Could This be Love The Chemistry of Love

by katiem2

Find out if you can be loved and how to know when. Learn the chemistry of love and the chemical reactions happening when two people fall in love.

The chemistry of love creates a reaction firing all the senses and emotions as we float along in a reality far different from our norm. There is no disputing the power of good chemistry when it comes to matters of the heart, love and romance. Chemistry creates a stimulating reaction making your blood boil and heart pound. This chemistry can make you feel tingly all over intense with new life altering sensations.

For many it feels as if they've been hit by a ton of bricks leaving no doubt as to the distraction new love creates. When it's love there's an unmistakable difference in life as you once knew it. The driving force pulls you to another as if a powerful magnet. Aw yes more science at work. So true, there is nothing like the chemistry of love especially when its good!

Learn the secret workings of a mans heart and what makes a man fall in love. Find out how to get a man and have him falling head over heels in love with you in no time.

The Chemistry of Love

Is there a science to love, how does the chemistry between two people work?

Bad Chemistry

The quest for love has lead many to pain and suffering bringing us to question good verses bad chemistry.  Many question the relationship between love and hate claiming it cousin to one another. While chemistry between a man and woman can be destructive, there is no room for this in love. You should walk away from bad chemistry as it serves a valid warning.

Relationships founded on bad chemistry will be riddled with pain, fear, guilt and a number of bad experiences none of which should be considered a relative to a positive reaction. The chemistry of a bad relationship serves a good purpose and one you should always respect! Run from it as if a nuclear bomb.

Learn the six different love types or the ways in which different people are capable of loving another. find your true love match by knowing the love type and style you seek.
chemistry of love

The Signs of Good Chemistry

There can be both bad and good chemistry between two people, learn what you have good or bad chemistry.








The positive indicators that you have good chemistry with another;

  • You feel comfortable with one another

  • You get a feeling that you’ve known each other longer, clicking quickly and with ease.

  • You tend to honestly agree with each other on most everything.

  • You agree with many of the other person’s values, goals, philosophies and beliefs.

  • You feel equal to this person.

  • You long to be involved in their daily activities.

  • Conversations you share are stimulating, lively and interesting, often funny.

First dates can be nerve wrecking, but with a list of things to say on the first date the pressure is gone allowing you to relax and enjoy the date.
chemistry of love

The Signs of Good Chemistry

Learn the good signs of great love chemistry and find out if your love will last.


  • You find yourself joking around playfully in a light and spontaneous way.

  • You feel the desire to nurture this person and be attentive to their needs.

  • You enjoy just being together without talking, just being alone.

  • Communication is open, you feel its easy to let your hair down and be yourself.

  • You feel your relationship quickly grows and develops deep feelings of attachment.

  • You are flexible with each other and trust each other to be their best.

  • Your quickly forgive each other and trust each other which brings you closer.

  • You are protective of this person yet not controlling and give each other privacy.

  • You feel a sexual chemistry which makes you anxious but at ease once together.

  • Expressing yourself with this person comes naturally and with no inhibitions.

  • You feel positive and enthusiastic about life together.

    All in all good chemistry is your guide to a great love. With good chemistry and a positive match It will feel right, as if you’ve never been more yourself. The truth about love is the truth about you. You don't want to take on the battle of fighting bad chemistry it only leads to fighting and misery.  Learn to spot good chemistry, good chemistry between two people is amazing! Go for that.

Learn to spot the signs of true love knowing if it is love or lust. Compare the signs of love and lust.

Review The Chemistry of Love

How to look for and spot the signs of good chemistry is key to enjoying great love and romance.

 The Signs of Good Chemistry

  1. Good chemistry makes for true love, a perfect match for you.
  2. This match leaves you feeling like you're finally home, feeling safe and free to easily be your true self.
  3. You will also feel very comfortable sharing your inner most desires, letting go and letting love flow.
  4. The person you bond with will fit so perfectly in your life you can’t imagine being without them.
  5. There is no denying good chemistry and once you experience it you will know without a doubt.
  6. Enjoy the good chemistry of love and let the intense love unfold as you experience pleasures like none other.

It is my mission in life to help each and everyone understand they can and will be loved once they learn the truth.  I'm happy to shed an honest light on the facts of love.  For more follow me as we explore and develop your love IQ!

Much Love and Success, Katie

Love needs trust to survive and jealousy breeds mistrust. What to do about a jealous person or lover.

Do you believe in the chemistry of love?

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I don't believe in the chemistry of love
Cindy on 06/22/2012

Waiting for real proof in my life.

I believe in the power of chemistry and feel chemistry is significant
Martie Coetser on 11/27/2011

I agree wholeheartedly with erything you have written. I've found the brain and areas affrected by love very interseting and would also like to know what hormones are involved. Thumbs up for this interesting article Kate.

katiem2 on 11/22/2011

I personally believe in both good and bad chemistry. What say you?

Updated: 08/11/2012, katiem2
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