Am I Obsessed With My Weight

by katiem2

If you've asked, "does this make me look fat" in the past six months, you may have an issue with weight. Read more and learn how to deal with your weight obsession.

Are you among those who are obsessed with your weight, how to lose it and keep it off? It’s no wonder millions are obsessed with weight, being over weight, thin or dieting. Did you know that 50% of the human brain function is visual? This explains why we react so intensely to our appearance. There are two groups of people; those honest about their weight and body image and those who lie to themselves plus encourage others to lie for them as well. What camp are you in?

Are You Fat or Not?

If you feel over weight odds are you're over weight.

Anytime you start to feel uncomfortable in your own clothes you've no doubt gained a few pounds. The next choice you make is crucial in determining whether you maintain a healthy weight or tip the scales getting fat.  If you ask friends, relative, spouses, life partners or the like any of the following questions you're headed for denial.  

Dumb Weight Questions

  1. Does this make me look fat?  
  2. Do I look fat in this?
  3. Does this make my butt look big?
  4. Does this make my belly look fat?
  5. Does this fit okay?

You are on the path to denying your increasing weight making a conscious decision to put off dealing with it.  This will only allow more pounds to creep up.  Anytime you have to go there, asking others if you look fat, you no doubt are!  You only ask such questions as your mind is looking for a way to rationalize your dieting choices giving yourself an out to keep on eating those fattening foods.  How many people do you know are comfortable telling others they are fat?  Not many and if do you probably did not ask them such silly questions.

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Get Real About Weight

Get real about your weight, weight gain and the pounds you've noticed creeping up on you.

Denying the weight gained you've experienced is a quick way to get to a really sad and desperate place. That is after all the underlying message we send when we ask others if we look fat.  Your weight matters to you other wise you would not be asking people to say you are not fat.  It is so hard to admit we've done it again, allowed ourselves to gain an uncomfortable amount of weight. It hurts both physically and mentally.

Be Honest About Your Weight

Stop looking at yourself with blinders on, sideways or at a quick glance thinking of how you once looked.

Really stop, take a good hard look at yourself, see if you can pinch that inch, or two all the while looking at yourself in the mirror. How you feel determines so much about the successes you enjoy in all areas of life. Being over weight is more than a drain on your physical health. It’s not really about vanity, when you see yourself in the mirror your brain processes that image and responds with the appropriate reaction often triggering negative emotions. It is now we begin to lie to ourselves asking others to lie to us as dealing with the truth is so painful. Comparing your image to that of the media can prove to be either very critical or delusional. It feels really bad being here again, but the truth will set us free.

No matter how hard you try to cover these emotions your brain at it’s 50% visual function will not let you truly turn a blind eye. These very real feelings have a great impact on your work, relationships and health.

The Easiest Weight Loss Tip

You have got to stop drinking calories period, it is just not worth it.

Weight loss tip

Thin people drink mostly non calorie drinks throughout the day and they do not drink diet drinks.

The healthy drinks free of bad chemicals and sugar that help you to shed the pounds would be iced green tea and iced water with a lemon slices. 

It is a well known fact that diet drinks laden with heavy chemicals makes you fatter and fatter more so than regular sugar. Diet drinks make you fat, face it, accept it and believe it!

The brain reacts to sweet taste triggering a signal causing you to eat more. The brain does not differentiate between real and artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners are far sweeter in taste than regular sugar and therefore create a more intense desire to eat.  

Plus, there's the damage the chemicals cause to your body, organs and especially your brain.

There is no need to drink calories other than skim milk and all natural unsweetened juice daily. Now remember a serving of juice is 4 ounces.

Go right now and measure 4 ounces. You back? That’s half a cup, not a lot. Imagine the calories you’ve been drinking and rarely counting.

On average calories from drinks account for 23 pounds of weight gain per year. The truth is drinking calories alone does make you fat!

DRINK WATER, its healthy, free and aids in weight loss efforts like crazy!

Plus it makes you look and feel younger!

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Take the Fat Test

Face the truth about the state of your body and how fat you are.

Stop right now

Go look at yourself in the nearest mirror, raise your shirt and really look at yourself, go ahead do it and do it quickly not preparing yourself for what you want to see! Touch it, feel it, are you soft, flabby and much bigger than you liked to believe.

Can you lift a hand full of fat from your mid section?  Belly fat is very dangerous to your heart health, this is nothing to deny any longer.

Do you feel as if you’ve suddenly been invaded by fat and now see little signs of it all over making you feel powerless to do anything other than just be fat?

The good news is the heavier you are the quicker the weight comes off.  

Stop letting fat take over your life and your body. Anytime you notice cellulite on any part of your body it’s a signal that you’re carrying around more fat than you should. This is a sign you should not ignore and in fact move to stop it dead in its tracks.

Step Aerobics is the fastest easiest way to start burning fat. Start at your own pace and love the power you develop, freeing yourself of unwanted fat and pounds.  Get yours today, you have nothing to lose but weight in the privacy of your own home.

Fat is Fat

Fat cells are fat and can be reduced in size by diet.

Never buy into the lie it’s unavoidable cellulite and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is a flat out bold face lie. Fat is fat and there is but one way to get rid of it, eat healthy and eat less. Cellulite or fat cells can shrink and be reduced.  Its called burning fat. Fat can always be eliminated from your body regardless.

There is a healthy amount of body weight we must maintain. The scales tells us what our weight is. We don't need anyone telling us we are not fat, the scales do not lie. If you’re tipping the scales forget about blaming it on cellulite. The fact is this; your body can not function as it should if you’re over weight, it’s really no laughing matter. Fat is bad and if your fat your in trouble.

You can lie to yourself but you're not hiding a thing from the world around you, so do yourself a favor, stop it!

