How to Write Great Love Letters

by katiem2

Learn how to write great love letters, what to say, words to use that touch your lovers heart. Copy great love letter samples here today.

You no doubt understand the power of great love letters or poems and how this passionate gesture can intensify your love. I’ve put together some great love letter samples and Ideas for you to create your own steamy time capsules of love.

Having such keepsakes make for wonderful reflections sparking the flame of love intensely any time your lover reads them. The magic is it works over and over again. I've also included very steamy thoughts and words to include in your love letter. Take the ideas here and sprinkle in your own personal little touches. Once you get a little practice you will find the love letters flow from you as if you are a successful love poet.

Note: I use (insert name) where you include the first name of your lover and wa la you have an amazing love letter. You will become confident throughout this practice and come to write your own love letters easily in time.

Writing Love Letters


Learn how to be a good date and have a great first date or make any date great.

What to Say in Love Letters

The Perfect Words for Love Letters



  • Use beautiful stationery and date it for keepsake purposes as this will be a keeper.  
  • Lightly spray a few of the sheets with their favorite cologne or perfume.
  • Place these sheets randomly in the box with the rest of the stationary and close it tightly. Let it sit till dry and now you have your own personal scented stationary. The smell of you will fill the room when your love letter is opened.
  • Go to a quiet place with no distractions to write your love letter.
  • Walk down memory lane, remember special times and note those times and how wonderful they made you feel, this builds a sense of fond history and a better connection.
  • Pick your salutation but don’t be formal and always use your love’s first name, My dearest (insert name), or My Darling (insert name).
  • Start out with the reason you're writing this letter.

Love Letter Samples and Examples

What to Write in Love Letters

For example: I think of you all the day long with these thoughts of you bringing me such joy and loving feelings.

Each time I try to put it to paper it seems I just don’t do you justice and yet I want to share with you the special feelings I have for you.I long to hear your voice, see your face and feel you hand in mine.

I feel so good being with you and find I miss you soon after were apart.

I love the sound of your voice and look forward to the next time I hear it knowing my heart will be glad.


  1. The letter should include the details of your falling in love.
  2. Be neat using your best penmanship.
  3. Take breaks from time to time when you notice your neatness slacking. Come back to it when you’re able to continue the flow of good penmanship.


Easy Love Letter Sample Templet

How to Write Love Letters







My dearest (insert name),

I think of you often and feel amazing when I do. I look forward to seeing you again each time were apart. I wonder what you’re doing and think of your smile and beautiful eyes looking back at me. I constantly think of all the wonderful things about you. The way you laugh, that smile, and how you send me uplifting thoughts all day long. I wanted to give a special feeling back to you and thought a letter might be something you’d like.

While my thoughts of you are hard to put into words I know how sharing these feelings will make our love stronger. I want nothing more than to cherish the way we feel about each other. I want to take care of it making certain you know how much you’re loved and how much you mean to me.

I often think of your dangling hand and how perfectly it fits into mine creating such a warm and tingly feeling. I could hold your hand forever. Monday is no longer a hard day to face. I go to work on air thinking of all the wonderful moments we share, the places, the food, and relaxing together after we’ve exhausted ourselves. Memories of you and I dance about in my mind, heart, and soul all the time. I'm so happy to know you, to love you, and to be building so many treasured memories with you. You make me a better person and make my life completely worth wild!  I see so many new and great possibilities in my life and the world at large since you’ve entered my world.

Now I can move on with my day as I’ve released just a bit of the feeling. I can sleep tonight knowing I’ve told you how dear you are to me, how I love and adore you thinking of you always. You’re so special to me; I love you and think of you always imagining the most wonderful things for you. XOXOXOX

Forever Yours,

(insert your name)

More Love Letter Samples

Dear (insert name here),

The sound of your name on my mind as I write this brings a tingly feeling over me making me smile. It's so nice to think of you and enjoying this amazing feeling. I can hear your voice and feel your hand touching mine as I allow the memories of you to flood over me. I smell you and feel you near. It seems so real as if I could reach out and touch you and yet when my eyes open I realize it's only my imagination. I set quietly longing for the moments when we're together again.  Now you finish this one on your own, you know you can do it.

Bonus - Include a special extra boost with:

  1. Flower petals or love coupons
  2. Sprinkles of glitter and or confetti
  3. A teabag of your lover’s favorite tea
  4. A love stamp
  5. You can always find something special at the post office. That little extra something means you really put your heart and soul into this love letter.

Be creative and use lots of words that speak the language of love. For example angel, angelic, lover, giving, alluring, tempting, sensual, sensuality, seeing, tasting, touching, intense, heart, holding, caressing, memories, memorable, darling, gorgeous, absence, velvet, voyage, beautiful, vision, elation, blossoms, happy, kisses, innocent, passion, dreaming, delirious, temptation, complete, desire, content, embrace, rainbow, rose, adoring, stars, privileged, heart :)

Enjoy expressing your love in love letters and be prepared for the amazing reaction your love letters create. Before you know it you'll be an expert in matters of the heart and create the best love letters ever.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Updated: 09/03/2020, katiem2
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katiem2 on 03/07/2015

My pleasure

katiem2 on 04/23/2012

brl, great to hear that. My most positive thoughts will be with you and I know the power of expressing your feelings in the way of love letters will make a tremendous difference. It is sometimes we girls who need to initiate things. Love and Romance be Yours!

katiem2 on 02/17/2012

Thanks Guarded_Secrets, Its nice to hear about your love letter keepsakes, warms my heart.

katiem2 on 02/14/2012

Anamika, WOW 150 pages now that's a love letter! Thanks for adding this inspiring fact.

Anamika on 02/14/2012

Wow! This is interesting. I have many love letters I treasure. But these days letters are replaced by text messages and emails which is really sad. I even have a love letter which is 150 pages.

katiem2 on 01/26/2012

I agree with you Paula, letters are a lost art but to receive a letter in the mail, Priceless and very touching no matter who it's to and what it's regarding, letters are a wonderful expression of appreciation. I'm very much into cards as well.

lakeerieartists on 01/26/2012

I usually write any letters straight from the heart, and that includes love letters. Although I have to admit that I haven't written many. This is a great reminder for all of us, especially right before Valentine's Day. :)

katiem2 on 01/17/2012

Great to hear from you MugTreasures, It's always nice to pass along help on matters of the heart. Katie

BrokenDream, I'm happy to hear your as thrilled about love letter as am I. Thanks Katie

Broken_Dreamer01 on 01/10/2012

I love this! Great hub! I would like to link it to my profile.

MugTreasuresByBrenda on 01/09/2012

Well done page of instructions for writing a great love letter.

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