How to Get Toned Firm Legs Without Hard Workouts

by katiem2

Get the facts on the easiest way to get your legs in shape with as little time as possible and avoid fat flabby legs this summer. Look good in shorts, skirts and dresses.

What's the envy of every woman, a great pair of legs. The key to showing off a great pair of legs is the care and keeping of your legs. Like a pretty face, if not cared for, legs don't look as good as possible. Learn the 3 main things you can do easily, in the comfort of your own home, to create hot and sexy legs you'll be happy to expose. Avoid those embarrassing questions from others asking, aren't you hot, or why don't you wear shorts, when you hide your legs under jeans or capri pants.

Exfoliating and Stimulating

Learn the simple affordable ingredient most every woman uses daily that can give her great looking legs.

Exfoliating your legs daily in the shower with a stimulating wash routine helps tone and firm your legs.The legs are one of our biggest features.  The flow of blood is less active in this area as we women store fat there. This fat storage is intended to sustain us during times of lack. The modern times we live in provides us with abundance leaving us to no longer need this safety fat storage feature. This is better known now as a curse.  No woman on the face of the planet wants to store fat and yet that is what we are geared to do.  There is however 3 amazing tricks you can do on a regular basis to beat this fat storage and eliminate it.  

Learn how to get rid of cellulite and shrink those trouble spots all while doing what you normally do around the house, no creams or potions just real practical science that works.

Caffeine's Fat Burning Magic

The hottest trend in the leading cellulite creams and lotions clinically proven to treat cellulite is coffee.

All the trendy cellulite treatments highlighted in the news, health reports and TV praise the amazing power of caffeine cellulite creams. 

Caffeine has been tested and proven to work.  Why should you pay a lot of money for the creams when you can us the coffee you drink everyday?

The goal with this easy treatment is to stimulate the flow of blood to the area of the legs, thighs and buttocks.  

Why not take advantage of this easy affordable trick on all the trouble areas?

Stimulating the flow of blood encourages fat burning properties and toning.

We've all heard about the hottest trend in the removal of cellulite.

All the hottest and most trendiest cellulite removal creams, lotions and soaps have stimulating caffeine in them and yes it is worth repeating, it comes from coffee.

Do you have coffee in your house, do you drink it on a daily basis?  

If so you're in for a treat and an amazing in home fancy spa treatment others pay hundreds of dollars for.  

If you love carbs you know how hard it is to lose weight when you love and crave carbs. Learn how to have your carbs and eat them all the while losing weight.

In Home Coffee Treatment

Start your own in home coffee leg treatment for leg fat, toning and cellulite.

The Coffee Treatment for Fat Legs

  • After you brew your morning coffee remove the grounds from the pot, place them, filter and all in a bowl or container and proceed to your shower.  
  • Take the warm coffee grounds into the shower with you.
  • Once you've completed your shower routine begin your let treatment as the last step.
  • Turn the shower off, you do not want water running over your body during this process as it will wash the coffee treatment away to soon.
  • Using your hands or a gentle wash cloth message the legs, thighs and buttocks area gently with the coffee grounds.
  • This exfoliates the skin removing dead skin revealing more supple glowing skin that makes for beautiful legs.
  • The stimulating caffeine in the coffee also penetrates the skin giving you a more natural concentrated caffeine treatment the lotions and creams offer.
  • Once you've covered all the areas you desire (you may also apply to stubborn belly fat) allow to set for three to five minutes.
  • Finally turn the shower back on to luke warm or as cool as you can tolerate to rinse the grounds from your body.
  • Using cooler water allows the pores to close locking in the caffeine treatment for better results.
  • Note: I use my shower hand wand for this procedure, it makes it easier for me to adjust the water to a cooler temperature and apply the water only to the area needing rinsed so I don't get cold all over. The legs are more resistant to temperature it is therefore not uncomfortable to use colder water if applying to this area, 
  • End with a good moisturizer or oil all over this area.  You may do so before you get out of the shower as this is a great time, you won't forget and it will absorb more quickly into your skin while damp and prepped from the shower.

Warning - Never ever use plastic or mesh bath sponge, loofahs or exfoliating gloves as these products break the capillaries in your legs creating the ugly appearance we want to avoid.

Caffeine Cellulite Treatments

Here's a great example of a top selling caffeine cellulite cream
Sun tanning can do more than provide the body with vitamin D it also has other positive effects on those who tan. Learn more about the positive benefits of sun tanning.

Moisturize and Oil

Moisturizing the leg, thighs and buttocks areas maintains healthy glowing skin making for great looking legs.

The number one thing we women do that makes our legs look bad is poor maintenance.  The above shower treatment is pure magic that will make a pleasing and tremendous difference.

The follow up to that is our second step, moisturize or oil your legs, thighs and buttocks. There are many great lotions and oils to choose from.

