How to Say I Love You

by katiem2

Learn the best way and places to tell someone you love them for the first time. How to say I love you.

Saying I Love You - Saying I love you is a big deal and yet something we should grow comfortable saying.

The ones you love should know and be reminded you love them. It's a good practice to get comfortable telling those in your life you love them, if in fact you do. What to do when it's love of a romantic nature is another story.

How to say I love you has long been on the mind of every living and breathing person under loves spell. There is a perfect place and time to tell someone you love them. You don’t want to tell them too quickly. You may regret it, be unsure, you don’t want to have that hanging over you.

The Best Way to Say I Love You

There is a time and place for everything, the best time to tell someone you love them will be a moment neither of you will forget.

Making it Count

  • Telling someone you love them must be done in the right place and at the right time. 
  • The best way to tell someone you love them is to work your way gently up to it by what you do.
  • Two people falling in love feel it happening bit by bit as the words build up inside of them.  
  • They both grow eager with anticipation as to when to let the words I love you out. 
  • It is easy for some and difficult for others.
  • You grow certain in this love by the way you treat one another.

The Answer to the Question

  1. The best way and time to tell them you love them is by showing them bit by bit and day by day!
  2. Feeling nervous and tense about saying it is a good indicator (warning) that now is not the time.
  3. Wait until you feel good about it and make sure you are comfortable with the time and place.

The Best Place and Time to Say I Love You

How you pick the place and time to tell that special someone you love them is important.

                   How to Make it Special

 This should be a very special setting, pick a good spot.

There is really no pressure to say it. In fact many get in trouble doing so too soon.

It’s best to give the relationship time to develop and enjoy the many moments of loving expressions.

Savor these moments; don’t just blurt it out leaving room for doubt in both your character and intentions.

Build fond memories taking note of the special places that would make the perfect setting to tell your soul mate you love them.  


Make it Believable

We  all know people who toss the expression, I love you around like its hello. You do not want to be apart of that crowd. These types are often categorized as players most often doubted as it seems they say, I love you to quickly.  The expression is question, doubted if tossed out to quickly.

No, you want the love of your life to realize that you’re a serious person and you take matters of the heart and a commitment such as saying I love you as top priority.  

This builds integrity, something you need with the person you fall in love with.

Your character is at stake here, you want to be careful not to say it too soon or as if hello. When you meet the love of your life you don't want them to question your intentions.

Remember this as some people have a reputation for saying it casually, this is not the impression you want to give someone your truly love. 

The Best Place and Time to Say I Love You

The Many Ways to Say I Love You!

You may want to think of an original and creative way to say it for the first time making it a more treasured memory.

You’ve heard of the many creative ways men pop the question why not do something as creative with saying I love you for the first time?

Good Examples of Saying I love You

  1. You could write it on the inside of a dinner napkin.
  2. Most importantly is to be prepared to look the person in the eye, you should enjoy looking deeply into their eyes, so if not you should wait, as you look them deeply in the eyes let it out in your own words honestly expressing your feelings for the person you love.
  3. You could spell it out in your mashed potatoes as you enjoy dinner together.
  4. You could write it on the mirror with lipstick and on and on the ways go and once you’re beloved tracks you down with a look of anticipation you might say, “Yes it is true I love you.” Oh the many ways are endless.

Say I Love You Right First Time

Saying I love you lays the foundation for your relationship.

                       The Big Moment

Once you pick the perfect spot.  Wear the perfect clothes.

Wear something your girl friend or boy friend has told you they like. Wear their favorite clothes.

Wear your dates favorite cologne or after shave.

Pay attention to detail, making sure you have all of your significant others favorite things included in the I love you.

Making the first I love you special will let your special someone know you really do love them.

This gives them the security and confidence to let go and love you back. 

Wait to say it till you are sure and it feels as though you just can’t keep the big secret any longer.

By this time it will not be a secret as you have done many things and behaved in such a manner to let them know by your actions that you honestly love them, the words will be icing on the cake.


Updated: 05/22/2017, katiem2
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katiem2 on 01/01/2012

That's a great point ethel, how to say I love you is perfect for Valentines Day!

ethelsmith on 12/31/2011

Perfect with Valentine's day almost on the horizon

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