will melt the heart of any fan of these tales.

Like the references made in these two St Valentine cards for Outlander fans below. Though beware, both of them relate to the wedding day scene from the books. You might be implying a deeper promise than you bargained for here!

Da Mi Basia Mille Valentine

Blood of my Blood Valentine

Though each of these cards do have templates embedded, which mean that you can easily alter the words for a personal message of your own.

As for what's already being said, then a run through the Outlander Valentine chocolate boxes on offer might be illuminating there.

Outlander Fraser Tartan Valentine Chocolate Box

Many of the Outlander chocolate boxes below make great use of the Fraser tartan. It's a big thing in the novels (continuing into the Starz television adaptation), insofar as Jamie Fraser is a huge man and he's wearing it.

With all due disclaimers about the use of tartan - my historian sensibilities demand that I add that - this weave is authentic. It dates back to the 18th century and it was worn by Clan Fraser of Lovat, circa Culloden.

Therefore if Jamie Fraser existed in reality, then he could be expected to don himself in tokens of this tartan at least. If not the whole plaid.

Fraser Crest Valentine Chocolate for Outlander Fans

Also accurate is the crest of Clan Fraser of Lovat, aka the Lovat Badge. It depicts a 'buck's head erased Proper', elsewhere merely described as 'a stag's head'.

There appears to be no definitive colors for Clan Fraser of Lovat's crest. The current chieftain displays it plainly on his website. While all over the web, Frasers and Outlander fans alike have afforded it a vast array of hues.

On the Outlander boxes of chocolates above, you're viewing two plain versions and one etched in the 18th century Fraser tartan. More may be added in due course.

Je Suis Prest Box of Chocolates Outlander Valentine Gift

Embedded into the crest of Fraser of Lovat is the clan motto - Je Suis Prest. It translates as 'I am ready'. More about that in the article linked below.

In Outlander, it's certainly used by Jamie Fraser. Including one rather tense scene, where he utters it just before stepping into a potentially fatal situation thwart with politics and diplomacy. This is one of the most well known phrases linked with Outlander.

Of course, 'I am ready' can take on a whole new meaning when linked with Valentine's Day.  In readiness for what are you, as you approach your beau for a date?  Or will it be a surprise for a long time love, who anticipates that you have forgotten this day of romance looming on the calendar?

If the latter, then whipping out a box of chocolate with Je Suis Prest emblazoned upon it will answer those disparaging thoughts, while delighting your loved one too.

In all matters involving Jamie Fraser, 'Outlander' fans will usually cry, 'I Am Ready!' Only that's phrased 'Je Suis Prest' - the motto of Clan Fraser of Lovat.

Outlander Valentine Dinna Fash Yourself Sassenach Chocolates

As popular phrases from Outlander go, 'dinna fash yourself, Sassenach' is right up there with Je Suis Prest.  It's another of Jamie's best known comments, generally spoken to calm Claire.

'Dinna fash' means 'don't fuss', while 'Sassenach' here is used as a term of endearment.  In reality, it's the Gaelic word that translates as the eponymous 'Outlander'.

Far more about the etymology of these words, plus their application in the books, television show and real world, may be uncovered in the article linked below.

Don't fuss, Outlander fans, we have gifts for you. Not only in the physical things, but in an exploration through the meaning of Dinna Fash Yourself, Sassenach.

Tartan Blood of my Blood Outlander Wedding Vow Valentine

Valentine gifts inspired by the wedding oath in Outlander.

One of Outlander's most beautiful moments comes with the wedding scene.

In many ways, it has no right to be quite so romantic. The couple are marrying each other under duress, in order to save the bride from peril. (It's a long story.)

But it allows Jamie to shine as the hero of the hour, while Claire is hardly the blushing bride here. If anyone's getting coy, it's Jamie. He's the one determined to make this right.

The usual vows are given, then comes another one. The famous one, as far as Outlander fans are concerned; lines guaranteed to make us all go squee.

Outlander Blood of my Blood Valentine Chocolate Boxes

The three Outlander chocolate boxes for Valentine's Day displayed above all have the full wedding vow upon them, surrounded by flowers and a heart.

Their lids read:

'Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done.'

Any Outlander fan will know it. Probably off by heart. If you're wooing an unmarried fan, then you might as well learn it by rote too. You'll eventually be reciting it on your own wedding day.

If you love this sentiment - or perhaps you're planning on asking your sweetheart to marry you on Valentine's Day - then there are further St Valentine's Day Outlander cards which might suit you better. They match the chocolate boxes above.

Blood of my Blood Cards for Outlander Fans

In this instance, when I write 'Valentine cards', what I actually mean is 'cards'. You'll have to add your own loving message to make your choice fit the occasion.

There are quite a few other items with those designs too, hence you could find another Valentine's Day gift amongst them. They include cushions, stickers, mugs and the like.

Talking about mugs, there's another potential Valentine gift for an Outlander fan here, which draws inspiration from that famous wedding scene. The oath isn't only given in English, but in the original Scottish Gaelic too - just as Jamie and Claire uttered it at the aisle.

Outlander Blood of my Blood Lovers' Mug for Valentine's Day

Outlander Wedding Scene: Jamie and Claire's Vows

Valentine's Day Da Mi Basia Mille Box of Chocolates

I've been debating which is the more romantic poem for Outlander fans - Blood of my Blood or Da Mi Basia Mille. I can't decide, so I'll open it up to the multitude forthwith.

The latter translates as 'one thousand kisses' and it quotes from a 1st century Latin poet named Catullus. Lines of his verse are recited by Jamie to Claire in a very loving moment. Then he has the words 'da mi basia mille' engraved onto the inside of her wedding ring.

For that reason alone, it probably beats Blood of my Blood, but not by much.  What do the rest of you think?

Which is the Most Romantic Verse in Outlander?

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More Gifts for Outlander Fans

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Outlander Valentine Image for Pinning

Image: Outlander Valentine
Image: Outlander Valentine
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luisobrien on 02/07/2017

Thank you very much. I love it!

JoHarrington on 01/24/2015

It's a television show. But I strongly recommend reading the books first. They're huge, huge books, the sort which look rather intimidating to survey. Then you begin reading them and wish they were twice the size.

WriterArtist on 01/16/2015

I ought to watch the romantic movie Outlander - which I am obviously hearing for the first time. Great choice for Outlander fans and at the right time of Valentine celebrations.

JoHarrington on 01/16/2015

Thank you very much. It's always exciting to get one!

Ember on 01/16/2015

Wooing your Outlander homies?! I love it!

By the way, congrats on the editors choice!! A unique one, but this really is a unique set of valentines stuff. :D

JoHarrington on 01/16/2015

Just giving the lovelorn a helping hand in wooing my Outlander homies. :)

Ember on 01/16/2015

awww <3 I can't say I see themed valentines presents for adults too often, that's actually really unique xD

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