Don't Forget Your Moisturizer

  • There is nothing more attractive than a glowing pair of legs, this little trick will have your legs looking amazing.
  • The important thing is to apply it everyday right after you get out of the shower or while still in the shower as mentioned above.  
  • Your skin is more receptive to absorbing and locking in the moisture while damp from the shower treatment.

The Magic of Moisture Cover Up

Add a subtle dab of glowing color to cover up any blemish or spots you want to hide.
Learn time honored and tested methods of getting the best, deepest, darkest most long lasting glowing suntan possible.

Toning Legs

Flabby legs come from weak muscle, learn the easiest way to tone your muscles and burn more fat.

Your legs are the biggest part of your body and yet often we don't take advantage of the legs fat burning power. The muscles of the legs are long and large, it toned they will burn fat on a 24/7 schedule.  Muscle burns fat all the time where as fat just sets there storing and adding more fat.  The sticky substance of fat is like a sticky piece of candy if not cleaned up it just sets there getting more gooey and collecting more fat and dirt from the environment, in this case fat.  Enough said, you know the drill, all the facts on fat and muscle toning.

The best way to lose weight when temptation is a threat with these easy weight loss tips you can lose the pounds, get a skinny mindset and keep thin forever

The Easiest Best Way to Tone Legs

Walking is the best low impact way to tone legs, burn fat and increase your over all well being.

Walking is amazing, you know it, we've all heard the stats over and over. The thing is many of us don't like to go out in public and walk.  That's okay there is an easy fix for that. If you don't feel confident about walking in public you can do it in the comfort of your home and all without a pricey treadmill. I've got a walking product that delivers giving you the most amazing results, you can do this in the privacy of your own room.  This will have you getting toned and feeling great,  Regardless if you later chose to hit the streets with your walking plan is all a matter of convienance, but you will soon look good enough to walk with pride, wearing shorts all the while.  Take home your in home walking program today.  

Walk Away the Pounds and Tone Legs

Not only will this DVD have you toning your legs it will have you walking off the pounds.

More Toning and Weight Loss Tips

Check out more great information on toning and weight loss at these great links.

Thanks for visiting and do enjoy your better body, we are all beautiful in our own unique and wonderful way!  You a bit more ambitious and really want to lose more? Take my Body by Vi Challenge, Katie

Get an Amazing Toned Tummy

Is Your Kid Fat?

Beauty Bonus

Do you feel the need to wear makeup, are you uncomfortable being seen without your makeup on? Makeup is not who you are, learn to be free from the need to wear makeup.
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katiem2 on 06/18/2012

Kim, Cellulite is a big problem for so many, even men, It's good to hear you've explored the option of the cellulite cream, its a good product. Many users enjoy the fat girls slim cellulite cream with caffeine. I too read the reviews and over all product testers love this product. Enjoy your tone legs!

Kim on 06/17/2012

This is a problem... Oh the cellulite seems to get worse one week a month. I read the reviews at Amazon and was pleased. This fat girl cellulite cream sounds good. I think I'd need to soak in a tub of coffee hmmm an idea e

katiem2 on 06/07/2012

Pinkchic18, Oh my idea is going viral on the radio and everything... I'm thrilled to share this news, it's just good old fashioned common sense. It is amazing your going to love the results you get from using used coffee grounds as a body scrub. It's great for exfoliating dead skin and stimulating circulation which eliminates fat, cellulite and toxins.

Pinkchic18 on 06/07/2012

Very interesting! I just heard about the coffee grounds thing on the radio the other day, it sounds like it'd be worth a shot!

katiem2 on 05/07/2012

Angel, Great to here from you, enjoy your toned legs this summer.

Angel on 05/06/2012

I really need to try this Katie. I have gained way too much weight over the past couple of years and it really shows on my thighs and legs. I have been running on the treadmill over the past few weeks in hopes to get them a little more toned for the summer. You always have such great suggestions. Great article.

katiem2 on 04/30/2012

It's doing a great job for me and I have been a bit slow on the workout program since my accident and two surgeries. I had to find a way to supplement my reduction in activity and ability to work out.

sandyspider on 04/30/2012

I have heard of the coffee treatment before but never tried it.

katiem2 on 04/30/2012

2uesday, The moisturizer application to the legs is vital and your right key to having great looking legs, it makes a huge difference. Oh and one other thing when you spend those few minutes everyday rubbing the lotion or oil into your legs, thighs and buttocks area you stimulate the flow of blood and lymph encouraging fat burning and toning. Glad you brought that up!

katiem2 on 04/30/2012

sheilmarie, Toning fat flabby legs is a great reason to brew a pot of coffee. After the coffee cools down pour it on your flower beds outside it's great for flowers. My neighbor pours her left over coffee on her flowers everyday and she has the most amazing looking flowers. I forget what she said it does but the proof is obvious. Enjoy your coffee treatment.

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