Buying a Size 34 Bra in C,D, DD and DDD Cups

by katiem2

It's rare to find a size 34 bra in any cup but a C cup or larger is near impossible to get. I have found the perfect fitting bra for the size 32 or 34 woman in all cup sizes.

Now you can get a size 32 or 34 bra anytime you want without driving all over the city to settle for what ever you can get. Those days are over, now the perfect bra can be yours anytime with the simple click of a mouse.That's me in the upper left hand corner in my 34 DDD bra that fits perfectly and I love it. It can be very painful walking around in a bra that doesn't fit. It's hard to find a 34 in sizes A,B,C,D or higher, the 34 measurement seems to be uncommon and yet I know a lot of women who are a 34 like me.

The Most Comfortable Bra Ever

The most comfortable bra ever is one constructed with sturdy materials and one that fits you just right.

The size or correct measurement around the rib cage is vital to a great fit, its the foundation holding it all up and can only be done comfortably if sized to fit you correctly.

If you wear a bra that is to big around the other functions of the bra will no support you and the discomfort is incredible.  

I'm thrilled to share with you the best fitting, most comfortable bra I've ever worn.  Its a love my body and comes in many cute styles and patterns.

There is the perfect bra for girls who are a size 34 A,B,C, D, DD, or like me a DDD.  Let me tell you I used to wear a bra, a support undershirt over that and a support tee over that just to give me the lift I needed and help relieve the stress on my shoulders.  I am no longer in pain and can wear my bra alone.  Follow along as I share my story.

How to Get The Best Fitting Bra

The size you are matters and you must get a proper sizing to know what the perfect most supportive and comfortable bra for you is.

When I first got sized at Victoria Secrets, they did not have a 34 DDD in stock.  I felt awful, why not, I asked but they carried no 34's in larger sizes because it is rare and they just can't manage the space for so few customers. So I ordered mine online with the help of the nice sales lady, who too was a 34 DDD.  She shared with me her favorite bra style, the love my body full coverage bra by Victoria Secret. 

34 DDD Victoria Secret Bra

This is me in my black polka dot 34 DDD Victoria Secret Bra. Notice how well the sides cover and the comfort is amazing. The straps come to the perfect spot for both comfort and support.
katie bra

The Perfect Bra

I tried on a 36 DDD in the store to get a fill for it as they had no 34's and while it was to big around I fell in love with the fit and comfort not to mention the great support.  I order three love my body bras online that day and could not believe how perfect they fit and wore once I got them. I'm sold on this bra and will no doubt wear this style and type of bra forever. I've never worn a better or more satisfying bra period.

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The 34 Bra Size

It may not be very big around but if you have a large cup you need this fit perfect to get the right balance, if loose around the bra won't support correctly.

The Prettiest Support Bra

Body by Victoria full cover bras come in sizes 32D - 40DDD

This is my favorite bra as it is sexy, comfy and gives me great support. The variety of colors and patterns are great and what fun. When you're a D cup or bigger its hard to prevent a bit of your bra from showing and with today's layered fashion trends you can do so in style. Like in the picture above, I have on a grey tee with a black sweater all the while the bits and pieces of my black with white polka dots bra peeking out only looks fashionable. Buy yours at Victoria Secret Online Store.

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The Best Support Bra Band Width

The width of the band around is very important, the love my body bra looks good all the while giving you the band width needed to support beautifully.

The band width of the bra that snaps around your rib cage is very important as it is the foundation of your bra.  This is where the key elements of support and comfort begin.  If you compromise for a bra to big around thinking you must need it due to your cup size you will be sorry.  What you end up with is a bra that moves around not giving you what you need. If you feel yourself constantly pulling and tugging at your bra band you are no doubt wearing a bra that is to big around.  Once you get the fit around correct the band stays in place, with the proper band width.  Look at this cute bra with the right style and size the bra is beautiful.  Big bras are very pretty, this Victoria Secrets brand is beautiful.  I have no more worries of hiding my bra.

The Band Width of My 34 DDD

The width of this band is perfect, notice how the fasteners are well covered with a very comfortable panel that stays in place. This is the most amazingly comfortable bra ever.
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My Body by Victoria Full Coverage Bra

This cute blue number looks great with so many varieties of clothes, blue, white, grey, green, yellow and on and on the style options go.

