How to Find True Love

by katiem2

Many give up on love but don't! There is no reason you can't enjoy the love of your life. Once you learn the truth about love and the perfect love type for you love comes easy.

It breaks my heart to hear the words, can anyone ever love me or will I ever be loved? I hear this often from readers, followers and people on the street. It saddens me deeply to know so many people give up feeling there is no such thing as real love.

Stop letting misunderstandings and a few bad matches prevent you from believing in love and romance. Love exist, romance is alive and well, you can have your happy ending, find your soul mate and live happily ever after.

Can I Find Love - Someone for Me

How to find love or attract love into my life finding the love of my life.

Look around you there is much evidence of love, it's everywhere!  You've categorized yourself as someone not worthy of love and yet everyone is.  Many people give up on love and I’m here to tell you don’t do it!  Love is alive and well and there is no reason why you can't enjoy deep and meaningful love. 


Can I Be Loved - Finding My Soul Mate

Everyone wonders if they will ever find love, we all feel terribly lonely at times but we can all enjoy a wonderful love in our lives too.
  1. Are you one of the many living with this doubt?
  2. Is this feeling hanging on no matter how hard you try to force it from your mind? 
  3. Is it there nagging your innermost thoughts because adding to the confusion and disbelief?  
  4. Do you know what makes others tick and why?  
  5. Can you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and pamper the beautiful person you are? 


How Others Love You

Learning the types of love others are capable of are paramount to enjoying successful love and relationships

It’s simple once you learn the different and unique ways in which others are capable of love. 

We all love differently and need different things. This is the key unlocking all that keeps you from succeeding in romantic relationships. Love is something each and every human being is capable of giving and receiving. Plus all of us need love to thrive. The fact that you’ve been suffering without love makes you feel less and less deserving of love.  You deserve love; you’ve just been setting yourself up for rejection with the wrong love type.  This creates one rejection after another as the wrong love type will not be attracted to you.   The right match will in fact be attracted to you all the while you learn what it feels like to truly be attracted to another as well. No one feels unlovable without first receiving negative feedback from others affirming it. You're no doubt right about that sinking feeling as you've received such proof from others. The tables can quickly turn placing yourself in the perfect storm for romance, passion, love and successful relationships with family and friends!

Breaking the Curse of the Loveless

Being lonely does not mean you are meant to be alone, you can find love and be happily apart of a couple, just open your mind to the idea.
  1. Do you feel unlovable?
  2. Do you doubt there is anything about you another could ever find amazing and attractive?
  3. Do you feel another could ever possibly love you as you are without thinking of changing one single thing about you? 
  4. Do you clean up, dress up, look your best and enjoy life?

This is very much your reality, once you learn the science or chemistry of love you’ll be well on your way to realizing an amazing love in your life.

How To Be Lovable

In order to find love you must first put love out there, be more open to others and put yourself out there.

Love comes in many forms.  It grows and takes over with the smallest of gestures expanding into more abundant love. You've allowed yourself to be beaten down by the lie that you are not worthy of love. The first step is to stop the lie and embrace the truth. Realize you've been acting in a manner causing others to reject or avoid you.  By feeling unlovable you act unlovable and make yourself unapproachable.  The truth is that you are loveable and yes you can and will be loved.

Ice Breaker - The best way to be approachable is to first approach others in a warm friendly way. As you go about your normal course of the day smile at every single person you see. You will be energized by the smiles you receive back.  This will begin to melt the cold in your heart.

The Steps to Lovable

First - Take baby steps proving you are indeed capable of giving and receiving small gestures of love and acceptance.  After a cold dark run of hopelessness you feel as though others are repelled by you, that there is something really off with you causing others to avoid you.  The truth is you’ve been sending these signals and others merely pick up on your feelings causing others to avoid you.  Once you thaw the ice in your heart you will realize others respond to your new attitude. 

Increase Your Love Factor

You can increase your odds of finding love greatly by allowing yourself to enjoy life.

Now there are a few sourpusses out there that will be bent on withholding their smile. As this occurs remind yourself how you were once this very person.  Allow yourself to really let go of those feelings as you branch out and spread joy. For the most part others will gladly smile back. Some will be shy as they too may not feel lovable. Keep it up and feel yourself come to life as love takes hold of your inner being.

Next - Strike up conversations with others and stop hiding out!  We tend to convince ourselves we have nothing to offer others. The longer we do this the more and more withdrawn we become. We become so withdrawn seeming to others as if we're a bit off.  This is a self fulfilling prophecy of loneliness, a cycle and one you can break with these easy techniques.  Humans are loving creatures who need the love of others yet once we identify someone as being unlovable we move on.   We live in a busy society where in most people live and let live.  If you choose to be unapproachable others won’t try to convince you otherwise. 

Someone for Me - Finding My Love

There is a special someone for everyone and more than one chances at true love.


- Get out and get involved in life following your interest. No matter how off beat you may think you are, get out there and do it. It doesn't matter whether it's; bowling, knitting, painting, clogging, computer games, cooking, eating, collecting, art, music or whatever just do it.

Remember there is no standard to meet are world is a very diverse one in which there is more than enough room for you and others like you to thrive.

Baby Steps – By doing this you will meet like minded people feeling a bond that awakens the desires to interact with others more and more. As you get out and mingle great and meaningful friendships will develop. 

You never know when one may turn into something a little deeper and more intimate.  Nothing makes us feel more lovable than being with others we relate to. Stop comparing yourself to the world around you as you and those like you have a world all your own. There has never been a time in history when we lived in a more diverse society and the odds of you loving others and being loved are a certainty. Go ahead and put that great big confident smile on your face, no matter how straight, crooked or sideways it is.  Just go for it, I guarantee you there are others out there just like you. Get out there and start the first day of the rest of your life. Soon you’ll be apart of a loving community building friendships and lasting relationship to build countless treasured memories.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

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Thanks Martie, Great to hear from you!

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Superb article, Katie!

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