Nobody ever does anything wrong, like over eating and getting fat, without first rationalizing in their mind that it’s okay. Start by convincing yourself the truth of the matter and stop rationalizing you’re not fat when a good honest weigh in can prove different.

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Excuses for Being Fat

Denial and lies keep us fat, its time to stop hiding from reality.

Fat thoughts keep us fat! We automatically have negative thoughts about food and being over weight which keep us fat;

The Fat Thoughts and Lies

1. It’s my genes, DNA, heredity makes me fat

2. I have no control, I can’t help it, I’m so weak!

3. I don’t like healthy food.

4. I don’t have the time to cook.

5. I don’t have the time to work out.

6. I’m too tired and over worked.

And on and on the lies go!


Walk Off The Pounds

Everyone knows walking melts off the pounds, if you're not ready to hit the streets walking burn fat in the privacy of your own home with this great walking video.

The Fat Secret

How to get past the denial and really start to lose the weight once and for all.

The Big Fat Secret

It’s not just about burning more calories than you put into you body that really counts the most.

While this is true and you must consider this fact in your weight loss equation there is more to it.

Most importantly is the quality of food you put into your body. We all must eat but its what we eat that counts.

Many of us get into trouble merely counting calories and yet not eliminating bad foods. If the calories you take in are the right number but bad quality, high fat or sugary foods, you will run into trouble and I mean big fat trouble.

The Weight Loss Calculations 

  1. For example if you want to weigh 150 lbs you will need to consume 1,500 calories a day to maintain a weight of 150 calories.
  2. If you wanted to lose 1 lb a week to achieve this weight you will need to reduce 500 calories a day from your calorie intake which would be 1,000 calories per day.

Now that’s not a lot of junk food. When you divide this number up between healthy fruits, vegetables, omega rich fish and nuts you get a lot more food and nutrition.

These types of food help you to feel good and energized all the while reducing the danger of binge eating after you've made progress.

Remember one pound equals 3,500 calories and you must burn off 3,500 calories in order to lose one pound.

Adding physical activity to your plan is a great way to excel your weight loss and get your body working as it should.


Note: Working out can be embarrassing when your out of shape remove embarrassment from the equation with these great in home weight loss routines.  They are not difficult, but work wonders,do it!

The best way to lose weight when temptation is a threat with these easy weight loss tips you can lose the pounds, get a skinny mindset and keep thin forever

Fat Burning Foods

There are lots of healthy foods that help burn fat and weight from your body.

NOTE: There are no junk foods that boost your metabolism but lots of healthy low calories ones such as;

Healthy Fat Burning and Metabolism Boosting Foods

  1. Hot Peppers - rev up your metabolism
  2. Safflower oil - proven to bust belly fat, aids diabetics and more
  3. Cranberry Juice - unsweetened
  4. Oatmeal - steel cut oats or old fashioned
  5. Lean Turkey - roasted, not smoked or cured
  6. Low Fat Dairy - Calcium helps burn belly fat
  7. Broccoli - High fiber and rick in nutrients
  8. Apples and Pears - fresh not canned or cooked
  9. Grapefruit - without sugar
  10. Soup - a great low calorie warm you up food that satisfies
  11. Green tea - raises the metabolism
  12. Water - floods your body with good hydration and cleanses the body of fat.

Find Something to keep your mind off food and on transforming your body and mind!

Much Love and Success, Katie


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Andrew on 09/18/2012

Really enjoyed reading your article. Most people start the weight loss process but having the motivation to hang in there and get the job done is what counts.

katiem2 on 04/19/2012

brl, Thanks for the product review, Leslie's walk indoors work out is fantastic and will get you in shape in a very real and practical way. I love this work out program. I was introduced to it by my daughters first grade teacher, who lost 40 pounds using the program. It was doable for her, she shared the experience and many others did very well with it too. Exercise is a different experience for everyone, many of us don't feel comfortable doing it public,plus there's the time element. This in home walk away the pounds works wonders and fits into the lifestyle of so many. Thanks again.

katiem2 on 04/18/2012

bizlady, so true as long as we're a healthy weight and fitness level. thanks for adding the additional helpful tips for weight management.

Glad to hear that Bobbi

Guest on 04/18/2012

I find that taking photos of myself is a good wake up call!
The tape measure is another one.
Women have more issues with weight than men do.Why is that?
We need to try to accept ourselves,as long as well are at a healthy weight.

Bobbi Purvis on 04/18/2012


This article is one of the best ones about how to get into shape and eat and drink the right foods and beverages, that I have read in a very long time.

Very well done.

katiem2 on 04/12/2012

vocalcoach, So good to hear from you. Thank you for letting me know you've read and enjoyed my article on the obsession with weight. You've made my day!

vocalcoach on 04/12/2012

Hi, dear Katie. This is the most complete, informative article I've read about weight loss. You've touched on every important point and then some. I appreciate your list of "boosting foods." Thanks for a job well done." Rating and sharing just everywhere!

katiem2 on 04/11/2012

So glad you found us here Robin, we have many other great weight loss pages here to guide you, support you and add powerful weight loss tips to your fitness adventure. Stay honest and enjoy your summer.

Robin on 04/11/2012

Great tips, thanks for the honest reality check. I ask my bf if I look fat in stuff all the time. I know he lies to me and it does give me that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing I'm in denial and forcing him to be a co-dependent. I think that's the term. I'm getting off my butt right now and going to do you mirror fat test right now. Time to get real as I have plenty of time to get the weight off for summer.

katiem2 on 04/10/2012

betsuz, I agree with you, it takes a well rounded lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight and feel good.

kinworm, very good move toward better health. I feel its a really good ideas to really look at yourself honestly not allowing a number to determine how you feel.

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