Avoid Wearing Makeup All The Time - Heal Your Face Now

by katiem2

Do you feel the need to wear makeup, are you uncomfortable being seen without your makeup on? Makeup is not who you are, learn to be free from the need to wear makeup.

Makeup is fun, many women enjoy wearing makeup creating a beautiful self expression and enhancing their beauty. If you feel you can't be seen without makeup and yet want to there is much to learn. There is a difference between the way you look with and without makeup. That is perfectly natural. It's when we begin to feel we must wear our makeup all the time we get into trouble. You may feel the makeup you wear becomes a part of your personality, an extension of who you are. You may begin to feel others must see you as this image continually as if the natural image of yourself is some how less desirable or attractive. This is not the case. If you need help letting go of your makeup addiction follow along as we cover the way to heal your face and avoid wearing makeup all the time. We can get to the place where we look good with or without makeup.

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Your Face

Your face is a living and breathing creature which needs sun, oxygen and fresh air to maintain its optimal health and appearance.

We all know the facial skin is of a delicate nature.  It consist of pores which can become blocked, once this occurs blemishes and breakouts occur.  The facial skin needs a good cleansing and moisturizing regimen to look and feel its best.  There is nothing good that will come from cutting corners on this vital step.  Although we all slack off a bit from time to time, doing so on a regular basis may well be the reason many of us feel we must hide behind makeup.  The good news is the skin heals remarkably fast once given the proper environment. 

Your skin is a beautiful and delicate thing!

Treat your skin with great care and you will be proud to bare your makeup free face to the world.
a pretty face
a pretty face
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Taking Makeup Off

Makeup is a great and wonderful thing and yet if you get to a point where you never take it off you're asking for trouble now and later.

If the only time you take your makeup off correctly is in the morning only to apply more, you've crossed a line. The days events do not wear the makeup off your face. You need to cleanse your face properly each day and night before applying makeup.  You should not be sleeping with makeup on. Doing so adds the dirt and grime of an entire day to your pillow case, creating a very dirty surface to sleep on.  Do you change your pillow case everyday?  Imagine the bacteria growing on your pillow.  It's a good practice to go without makeup on a regular basis. Going to bed with a clean face is a must, more on this later. You should also get a good dose of unprotected sun exposure on your face and body to absorb the healthful benefits of the sun and optimize your beauty.  It's never a good idea to wear makeup all the time. Today we explore the reasons and how to avoid wearing make up plus heal your face so you look and feel beautiful with or without makeup.

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Sleeping in Makeup

Sleeping in makeup sometimes happens and yet it is something we want to avoid.

The most important thing you can do to avoid wearing makeup all the time is to sleep with a clean face. Anytime you wear makeup all the time you become so accustomed to seeing your made up face you become uncomfortable with your natural appearance. You may begin sleeping in makeup as you don't want others to see you without your makeup.  If you feel less than confident with your bare face you may become obsessed with wearing makeup all the time. This causes your face to become less and less healthy developing a unhealthy color and blemishes you feel more inclined to hide. This is a vicious cycle and one you want to avoid.

Stop sleeping in makeup today. Wash and moisturize your face every night. A clean face feels amazing.  How long has it been since you allowed your face to be free from all the makeup you apply daily?  You can do this, enjoy feeling the light and wonderful feeling of your clean face. Feel how touchable and amazing your bare face feels, sleep tight and enjoy a fresh, free and clean beauty rest.

Need Extra Help Quitting the Night time Makeup Habit ?

Take baby steps - If you feel you just can't do it, apply a bit of water proof mascara and a dab of eyeliner smudging it along your eye line after you cleanse and moisturize.  This will give you a sultry yet clean face for bedtime and most importantly you will allow your skin the healing time it needs during rest. Without makeup your face can absorb the much needed nutrients it needs. Your pores will not be clogged and dirty with the days makeup.

The nutrient rich moisturizers will heal and nurture your face.  It won't be long before you are going to bed without adding the mascara and eye liner as you feel good about your fresh, clean and supple, soft skin. Find the best products for healing your skin and getting it back to bare face beauty perfection below.

Pamper Your Face

Before bed wash and moisturize for a healing and rejuvenating night. Philosophy help me night treatment will heal the damage of long term makeup use having your bare face beautiful in no time.
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Save yourself a lot of time and effort, heal your face and be naturally beautiful.

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Saving Face With Sun

A daily dose of unprotected sun exposure has been proven to be healthy.

Each day after you wash your face fresh and clean for the day go outside and relax for 5 to 10 minutes.  Relax in a chair tilting your face up toward the sun as you close your eyes and meditate on your day.  Imagine it being a great day.  After 5 to 10 minutes return to your morning ritual.  As you apply your makeup, apply your facial moisturizer first, eye makeup second following with a touch up cover of a light powder of mineral dusting.  Add a small amount of blush if desired and enjoy the feeling and beautiful appearance of wearing no heavy cream of liquid foundations.  Eliminating these heavy products is the best thing you can do for your face.  Following the steps we've covered here today and sticking to them will have you enjoying carefree days with little to no makeup.  It does feel good to know you too can enjoy any day free of makeup if you so chose.  Never feel bad without makeup again.

Enjoy Your Inner Beauty, Katie

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katiem2 on 10/26/2012

Natural, This is so true and natural skin is so beautiful. I love wearing eye makeup but foundation no... not for me. :)K

Natural_Skin_Care on 10/26/2012

I've known so many people who wear makeup rather than heal their skin problems. It's really worth it to get your skin healthy. You'll send less on makeup.

katiem2 on 04/30/2012

Tiggered, Great to hear from you on your natural beauty.

Tiggered on 04/30/2012

I'm with you :) I stopped wearing make up a few years ago and feel much better without it. I also totally agree with the beneficial influence of the Sun - the best cosmetic there is :)

katiem2 on 04/24/2012

humma, You can do it, every little step helps and before you know it you will have developed a habit of taking your makeup off every night, you no doubt will then go without makeup on relaxing laid back days.

humma on 04/23/2012

You are right that wearing make up all the time makes one uncomfortable sleeping without it. I have to spend more time doing these things you have suggested for the sake of my face's health.

katiem2 on 04/23/2012

Pinkchic18, Thanks for that, good to know about your experiences with the mineral makeup as a occasional go to makeup.

Pinkchic18 on 04/23/2012

This is a great post. I wear the very minimal for makeup and my skin has never been clearer. But now that I work from home, I don't need to wear much ;) The mineral makeup is great though, I have used that before and it's so light weight and nice.

katiem2 on 04/23/2012

Thanks for the great feedback girls, awesome comments on your personal experiences with makeup and being makeup free.

Marie on 04/23/2012

I rarely wear make up. Some of my friends used to plaster their faces with foundation at school and I always thought how odd it looked. I think some people are not entirely happy with the skin they're in and use make-up like a mask to hide behind. Natural skin is beautiful and you're allowing your skin to breathe which has got to be good for it rather than clogging pores with unnatural substances.

I did get a case of make-up envy once because I have one very glamorus friend who always looks amazingly good. When I told her that I wished I could look that good just once in my life she told me that actually she'd always wished that she had the guts to go make-up free but she was convinced that years of using make-up had left her with bad skin and she was actually envious of how nice she thought my skin is! It's a funny old world at times.

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