What Men Want in a Woman

by katiem2

Get the details on what men really want in a woman. Learn to give a man what he wants and keep him happy and in love with you.

Don't feel lonely, there isn't a woman on the face of this planet that hasn’t wondered what a man looks for in a woman! Kick back, relax and absorb the cold hard facts that are easy to swallow and a big relief.

Could all men want basically the same thing? YOU BET!

That’s right, you heard me, yes there are varying specifics and yet the one basic thing all men want in a woman is a common tie that binds. This one thing could seal the deal and have you well on your way to the love of your life.

What Men Really Want in a Woman

How to Get Your Man

All men want basically the same thing in a woman. It may sound crazy to you…and THAT’S your problem, you’re over complicating it creating everything but what a man wants. Imagine the time, effort and money you will save with this simple easy truth.

The fact is men want to be adored, admired and truly loved. So if you’ve got your hooks in a man you truly love, hard parts solved!  

We get so caught up in trying to do all the things we think we should that we forget the simplist most basic needs of a man.

How To Get Your Man

Why Men Leave or Cheat - The Lack of Adoration

This my friends is also the number one reason men cheat.

If they don’t get the admiration they crave they find it elsewhere as there are many women in tune with this need all to happy to meet it and catch themselves a man.  

Let's explore the one thing men want further.

While you think it's all about the look, women spend far to much time obsessing on their looks all the while missing the most appealing aspect.

Give him a dose of his own medicine - Tell him his bum looks great in those jeans.  He'll love both the compliment and your sense of humor, but be careful not to laugh, be serious.  He may laugh as he thinks you're joking, oh but no, you're one of those rare women secure in telling a man you find his body sexy.  Playfully swat him on the bum as you say it, this adds a bit of fire to the entire comment.

You can settle the hair, clothes and makeup once you land your man securely. He'll be sure to tell you his likes and dislikes along the way. Be yourself and look your best but don’t waste time and money on things he may in fact dislike.

Warning - Be sure you're pursuing a man you're truly interested in.  

Start off running, get down to the admiration first and foremost.  

Men love to feel admired, just like you, they want to feel you’re pleased and find them appealing. 

Women aren't as quick to tell a man how amazing they think they are when it comes to physical appearance. Men want to hear you like what you see.  

In addition men want to hear how you feel about them and what they do that makes you feel good as a woman.  

Men work just as hard as women do putting themselves out there and need the same positive encouragement.

How Men and Woman are Alike

Tell Him What You LIke

Men gain a sense of trust when you tell then what makes you tick!  

Tell him what women want by telling him what you want.  

This opens the gates for good communication as you've allowed him into the secret girl club of mysteries.

Yes girls, I'm suggesting you let him in on your inner most thoughts and desires. 


Remember to show your appreciation for what he does, like opening doors and helping you with simple things.

Men aim to please the woman they are interested in or in love with. They need your feedback to let them know they are doing what pleases you. 

Men feel betrayed and embarrassed when they continue doing something you find annoying or unpleasing. They work hard to figure out what makes you tick. This is the stuff tight bonds are made of. If you communicate honestly with him about your likes and dislikes you will be his heroin. 

Men love a woman who knows what she wants and shares it with him!

By showing a man appreciation he puts you higher and higher on that pedestal you long to be on. You get back what you give. 

Every Man Is Different Learn What He LIkes

Thinking About What A Man Wants

At home men often feel nagged, not appreciated therefore you want to be mindful of this. The last thing you feel is admired when your being yelled at for leaving your socks on the floor, or hair in the sink.

Men need to decompress once they finally get home from a long day. It's the place to let go and let it all hang out. Give your man time to do this and relax. Timing is everything, pick your battles and best yet pick a good time for them. Not when he first walks through the door.

Cut the Man Some Slack

  • Remember what it was like when you realized you wanted this man.

  • Work on treating him the way you did when you were working to get him.

  • If you’re a non nagger, you must remember the appreciation you once showed your man.

  • Now you're really getting the one thing men want, what men want and desire in women!

  • Just understanding the truth is a huge step and one that will open your mind and your heart to great love and romance.

  • Love is never about power or control, you must let go and let love flow freely! 

NOTE: This is to create an eb and flow of thoughtfulness and consideration. 

It's contagious!

You will both soon be pouring the adoration on each other and basking in loves delightful glow.

You'll be the one to get the ball rolling! Let adoration be the order of the day! 

The List of Things a Man Wants

Common Things Men Like


1) Call him a by a pet name, something different from what others call him, special.  But not too mushy, unless he's the type who likes it.  Some good examples are; baby, honey, babe, love.

2) Call him by his real name, if his name is James and he goes by Jim call him James on occasions. Tell him how much you love the way it sounds.  You may even call him by his first and middle name on occasion, letting him know you think of him totally.  You could say, James Larry take good care of you for me today.  You get the idea! 

3) Look into his eyes, staring at him, when he asks what you’re doing, tell him you love his eyes and that they are so handsome.  Tell him he's handsome, hearing you love the way he looks is total adoration.

4) Tell him his hair looks good, men love this just as much as you do.  Men like to know you like how they look, lets him know what he's doing works.

5) Bring a hot cup of coffee to him in the shower, or leave it for him to find when he comes out.  Men love it when you do those little things expressing your love for him.

6) Call him up and ask him out to lunch, and YOU buy!  Make him feel special, not as if it's him who has to make all the effort.

7) Pop him popcorn while he watches TV.  Kick back and hang with him quietly while he watches what ever, men need time to unwind with some mindless TV and quiet.

Keep It Simple - Men Like The Simple Things

Keep it simple and remember men don't like drama.  Men enjoy an easy laid back approach to life. There you have it, the one thing men want, what men want and desire in women! It's really that simple. The basic things we give up or refuse to try for reasons of pride are the very things men crave.  

Remember girls, if a man does not feel appreciated at home, he becomes easy prey for any woman that makes him feel admired and respected. Men and women aren’t really that different. The sooner we wake up and understand this the sooner our lives will change.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Updated: 01/02/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 11/12/2014

frankbeswick, Thank you for your honest feedback, priceless...

frankbeswick on 10/30/2014

What men want:
1: A pleasant character: a plain woman with a pleasant character is far preferable to a beautiful woman with an unpleasant one.
2: Someone who likes men and does not spend time saying how horrid men are. It's a turn off.
3: A homemaker.
4: Someone who will back you up in your plans. Men make schemes and are frustrated when obstructed. [Men of course should listen to women's views on what they are doing.]
5: A woman who takes an interest in what a man does. Having a wife who simply is uninterested in your achievements is humiliating.
6; A feminine character.

Some girls are terrified that if their looks have any flaws, men won' be attracted to them. Don't worry. Men don't look at a woman's beauty in the detail that women do. We see a general picture and so a mole or birthmark here or there is of no interest to us.

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Mike, Thank you for a mans point of view and approval of my insights.

teddletonmr on 05/23/2013

Spot on!

katiem2 on 12/30/2011

Thanks poshcoffeeco, Great to hear from you on matters of the heart at what men want in a woman.

poshcoffeeco on 12/29/2011

Great article. It is almost a web site in it's own right.

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