The Six Types of Love - Can They Love Me?

by katiem2

Learn how to find your true love with the understanding of others and their type. Learn the six different types of love and the abilities others have to love you back.

Love is a complex emotion running the gamut from friendship to that of a fiery passion. It can often be unclear as to exactly what category your love interest falls into. While it can be difficult to know if its love, like, or caring compassion there are many ways to know without a doubt. Yes, you can find out your love interests honest intentions by learning the basic love types and what love means to them. You no longer need take on the fault of yet another near miss, once you learn the truth about love you will begin to spot those who are both right and or wrong for you weeding though the bad options.

How to Spot Real Love

It's not difficult to spot true love once you become practical about matters of the heart yet find the balance of romance and compatibility.

I have found a method to this madness once and for all; it’s not hard to tell and leaves no room for doubt! We tend to make way to big a thing of love yet once you learn the facts I cover today, it becomes child’s play.

Follow along as we explore do they love me or love me not! First you must find out what type of love another is capable of and therefore may or may not have for you! During the introduction phase you come to know this person and get a warm and tingly feeling inside as you embrace and adore all their little quirks! You find yourself branching out feeling a desire to try it their way approaching life a bit differently enjoying their take on things. 


How to Spot True Love

You can't let doubt get in the way of true love, you feel it and can easily spot the signs the other person is feeling something for you.

This information will leave you with no doubt instead eliminating the question once and for all

The worry about finding true love becomes a thing of the past as you replace it with solid and sound principals for love.  

You will enjoy success in all areas of love once you pair yourself with the right love type.

Understanding the degree to which someone is capable of loving you as well as the style in which they do so narrows the risk of heart break.

The best relationships grow from honest feelings of love and attraction. Attraction is simply one person enjoying the character, personality and individual qualities both physical and mental of another fitting into their personal desires.

Love a Basic Emotion

Love is a basic emotion we all experience and all the more reason you should learn to expect love in return.

As you read on you realize many issues holding you back are in large due to you questioning your own lovable factor. Most of us experience a lot of self doubt in the area of love.  Once you realize what love type you are the confidence you gain is huge and frees you of self doubt.

Love is a basic and simple emotion all healthy people experience, need and crave, knowing the types of love is a good place to start when it come to understanding your possible connection to another.

What you really need to know is if the object of your affection is capable of giving you what you desire.

To do this you must understand the type of love you naturally seek and need determining if the person in question is a compatible match for you.

The Right Love for You

Finding your perfect match is simple, just be honest about what you want and who your are, it's then you find your perfect match.

The different types of relationships are;

  1. Long-term committed

  2. Short-term romance

  3. Healthy friendship

The Magnetic Power of Pheromones

What's My Love Type

All of these involve a different type of love and it is by understanding these different types of love you will come to your answer.

We can never expect a person to change being the type of love we need, people cannot change who they are, it never works, it's all about your brain composition  we are who we are end of story. What you do is learn clearly who people are and work within the group of people who are a good match for you.  Embrace who you are and the understanding of others and enjoy love!

The 6 Types of Love

Learn the six different types of love outlining others ability to love and the way in which they love comparing it to you.

1) Eros Love is a romantic love which involves physical attraction embodied in the rush of new love and the intensity it creates.  Eros love types are attracted by physical appearance and unrealistic expectations for anything long term. The physical appearance is the Eros lovers primary desire for another. Eros love often fizzles out quickly as it is best know as a relationship of lust and while intense with passion is hard to maintain. An Eros lover craves the rush of the first burst of romantic chemistry with less to no focus on the emotional needs and aspects of love.  The Eros love type is bacically addicted to the rush of an amazingly hansome or beautiful catch.

2) Pragma Love is rational and practical. The pragma type seeks a lover based on requirements that meet their needs. Pragma lovers choose partners through a checklist of qualities in the areas of; education, income, social status, parenting gene potential, and the possessions they’ve acquired. The pragma does not focus on the emotional aspects of love in their relationships they think and plan as to who will work the best and fulfill their long term goals.  There is little evidence of intense passion in this type of relationship.

3) Storage Love base their love interest on friendship. This begins with a strong friendship developing into feelings of stronger love and romantic intimacy. The area of sex is less important to the storage lover as they more highly regard common interest, caring compassion and a tight bond which they feel will stand the test of time. A storage approach to love is less about romance, if at all, and more about the bond of a time tested friendship.  Sexually needs are basic and not a priority with a storage love type.

Finding Your Love Type

Learn more about the different ways in which others are capable of love.

4) Agape Love is one of a selflessness and family bond. It is known as “divine love” as it is self sacrificing and altruistic love.  As per the dictionary - Altruism is selfless concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures, and a core aspect of various religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Sikhism, and many others. Agape love is best suited for the love of God, Martyrs and Saints as a healthy romantic love requires a give and take where as Agape love is based fully on giving based on duty.

What's My Love Type

5) Ludus Love is one filled with a ever flowing source of fun and games with ludus love type. Ludus lovers crave excitement and the rush of adrenaline. A ludus love is more about the high attained when first forming a relationship. The ludus lover easily grows bored when it comes to the building and nurturing of a long term relationship. They love the thrill of the chase and that of a new conquest, not long term relationship material.  To remain in a relationship with a ludus love type you would be required to do daring things.  You can imagine the risky behavior needed to maintain the rush a ludus love craves.

The Different Types of Love

Learn the different types of love in order to understand others better and know which type is best for you.

6) Mania Love is one of the fatal attraction scenario. This type of lover offers one wild and crazy ride.  The mania lover comes out of the gate appearing as an intensely romantic.  This phase is often used to insure the manic lover gets their mate.   A change often soon follows leaving you with a, who is this person type of wonderment.  A manic lover is possessive, jealous, controlling and dependent all at once. These characteristics point to an addictive relationship not a healthy romantic love.  The mania love type most often seems over whelmed with turmoil, exhibiting extreme over reactions, obsession, and control issues all of which can lead to stalking, threats and or even worse.

Finding My Perfect Match

Once you line up your love needs and abilities with a compatible match true love will be yours.

What a wake up call to realize the differences in ones ability to love. Now that you've read and learned about the different types of love you will easily identify others ability to love and to what degree. This eliminates so much pain and suffering.

We often dig our heals in, convincing ourselves we love someone we actually may not. It's more about rejection, feeling as if someone is rejecting your love and adoration drives us to succeed denying failure and working the mismatched relationship into the ground.

The truth of the matter is not that you have failed at love, in reality you have been barking up the wrong tree. This person is not rejecting you, they are doing only what their sociological make-up allows them, all the while not understanding or clicking with yours.

We are all different, not everyone can love just anyone! There is a lot of love in the world and this writer believes it can strike often. Do like the most successful people of the world, give it a go, admit when it's not working and move on the the next adventure. You'll know it without a doubt when it's the one and be so glad you held out for it!

Much Love and Success, Katie

Updated: 05/12/2013, katiem2
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What Love Type are You and What Type of Love do You Need.

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Celia, So happy you found the different ways people love romantically, the varying types and abilities to love are vital to understand.

celia on 05/23/2013

Very enlightening I had no idea about the unique ability to love others by type. This was my light bulb moment. As i read i thought of many who fit into each love type. It is a bit like horoscopes.

katiem2 on 12/12/2012

Tina, Glad you found this enlightening, I feel it's amazing and great insights into the perfect match for you.

Tina on 12/12/2012

This is very cool and such a light bulb moment for you. It makes good sense. I'm happy I stumbled upon your work today. I don't even remember what brought me to you I've been lost in your work for hours now.

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