BB Cream Instead of Foundation - The Hot Skin Care Break Through

by katiem2

The media is buzzing with the latest skin care break through bb cream. Learn what bb cream is how it can replace your foundation and make your skin beautiful.

I've been using bb cream since I saw it demonstrated on a much older woman. I was amazed at the results I witnessed and to be honest couldn't wait to get my hands on this blemish balm product. It's an amazing cream that acts like a silky foundation yet heals and nourishes your skin. It truly is a beauty cream everyone will fall in love with. Read my review of the bb cream products I've tried and get the facts for yourself on this amazing hot and trendy beauty secret that really delivers on it's promises.

BB Cream is Blemish Balm Cream

BB cream is one of Asia's hottest beauty secrets and fast becoming an American trend.

A German dermatologist used bb cream to heal the skin after laser surgery, it was proven to heal and nurture the skin in an amazing way.  Others quickly gave it a try and found it had wonderful soothing and regenerating properties in any skin type and all without laser surgery.  

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The BB Cream Magic

This skin care product has been huge in Asia for many years now, you know doubt have noticed the many Asian stars with their beautiful complexions.

The use of blemish balm cream is the hot product delivering this beautiful flawless skin.

I saw the product demonstrated on the Dr. Oz show by one of his guest and was amazed.  

The product way used on a bare faced lady in her early sixties.  She had dark age spots giving her skin a very uneven blotchy dry appearance.  

The bb cream was applied to her clean skin and the transformation was instant.  I watch as this worn looking older woman's beauty began to glow, her spots were hidden and her skin took on an amazing glow.

I especially like the glide of bb cream, it goes on easy sliding over the face with ease. 

I also feel bb cream looks more natural, no a lot more natural than foundations. 

Hands down bb cream far out weighs foundations we have all worn in the past.

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BB Cream for All Skin Types

Being a redhead I knew I had to have this product.  I need to protect myself from the sun and find my freckles look much similar to the age spots the older woman had.  I knew if this product could do what it did for her, I would be very happy with it.  I was thrilled with the thought of healing and nurturing my skin all the while appearing flawless without foundation.

I found the product online through Amazon and have been using it for weeks.  I get so many compliments on my skin, and now it's not regarding my freckles.  I look and feel great. I love this product and just have to share with all of you who've yet to realize the magic of blemish balm cream.

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Bright Beige tinted version by Missha

A Review of BB Cream

BB cream is hands down one of the best skin care products I've every used.

I'm sold on this product and I know you will be as well, once you try blemish balm cream you will never be without it again.

If you want an equally amazing blemish balm cream with a tint give the bright beige tinted version by Missha a try, you'll love it.  

It does everything the others along with a fresh faced tint of color.

All of the bb creams shared here today have been used by me at one time or another.  I like them all and find the variety is all quality products. The trick is to get one with the tint of color right for your skin color.

Much Love and Beauty, Katie

How to Wash Your Face Properly

Learn the vital first step to any skin care routine for the best of complexions and glowing skin.

Angela Pearson, alias Angel on Wizzley has this to say about the first vital steps to maintaining beautiful skin. Angel is a trusted writer who shares the same interest and curiosity about health and beauty. Angel has written this very clear and honest review of the truth about skin care needs and how washing your face is the first vital step to be done before any skin care products can work as promised.

Thanks Angel :)

Washing your face is really a simple step in your skin care regimen that you must do at least once a day to maintain beautiful blemish free skin.

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katiem2 on 06/18/2012

BB cream doesn't change the color of your skin tone it lightens blemish dark spots from aging and acne. There are different tones to add a tint so do look for one that's for your skin tone. I'm currently using the HANSKIN Premium Magic BB Cream and I love it. It makes my skin feel so smooth and silky all the while offering a bit of coverage. You may add your usual powder over bb cream for a flawless finish using a brush. Plus you may add some bronzer powder to give you that sun kissed look. The possibilities are endless. Bottom line is all bb creams moisturize, smooth fine lines and even out your skin tone by getting rid of dark spots and blemish marks. Great stuff and far better than foundation. I'm very pleased with the products outlined here today.

katiem2 on 06/09/2012

Good to know different for those who aren't red heads I'll add that type... Thanks Angel

Angel on 06/08/2012

Just ordered BB Cream through your link.. I did not order any shown since I do NOT want the whitening effect which seems to be the case with most of the Asian versions. I went with a Bright Beige tinted version by Missha. Will let you know what I think of this new wonder.

katiem2 on 06/01/2012

Belinda, Yes it does, as I mentioned in the opening of this product review the older lady they demonstrated it on had very uneven blotched skin with obvious age marks and spots the bb cream covered them as well it does my freckles. Its a natural looking coverage though and very light and healthy. I now look better than every when I wear no make up or bb cream because the blemish balm is working wonders for my complexion. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Belinda on 06/01/2012

Does this give you any coverage like foundation does? How does BB cream replace the coverage you get with regular makeup? I want to use this but need coverage.

katiem2 on 06/01/2012

Michelle, I love this stuff, bb cream or blemish balm is an amazing must have for anybody's makeup beauty rituals. Enjoy you new bb cream. :) K

Michelle on 06/01/2012

I have got to have this bb cream <3

katiem2 on 06/01/2012

sheilamarie, You most welcome, blemish balm cream will no doubt take a huge bite out of makeup foundation sales.

sheilamarie on 05/31/2012

Another product to discover. Thanks, Katie!

katiem2 on 05/31/2012

Brenda, You will be so glad you did, right now I'm using SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function, But the HANSKIN Premium Magic BB Cream is amazing too, I like the ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream for nights when I'm going out for the night, it has the minerals which gives you that more made up appearance... Your so going to love this :)

Digby_Adams, You, like me, understand the needs of a fair skinned woman, this bb cream is amazing, you will love it. I'm so glad I saw Dr. Oz that day.

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