The Latest Weight Loss Pill That Works - Green Coffee Bean Extract

by katiem2

The latest research proves green coffee bean extract to aid greatly in effortless weight loss. Follow along as I reveal the truth about the green coffee bean weight loss powers.

Green Coffee Bean Extract - I'm not one to jump on the “weight-loss” supplements band wagon, especially those that claim to deliver easy effortless weight loss with fast results. I know the best way to weight loss is by eating whole natural healthy foods and regular exercise. Having studied and eaten whole organic foods most my life has given me great insights as to the power of some incredible superfoods. These super foods can and do deliver amazing results. I'm also of the belief these are merely superfoods and not just supplements, if used purely with no additives, this is exactly what I present to you today for amazing weight loss. The latest superfood I'm very excited about is another near and dear to my heart, coffee, as i'm a true believer in the power of coffee. The green coffee bean, is creating major media buzz, and with due cause as the weight loss research is truly amazing.

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Scientific Proof of Weight Loss

The scientific community is very excited about green coffee bean extract because people don't have to do anything different to lost weight.

All you need to do is take this super food supplement. No exercise is required to boost weight loss nor is any special diet needed to experience the weight loss success green coffee bean extract provides. Subjects taking this wonder food experience the weight simply coming off and doing so quickly.

Lose 17 Pounds or More Effortlessly

A most recent study on green coffee bean has been published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal

The study followed 16 adults as they supplemented with green coffee bean for a mere 12 weeks. During this short time, those involved lost an average of 17 pounds each.  This is amazing and calculates to 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat!  No side effects were reported, that's right none. This is very good information and I for one am not really surprised as I've always been ready to hear more on the benefits of coffee.  The power of such foods kept in their normal organic state do provide us with amazing health and support of our bodies other wise normal functions. I feel green coffee bean will prove to be an effective weapon against the obesity epidemic in our country. This is information I'm very happy to share.

As far as diabetics go, isn't weight loss and control the first step to managing diabetes? I look forward to more findings on the helpful benefits it provides diabetics as well.

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Caffeine Free Green Coffee Beans

The key is not in the caffeine as the green coffee bean has only around 20 mg of caffeine per serving.

The average daily cup of coffee has over 100 mg. Did you know drip coffee has as much as 400 mg of caffeine?  The all natural green coffee bean is not a stimulant as is it's ripened version.  This is great news, you experience no jittery nervous spikes that can and raise your heart rate like roasted coffee. As result of some studies green coffee bean has been shown to help lower blood pressure, all the while boosting metabolism. Now that's a new shift we can all enjoy while experiencing weight loss success.

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The Key Weight Loss Ingredient

The active compound called chlorogenic acid works by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body.

At the same time this healthy acid boost the metabolism burning fat in the liver. These two processes work brilliantly inhibiting fat absorption and eliminate weight gain once and for all. Please understand you cannot get the same effects drinking coffee.  When coffee beans are roasted the chlorogenic acid is removed.  As I've mentioned keeping super foods, or any natural foods, as close to nature is key.  Roasting any nut takes away from its power, this is why I always encourage my readers to eat raw nuts!

The green coffee beans are not roasted, have little to no aroma and are extremely bitter.  Green coffee beans contain over 50% chlorogenic acid. 

Due to the bitterness of the green coffee bean, I suggest taking it in capsule form.

How to Use Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • Buy at least two or more bottles of 400 mg pure green coffee bean capsules online, check the amount per bottle, you won't want to run out of these and the demand is about to explode.
  • Be sure they are pure and contain absolutely no fillers or binders, I'm offering two such types here today, look to your right!
  • Take two capsules with a full glass of water around 30 minutes before you eat meals, three times a day before each meal, you do know you should eat three times a day right?

Green Coffee Bean Extract, 400mg Per Capsule, 100% Pure All Natural Formula

As always I suggest you eat natural healthy foods, eliminate processed sugars as they are very bad for you in general, drink lots of pure water and move, walk get out and enjoy life!  If you're someone who finds it hard to eat right and getting started is difficult of you give my body by Vi challenge a go, it just may be the edge you need.


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katiem2 on 07/31/2012

Sounds great and in the long run this is a great addition to your health regimen. The price is right as well.

BrendaReeves on 07/31/2012

Thanks for the info Katie. I might give this a try. I wouldn't mind losing about 10 pounds.

EnelleLamb on 07/20/2012

No I didn't, but I'm informed now! Thanks for the tip, I'm going to give it a try.

katiem2 on 07/16/2012

Simply Sara, You are welcome weight loss and fitness are a bit of a passion of mine. I've recently had my thyroid removed and understand the struggles to maintain a healthy weight and fit body. Always happy to lift up others. :)

SimplySara on 07/16/2012

Thanks for the info! I had not heard of this!

katiem2 on 06/24/2012

Scott, This is one hidden super food treasure that will change the lives of so many. Enjoy, :) K

Scott on 06/24/2012

Hey Katiem2, I heard about this on Dr, Oz great to hear you've given it a go and approve. I need to lose a layer of fat that seems to be covering my body. Funny how it sneaks up on you. Look forward to using green coffee bean extract. Thanks for the heads up!

katiem2 on 06/01/2012

Michelle, You so right, there are some amazing products available to help us get what we truly want in our bodies loving what we see in the mirror, here's to good health as green coffee bean extract is a great product delivering just that. Enjoy!

Michelle on 06/01/2012

Sweet now I can get a great tan and lose the winter weight that has me feeling a bit slef conscious in my bathing suit, Thanks so much

katiem2 on 05/31/2012

Vicky, so glad you made it here, and found the best green coffee bean extract. I look forward to you finally shedding those hard to lose last ten pounds too, maybe I can get some peace... :) K

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