How to Know if Someone is Falling in Love

by katiem2

Stop wondering and find out if someone in your life is falling in love with you. The 8 signs someone is falling in love.

Have you ever wondered if the person you're chrushin on likes you back or even loves you?

Have you fallin in love with someone and you're now dying to know if they love you back?

Do you feel this overwhelming urge to say I love you? Being the first to express your feelings is horrifying. You could be let down, rejected or embarrassed beyond belief.

Is Someone Falling in Love With Me

Learn the signs someone is falling in love for you and be sure once and for all.

Would they express the same love for you, would it be real or their attempt to save your feelings?

The act of saying, I love you comes easy to some and yet is very difficult for others. Many people are free spirited lovers and want to tell the world they love you while others have a hard time considering love much less uttering the words.    

We're here to talk about how to know if someone is falling in love with you right?  

These people, the shy ones, may have a heart spilling over with love for you yet find it hard to act on it and even harder to say it. It can be hard to determine while allowing your mind to wonder if they love you back

Could This be Love?

There are many concrete physical and social ques telling you if someone is falling in love with you or not. What Do Their Eyes Say?

Knowing for sure if someone honestly loves you is best proven by their actions. Actions do speak louder than words.  A person in love acts the part making it obvious they are in love.  

A good first sign that someone is interested in you is this, they can't take their eyes off of you.  

Always be careful to monitor a persons behavior to know if they love you or not.  Ask yourself can you keep your eyes off each other?

Think about your lover and ask yourself if the two of you experience the 8 signs of falling in love. If so you can bet they're in love with you. In the future you may consider their actions to be proof of their love and affection for you.  

The 8 Signs of Falling in Love

You can find out without a doubt if someone is falling in love with, get the list of signs someone is falling in love with you here.

1.  First of all they can't take their eyes off of you? Someone in love can't help but to look at the person they are in love with.  Do they giggle, grin or smile once you look back? Is your love interest warm, gracious, compassionate and flexible with you often making sure you are happy and taken care of.  

2. Does your girl or boy friend easily forgive you if things go wrong, when you make a mistake trusting you regardless and giving you the benefit of the doubt as if the last thing they want to do is fight?

3.  Does your lover tend to be protective of you and yet never possessive or controlling only making certain your needs are met, you're happy and well adjusted?

4.  Do others see you as a positively and loving couple, is it obvious to everyone something is going on between you two?

More Signs Someone is Falling in Love

The complete list of signs someone is falling in love lets you know for sure if they are falling in love with you or not.

5. Is your lover confident having no fear of losing you as they have a strong sense of your dedication to each other in the relationship?

6. Is there an earthy sensuality to your relationship, meaning the sexual chemistry is very apparent and creates a desire which naturally draws you to touch each other, holding hands, hugging, that overall longing to be close?

7. Is your lover able to express their emotions and sexual desires with you and does this come naturally and without inhibitions?

8. Does just being alone with you put your lover in the mood for intimacy and does this strengthen your affections for each other.

if most if not all of these statements are true for you and your intended this is proof that your partner is in love or falling in love with you.  

Enjoy the relationship and the feelings of joy focusing on the real aspects of the love you feel and know without a doubt are real.  Such feelings can make anyone feel a bit unsettled at times as their feet are not touching secure and stable ground. Just continue to love one another openly and honestly allowing the love to grow and strengthen. There will be no more wrestling with the question, could this be love!

Much Love and Success, Katie

Learn to spot the signs of true love knowing if it is love or lust. Compare the signs of love and lust.

Have you ever been in love?

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katiem2 on 09/27/2012

Mira, Glad you liked it, there is no denying you're falling in love once you understand the signs.

Mira on 09/26/2012

This was a cute article :-) I enjoyed reading it :-)

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