The Perfect 34 Bra in Large Sizes C,D, DD, DDD Cups

Victoria Secret has a great variety of online bras for the size 32 or 34.

For those of us who wear a 32 or 34 A, B, or C cup you can enjoy wearing most any style of bras Victoria secret offers. For those of us who wear a 32, 34 or 36 D or larger I recommend the body by Victoria full coverage bra.  As I've shown you here today this bra, the one I'm wearing in the pictures, is very flattering.  Plus it is very comfortable and gives great support. Look to the left for another picture of just how fun the styles of these bras are, I love this blue floral print. 

My black polka dotted bra, as seen above in the left hand corner of this page, looks great with anything white, grey, brown or black. The choices and style options are great and the options limitless. This bra offers over 17 colors and patterns all from nude, which goes with anything and is discreet, or leopard prints that are trendy and hot. The blue floral bra just above is fun with white tees or blue tanks.

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The Most Comfortable Bra Straps

Notice the width of the straps, the positioning just enough off the shoulder it won't slip but doesn't hurt and gives the greatest support.

This is an amazing bra. The my body by Victoria full coverage bra compliments you while giving you the best comfort and support. The entire design of this bra is genius. Plus look at the width in the front middle of the bra. This gives you the perfect separation and lift imaginable. The adorable heart charm centered in the lace ribbon are a beautiful added touch but you never know their there, it feels seamless. I never imagined I could wear a bra with complete support all the while forgetting about the bra as it is incredibly comfortable.

The lift and separate feature with the pretty bow and heart charm.

You can see the quality of this bra in every detail. They leave nothing to chance as every section and piece is quality made. Opps sorry this image is upside down, I just took it on my smart phone, but you get the idea.

The Best Fitting Bra

The most comfortable bra can be the best fitting bra.

This amazing bra is of the best quality and style, the design pays attention to every vital aspect of a great bra and then makes it beautiful. You'll never hear me say the words, "I wish someone would create a comfortable bra." Because the body by Victoria full coverage bra has done just that.

Enjoy Your Love My Body Bra by Victoria Secret Here where you can check out all the patterns, colors and end your quest for the perfect fit and support!

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Updated: 11/02/2018, katiem2
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katiem2 on 02/17/2013

Blenda, I've searched high and low for the best fitting bra for those of us with a small frame and large bust. Glad you found this guide to buying the perfect bra. :)K

Blenda on 02/17/2013

Nice guide to buying the perfect fitting bra for those of us who have a small frame yet big breast. Thanks so much !!!

katiem2 on 11/23/2012

Hollie, I now exactly what you mean these bras are a great fit and when you order them online you can get the hard to fit smaller band size with the larger cup. Enjoy a comfortable fit :)

HollieT on 11/23/2012

I was also once measured and it turns out I was a 32 E, which came as a bit of surpise because I'd been buying a 34C for what seemed like an eternity. My backs wider now (I've gained a bit of weight) but other than having one made to fit, I have to make do with a 36C. Never feel comfortable though. I'll have to look for these bras, thanks for the info Katie.

katiem2 on 05/14/2012

Cace, I understand, I wear a 34 on the last fastener, would love a 32 as after you wear a bra a few hours they do loosen up a bit, I buy a 32 DDD when I can get my hands on them, they are extremely hard to find...

Cace on 05/13/2012

Great article!
32 D is almost impossible to find.

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

JoHarrington, I've been told by the women who size women at Victoria Secret that most all the women who come in for the first time are sized wrong. Many women just sort of start where they start and keep increasing the size as they grow often missing the mark once they reach maturity.

JoHarrington on 05/08/2012

I remember having mine measured once, by a proper tailor. Turned out that I'd been wearing the wrong size my entire adult life!

katiem2 on 05/07/2012

brl, that is a bit of a difference, the number seems a bit odd given you were used to being referred to as a 34 inches, ah those centimeters, thanks for adding the size difference given the metric system.

katiem2 on 05/06/2012

BrendaReeves, Great comparison and good luck on your comfortable bra quest. You should try body by Victoria...

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