How to Look Good In A Bikini

by katiem2

Just who can wear a bikini and look good? The guidelines may not be as narrow as you think. Learn if you could look good in a bikini.

The idea of wearing a bikini sends chills down the spine of many a woman. I'm here to share with you the truth about who looks good in a bikini, who does not and how to look good in a bikini or tankini.

Many women with perfectly nice abs or tummies wear a one piece bathing suit that actually make them look heavier. There's a common misconception that wearing a one piece bathing suit is slenderizing and yet it can have the opposite effect. Find out if you could look good in a bikini and ditch that one piece once and for all.

The Size and Shapes for Bikini

There is no hard and fast rule about wearing a bikini.

So you don't know if you'd look good in a bikini. It maybe you think you would look bad without a doubt. The main attribute one should enjoy before wearing a bikini is a healthy body. You need not be pencil thin or have zero flaws. 

Many women worry about things others often simply just don't notice. 

Attitude is one of the most important things you need to look good in a bikini. If you're confident, fit and in decent shape you can enjoy wearing a bikini. 

In fact many women look better in a bikini than in a one piece. A two piece bathing suit elongates the body accentuating curves while a one piece can make the stomach or tummy look bloated or larger.

Taller women most often have a hard time finding a one piece that doesn't ride up.  Not much looks worse than a bathing suit that continually rides up.  

How to Look Good in a Bathing Suit

Anyone can look their best in a bathing suit and in fact look great with the correct style and cut for their figure.

The second most unattractive thing is the tugging and pulling you must do to keep the suit in place. The biggest trouble spot for most women is their legs. The is not a bathing suit on the planet that hides fat legs and thighs. You can tone your legs. Well toned legs look great. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a full piece or a bikini, if you have soft flabby legs your going to look unattractive in any bathing suit. If your belly is smooth and free of stretch marks, why not?  You can look great in a bikini regardless of your size.  Many full figured women enjoy wearing a bikini. 

The Best Bikini for Legs

If you feel you have big legs you should opt for a two piece.

Most one piece bathing suits are cut in a manner to accentuate the legs, while everything else is covered. 

While the smallest portion of the one piece is the inseam, the attention to the upper leg and thigh is more obvious and often exaggerated.

A nice pair of boy shorts can cover enough of the thigh to enhance the size and shape of your legs, making them appear more attractive. 

You'll enjoy a nice boy short as you can get them in various lengths, finding the one that looks best on you. The challenge to look good in a bathing suit can be over for you.

The boy shorts tankini is a great way to look great in a bikini

Adding a belt to a tankini creates a more attract waist.

Regardless if you're wearing a full piece or a bikini good coverage is a must.

The Cut of the Bikini

The cut of the bikini you choose is vital to looking great in a bikini.

The thong is not a bikini many,if any, look good in. With this in mind pick a bottom that covers you well, with wider sides as this slenderizes and accentuates your assets.

String bikini's maybe be attractive on many women if the straps meet, completely bringing the ends of both the front and back portions of the bikini together touching one another. 

You don't want the sagging effect many women get because they utilize more of the string than the actual suit bottom. 

The string portion of a string bikini is merely to completely draw both the front and rear of the bathing suit together.

The String Bikini

The remainder of the string can be tied in a double bow for security.  Plus this adds to the attraction of the bikini. 

Never ever think of a string bikini as a sort of expanding suit.  If the sides meet it fits, if not get a bigger size. 

The idea is to add as much fabric to the front and back of your suit in order to cover you in a complementary way.

The Perfect Fitting String Bikini - The Underwire Feature

Notice this string bikini fits perfectly, with both sides of the bottom meeting completely as the tie is an accent to the bikini. Plus this bikini top comes with underwire for great support.
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The Boy Shorts

The boy shorts bikini bottom offer great cover and compliment most any body.

As with any swim suit, you want to be sure you get a suit that fits you well.  

I mentioned the boy shorts earlier, lets discuss this vital bikini further. 

The suit you choose should support and cover your bum and bust as well as fit comfortably. 

Boy short options are great as you can mix and match them getting both a suit that's comfortable and fits. As you can see from the suits shown here today any suit can look good on you as long as you get a good fit. 

This includes coverage that best accentuates your individual body. You know what looks good on you. .

The Tankini is a Great Option

The Tankini is a great bikini option as it allows you the same freedom of movement the bikini offers with far more coverage.

Pick the style you know that best suits your body type and carefully pick the correct size per the style. 

Sizes run different with each style and brand so have a tape measure handy and compare your measurements to the size specifications per each suit

The Perfect Bikini for Small Chested

Many thin women who would look amazing in a bikini feel they can't wear one due to their small chest, but they can.

Many great bikinis enhance the size of your bust. 

There are many fun suits you can play around with that larger chested women could never get away with. 

Smaller breasted women can enjoy the freedom of movement a bikini offers all the while enhancing their breast looking amazing and comfortable.

This fun bikini is a great fit and is perfect for those of us with an A or B cup and smaller and who are thin.

Enjoy The Bikini

The bikini offers the freedom of movement and can be the best fitting and most attractive bathing suit.

All you need to do to look great in a bikini is to be really honest with yourself about your best features and buy the fit perfect for you.  Be realistic the body image in the pages of magazines are not realistic.  Its always a good idea to tone your body year round to avoid the stress of wearing any bathing suit.  So don't kid yourself, you may look better in a bikini than you've ever looked in a one piece. 

Enjoy Your Bikini, Katie

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katiem2 on 04/24/2012

kajohu, You're on to the best way to wear a bikini or tankini and look great. Great bathing suit strategy.

kajohu on 04/23/2012

I wear a tankini now -- even though I'm slender, my body has changed a lot over the years, with two kids (who are now grown), and the inevitable sagging of belly and rear.... so a tankini, or even a swim skirt with tankini top looks good, because it smooths my menopausal belly bulge. *sigh* Boy shorts bikinis might be an option for me too. Or boy shorts with tankini top :-)

katiem2 on 04/23/2012

Thanks Pinkchic,18 great to hear from you.

Pinkchic18 on 04/23/2012

These are great tips! Especially with bikini season being right around the corner.

katiem2 on 04/20/2012

cherylone, You're most welcome

cherylone on 04/20/2012

thank you, I will give it a try in my next article.

katiem2 on 04/20/2012

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cherylone on 04/19/2012

Nice article, I love your titles, how do you do that?

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