The Difference Between Love and Lust

by katiem2

Learn to spot the signs of true love knowing if it is love or lust. Compare the signs of love and lust.

The fine line between love and lust is one often felt to be unrelated. While many claim lust is not love, others feel it's an intricate part. Regardless studies prove lust does come into play.

Do you feel it takes lust to build a solid and lasting love that can stand the test of time?

Webster’s defines love as a strong affection for another rising from kinship or personalities and defines lust as an intense longing.

Do you think of lust as a fleeting moment fading in time? Imagine, how humans capable of a vast range of feelings, emotions and needs can honestly remove lust from the formula. Could it be we need lust, is it a positive?

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The Truth about Lust

Is lust an important part of a loving relationship, marriage or couple?

Today we explore the truth about lust and its value in the presence of love. Can love exist successfully with a good dose of lust or is lust merely the key turning the ignition of love fading naturally in time leaving love to stand alone?

Ask yourself, have you experienced love without an intense longing ? How can this longing or lust be a bad thing?  We are genetically attracted to those who are a good match for us.  Could it be lust is the natural instinctive response when it comes to match making?

It can be difficult to compare the differences as lust often exist along side love in a relationship and can be the most pleasurable of aspects.  Is there really the possibility that lust is fleeting, not suitable to stand the test of time?  If you’ve been wondering if a love based in lust is good or bad and something you should or should not consider, follow along as we compare.

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The Lustful Side of Love

What is lust and do I need lust in my relationship to keep the fire burning?









The major concern over these two qualities of love is safe verses risky or comfort verses excitement. Love is a positive aspect of a relationship with both partners holding the others happiness in high regard.

Love Based Affairs

A love based relationship is considerate of the others feelings and desires. Each partner usually puts their partner before the other all the while working hard to treat them with respect.

Love based relationships are constantly working toward compromise and growth.  Love based relationships are typically long lasting.

The presence of love allows a couple to work through issues or problems as they arise.

The thoughtfulness and care of a loving relationship maintains a path toward continued growth building a fond history making the love deeper and more committed.


Relationships Based on Lust

Do relationships based on lust last or is lust just the beginning phase that fades in time?

Lust Based Affairs

In contrast a lustful affair does not have negative affects on a relationship unless one of those involved is not a lust based lover at heart. Lustful relationship are far less careful than one that is love based. Many people don’t like the intensity of lust as it relates to recklessness, while others crave it and are geared for lust.  This explains the conflict often occuring as some people have the personality for it while others do not.  Another case in point as to why opposites should not come together as a couple.

The major difference between love and lust is that lust is a relationship in which one is consumed by their own desires and driven by intense cravings to have their desires met. It is this lustful craving which creates a challenging yet steamy and exciting love affair.  This is a romance for those seeking an intense and stimulating partnership. The vital thing to consider in love and lust is understanding what you want in a relationship. We tend to be constantly drawn toward what our inner self wants.  

Love and Lust for the Long Haul

Does a love affair based on lust last?

In the beginning most of us are open to lust and accept it as we long to grow closer to the other person.  

On average people think lust fades away in time.  Many expect lust to remain as a permanent fixture and feel the relationship has failed if it declines or stops.

If both partners have a lust based personality this works well as both will insure their desires are met and the eb and flow of exciting trade is stimulating and keeps both parties vested and interested. 

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The Lust Based Love

Can I make it work with someone who needs lust, does lust need to be an active part of a relationship?

There is a fundamental selfishness in lust based relationships, the personalities of those involved are crucial to enjoy and survive it. 

There are those who need the energy lust creates or they quickly grow bored and feel empty.  

Two such people paired make it fair and balanced as they both make sure they get what they want stimulating the couple as a whole.

Passion and desire is the driving force in a lust based relationship and often once the desires are met a new level of desire may become the goal. 

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What is Lust?

Can I make it work with a man who needs lust in his life?

Lustful affairs may lack respect for the others feelings and are often short lived and can be tumultuous in end if both parties aren't of the lustful nature.  While this is an issue to be carefully consider it can work out.  If both parties are lustful people they tend to develop a great respect for the other if honest exchanges of their desires are well communicated.

This open and honest exchange allows both parties to continually conquer their desires which makes for a strong and lasting relationship. While it may not be right for you it can be amazing for many.

If you're determined to give a relationship with a lust based lover a go It is vital to understand the others desires, meet their lustful needs within the relationship all the while separating it from the love base.  

All in all the difference between love and lust is a vital consideration given your personality. While it is possible for lust to exist in a loving relationship it’s not for the sensitive lust free person.

Love needs trust to survive and jealousy breeds mistrust. What to do about a jealous person or lover.

Tools for Lust and Love

Honesty and Balancing Lust

Lust is not for everyone, can you handle a lustful relationship?

It’s important you let it be known, early on, what you’re comfortable with before you find yourself in a relationship with a more lustful direction than you can handle.

A good measure of lust in a relationship leads to a close and stronger bond and yet it’s vital to be honest about your personal level of comfort in this area.  If you're a person who does not like lust embrace that as your normal and it should be respected by both you and others. Respect starts with your honesty of preferences.  Move on and find a relationship partner more suitable to your needs.

Finally, remember when you find yourself falling in love it's very easy to agree to a more intense level of lust than you can maintain in the long run. The first phases of falling in love allows you the best opportunity to both enjoy lust and express your level of comfort with the degree of lust you can manage. Honesty is always the best policy!

Much Love and Success, Katie

Updated: 02/24/2013, katiem2
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