How to Find the Love of Your Life

by katiem2

Stop waiting around for love to happen, learn all the many things you can do today to catch the love of your life. The steps to attracting love into your life.

Many people spend so much time drifting off to dream land thinking about the love they want and yet never prepare for it. Love is very much like the famous movie states, If you build It they will come.

If you build a life ready and willing for love to come be a part of it, love will come. A life filled with a single and yet reckless flare never ever attracts love. Which type of life are you living, the ready and willing for love or the single and reckless not room for anybody sort of life?

Waiting for Love Will I Ever Be Loved?

You can find love and enjoy the love of your life with these simple steps.

It’s in the preparing for love that you actually make love arrive quicker. You don’t pass the biggest exam of your life by not studying for it. Would you take a drivers exam with out practicing?  Would you show up without a car? Of course you wouldn't do anything so silly. Then why is it you would consider waiting around in a dream state unprepared for love once the pop quiz is at hand?

Be Prepared for Loves Timing

In order to find love you must be prepared for love to come knocking at any given time to avoid the lack of confidence to pursue it.

 If you think of love as a pop quiz that could be sprung on you at anytime you take a whole new out look on love.   You will want to prepare, be ready for anything at anytime. 

Once prepared for love you will no longer continue to miss out on love.  Who knows how many times your perfect match has passed you by on the street, at the deli, or the newsstand because you were off in dream land somewhere possibly about to give up hope.

First thing to realize about love, finding your true love and falling in love is this; you have to do what you have to do to get to do what you want to do. Whew, did you get that. That's right you have got to do it, be prepared and ready for love to happen.

Get Ready For Love in Your Life

Love Can Happen at Any Time, Be Ready

Focusing on the preparation will have you both open and optimistic to embrace love, plus passes the time till true love arrives.  

A watched pot never boils and so it’s best to go about life being the best you possible. Improving your life improves your chances of landing the love of a lifetime! 


The List

There are many ways to prepare and ready for true love;

  • Get your house in order, organize you home and clean it as if the most important guest ever is about to arrive.
  • Research the restaurants in your area and have an impressive list at your ready.
  • Have your car cleaned, neat, smelling good and detailed ready for a passenger.
  • Keep up with current events, movies and topics of conversation, be ready.
  • Having your home prepared will empower you with confidence to both open your home and heart to someone you might not otherwise feel worthy of.
  • Spruce up your wardrobe, We often let ourselves go when single and begin to feel and look down and out, this is no way to attract the love of your life.
  • Maintain grooming and over all physical health.
  • Make sure you have dinnerware and food for a special romantic dinner.
  • Brush up on your cooking skills and decide what your signature dish will be to feed your lovers heart and soul.
  • Have nice napkins and glasses displayed nicely for everyday and the big event.
  • Organize your selection of music for entertaining and a wonderful evening together.
  • Have a few nice bottles of wine available, both red and white.

Make Room in Your Life for Love

Be Prepared for Love

Having your life and home ready for that special someone opens you to be more receptive and optimistic about having friends over.   Just as mentioned earlier, if you build it they will come, in this case love will come.

Enjoying your home with friends creates an open door policy.  You feel good about your well kept home and therefore feel good about yourself.  You will build a level of quite confidence and preparedness that won’t stand for chickening out.  You will have all the home fires burning welcoming this person, making them feel special. 

The love of your life will be impressed with your together life style helping them to understand that you are indeed a great catch.

Many people expect magic to happen without creating the setting. Fireworks don’t happen without the proper ingredients. Make certain to include all the right ingredients for love to show up.  Stop and take notice, is your life ready? Being together and ready will makes certain when love does arrive it will not turn the other corner as you were not secure and poised. The more lovable and together you are the more quickly you will attract the love of your life. Stop waiting for love and get prepared and ready for true love.

Much Love and Happiniess, Katie

Updated: 02/24/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Mike, Thanks, there is no reason everyone can't enjoy the love of a life time.

teddletonmr on 05/23/2013

Great Insights on finding love.

katiem2 on 01/03/2012

I so agree, love is alive and well, there is no reason we can't enjoy love each and everyone of us. Thanks Ethel :)

ethelsmith on 01/03/2012

Who said romance was dead :)

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