How to Be a Good Date

by katiem2

Learn how to be a good date and have a great first date or make any date great.

How to Enjoy Dating - Dating is a fun experience and can be the most enjoyable thing you do. Dating is a lot like buying a car, you must first test drive a few to find a good one.

Everyone you date has the potential to be a salesman and many are flat out liars. Now can you imagine why it's far better to think more about yourself in terms of how to be a good date?

In fact you should have your own best interest at heart and think about what it is you look for in a date or potential mate.

How to be and Have a Good Date

 Forget about the entire how to sell yourself plan, be yourself, anyone can spot a salesman a mile away and nobody wants to do anything but avoid a salesman.

You don't want to bother with people who don't get you or like you for who you are. Be careful to spot the players and chalk it up to a test date, enjoy yourself all the while understanding this date is going no where.

Good Date Etiquette

A Good Date Always Has Clean Teeth and Fresh Breath

A great way to insure you're a good date is to get acquainted with your date before the big night out. When you first agree to go out with this person set up a pre-date phone conversation before the date to plan the date.


Note: Pay special attention to personal hygiene.  Be certain to whiten your teeth, clean your teeth and gums especially well to eliminate bad breath.  No body wants to go out on a second date with someone who has bad breath.  


A waterpik gets those hard to reach places between your teeth. Also groom body hair by shaving and shaping everything neatly.  We tend to forget about these vital things when not dating, a good first date always spends ample time grooming.

What to Talk About on a Date

 The Conversation

  1. Keep it light ask what their favorite food and restaurants are.
  2. Share the food choices you both like, having this in common.
  3. You may pick a restaurant of their choice, one you've never been to, a new shared experience.
  4. This gives them the opportunity to both feel comfortable and share something special with you.
  5. This takes the edge off giving them a vote of confidence with home court advantage.
  6. Do they drink coffee?
  7. Do they like to bowl or enjoy the theatre?
  8. Talk about what you will wear, take the pressure off.
  9. Allowing your date to make decisions gives you the opportunity to learn more about them.
  10. This conversation also makes you both more at ease and comfortable before the date.
  11. Close the conversation by letting the other person know they should feel free to call you if they like before the date.
  12. Let them know if you text as well offering this as a suggestion.
  13. Open the gates of communication before the date to be a good date.

A Really Good First Date

How to be a good date is more about being yourself. Dress in a way that's natural to you, share your favorite foods, movies and all the unique qualities that make you who you are. Look for someone also being honest about who they are and what they want. Remember it's easy to spot a salesman and know a lie when you hear one. Don't pretend it's anything other than what it is and you'll be a good date and enjoy good dates with good people who may one day end up being a great relationship.  


Plus, once you talk to the person you've agreed to go out with and learn you feel uncomfortable dating them, let them know you don't feel you have enough in common to take it further and cancel the date.  

Don't cancel unless you feel very sure this person is not your type, give it a chance getting past the ice breaking moment before you know you're enjoying yourself.

There doesn't have to be a second date with another new person as you will soon meet the match just for you.

There will be many more dates you anticipate with that special someone.

Relax be yourself and enjoy meeting new people.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

For Amazing Breath

Add a cap of your favorite mouth wash for pleasant conversation and possibly kissable.

Every Good Date Should Be Well Groomed

Updated: 02/07/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 01/01/2012

Thanks Ethel, How to be a good date is simple, it's when we complicate things it gets ugly... Thanks for stopping by. Katie

ethelsmith on 01/01/2012

Interesting. I love your down to earth style with its humorous touches

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