How to Find the Love of My Life -Do Soul Mates Really Exist?

by katiem2

Many people believe in soul mates as they enjoy the love of their lives making the perfect connection. Many of us are left to wonder or doubt true love and give up hope, but don't

Do Soul Mates Really Exist? Is there such a thing as a soul mate, split a part or the perfect someone for everyone, that perfect match?

This very question has been asked over and over leaving many believers and non believers in its wake.

Have you stopped believing in love because your vision of what it should be is not occurring in your life? Follow along as we dig deeper into the topic of soul mates and the like.

Soul Mates or Split a Parts

It is possible to find the perfect match for you, your soul mate or split apart.

With the search for love comes much joy and pain.  Many give up as they experience painful loss and rejection along the way. While this is difficult it’s a natural part of the process. Finding the person who’s just right for you will be one of the most, if not the most, joyful experience of your life. 

Don’t give up hope, be like all the successful people of history and learn what doesn't work moving you forward what does. Be true to yourself and who you really are allowing the rest to fall in place naturally.  

Finding Your Perfect Match

Many ask, will I ever find the right person for me?

Never ever try to be what it is you think others want, this never works and always back fires. I doubt there is one single person on this planet that hasn’t wondered how to find the love of their life.

We all long for it.  This longing is fueled by the many examples of true love we encounter.  These examples occur in real life, in movies and books.  Dreaming about such a love for yourself is a healthy response.

 Dreaming of Love is Good

Regardless where, the proof of true love always leaves us wanting the same thing for ourselves. It’s everywhere, there is no escaping it. The deep seeded desire to experience the perfect romance is only natural.  It's perfectly healthy to wonder and day dream about meeting that special someone, soul mate or split apart.  

This process is very helpful as it guides you to the type of person right for you.  Knowing what you want is a big benefit.  Forget about what society, family and friends tell you, stick with what you know is right for you!

Why You Can't Find Love

It is difficult to find the right person for you, the one, when you try to hard acting in a manner unnatural to your true self.

Do you wonder why you’re not experiencing the love of your life and long for it to happen?

You no doubt are looking for love in all the wrong places, literally!  You're probably experiencing the wrong people assuming all people are basically the same when it comes to matters of the heart. They are not and you are not!  

Everyone deserves to be loved as they need loved.  It is only until we learn what others and ourselves need that we understand the unique power of the perfect match.  There are six unique love types with each person falling into one of the six.  It comes down to a simple numbers game.  You do the math, learn the odds and dabble in love accordlingly.

Trying to be something your not is the biggest reason people find themselves in a relationship with the wrong person. Being someone your not or trying to be what you think others look for in a mate attracts failure.  This attracts the wrong person. The only way to find your soul mate or true love is to be you, genuine and real.

True Love, Real Love, The Odds!

The odds of finding true love are indeed possible and in fact much easier when you relax, let go and let love happen naturally.

The real you will attract the person who's right for you. This is how you bump into your soul mate, it can and will happen once you let go and be yourself.  

We all have a certain love type just as we have a personality. Once you learn the six love types you will have many a ah ha moment.  Realizing why it is so vital to align yourself with like hearted lovers.

Is there one perfect soul mate for each of us? Consider all the happy couples you know, the really happy ones, think about it. 

The most important factor is compatibility. Two like minded people who share the same interest are the best candidates for the perfect match. 

Do you know a couple that appear to be soul mates?  Imagine where they live. Have these people found the love of their life? Do you think they would have if they were born in a different country or city?  It's when two souls reflect each others inner most desires they make the moving connection bonding as soul mates.

Really think about it, they found the love of their life where they currently live, so if they did not live there would they be lonely and longing for their lost soul mate? No, the answer is no! No matter where you're born, move, or travel to work, there is someone just for you. It’s more about your ability to relax and enjoy the opposite sex interacting with them in a comfortable manner.

How to Find Love

In order to find our one true love we must also be someone who is lovable, able to receive love and be open to it.

What You’re Taught

You don’t know till you’re taught.

Relationship skills are learned as a child and by example. Your parents were that example. They may have been a good example and maybe not. 

Bottom line is this; you find the perfect mate doing what it is you love and enjoy. Go about life doing what is right for you, it is then you meet the love of your life.

Help With Love - Tools for Soul Mates

If you feel you lacked good relationship examples as a child don't let history repeat itself.  Work on your relationship skills and your understanding of the opposite sex to make for a smooth transition into the couples phase of your life!

What we know is this, happiness can happen over and over again. There is a plan B when plan A fails, dies and leaves us broken hearted. Whether by your own design or that of a greater power plan B exist!

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Updated: 05/08/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 11/06/2012

Jerrico, I agree, like the old timers say once you stop looking so hard and get on with the life you love the one perfect love comes your way. :)

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

I met my soulmate.... I can attest they really do exist... just when you think there is no counterpart for your soul one comes along- you just have to stop looking so dam hard :)

katiem2 on 08/12/2012

Brad, Good to hear from you again, thanks for visiting my page. :)

Brad on 08/12/2012

I've heard of split aparts which is really cool. They are much the same as soul mates Either way when two people are right for each other it is as if they are one in the same with a few simple character differences.

katiem2 on 04/25/2012

What a nice comment, I think I saw the same movie, the one I watched was about a butcher and his wife, who was not his soul mate and then she met her soul mate...

Brad on 04/25/2012

I totally believe in soul mates. I saw a movie once about split aparts it was cool. Split aparts is believed to be one person divided into two one female and the other male. It is said they roam the earth aching and feeling a void till, if ever, they find each other and when and if they do it is unmistakeable.

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