Pretty Little Liars

by katiem2

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Pretty Little Liars is an all American teen girl drama-thriller. This made for television series is based on the novels of Sara Shepard. It is packed with drama none other than the local thrill seeking teen can unravel.

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Pretty Little Liar

Have you seen a teenage girl wearing a t-shirt that says pretty little liar?

Did you think she was perhaps referring to herself?  Maybe bragging about the fact that she herself is a pretty little liar?  Well you couldn't be more wrong.  It's all about a television drama made for teens.  Why shouldn't they?  The following shirts are not for anyone over the age of 21.  Mom's better not be caught dead wearing one, so don't borrow your daughters tee.  Keep to your own wardrobe and leave the pretty little liar fashions to your teen.

Okay girls enough with the parental disclaimer lets get to it.

The Pretty Little Liars Series

If you haven't seen this tantalizing show you may want to start from the beginning.

No, you will definitely want to start at the beginning. Here's the first series of season one. The beginning is the gripping thriller part.   Oh my which one of the girls did that? Must watch on!

I started watching a few shows into the first season and was crazy lost. I had a ton of questions none of which anyone wanted to answer as they were to caught up in the show. So don't be a spoiler, watch from the beginning, you'll be glad you did. You then can join the ranks of the faithful followers wearing your pretty little liars shirt too. 

Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First Season

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Pretty Little Liars Book Series

It all started with the books, while the show is loosely based on the books the books are a thrilling must read all their own.

The Pretty Little Liars T-Shirts

Check out our t-shirt collection simply select the shirts you want by selecting the picture link.

Enjoy your great new collection of pretty little tees.  Don't forget the fashion video at the bottom of the page, it features each pretty little liar and her style tips. Great fashion advice you're gonna love.

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Juniors: Pretty Little Liars - Play Dirty
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What's Up With all That Dirt?

Why are the pretty little liars so dirty? What secrets are the burying?

Have you been asking yourself this very question?  Well then you have not seen the series, it's all laid out in season one so get yourself back up there and order it.

Juniors: Pretty Little Liars - I Heart Mr. Fritz
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Juniors: Pretty Little Liars - PLL BOH
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Juniors: Pretty Little Liars - Who Is A?
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Juniors: Pretty Little Liars - Always A Step
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Juniors: Pretty Little Liars - Tangled Web
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Juniors: Pretty Little Liars - Rosewood Sharks Crop
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The P.L.L. Fashion 411

Here it is, the video with the Pretty Little Liars Fashion Run Down. Enjoy getting your fashion on.  Just in time for your fashion makeover. 

Are You a Pretty Little Liar?

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Yes, I'm hiding a deep dark secret and have never told anyone.
kit on 08/30/2012

I love pretty little lists. I'm not saying another word.

JoHarrington on 08/24/2012

And I'm gorgeous! *snort*

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Updated: 09/02/2012, katiem2
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Chat about pretty little liars

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katiem2 on 08/25/2012

Cool thanks lobobrandon :)K

lobobrandon on 08/25/2012

And most of my friends as well :) I gave a few of them this link

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

lobobrandon, Glad to know your a pretty little liars fan too.

lobobrandon on 08/25/2012

Wow! This is definitely my favorite program atm! Loved every single epsiode and Katie you'd love it too (just as you said :D). It's awesome but you'd have to watch it from the beginning.

katiem2 on 08/24/2012

Jo, Yes you and me both, if it weren't for my teen daughters I'd never know about it either. But I've watched it with them and it's pretty darn good.

JoHarrington on 08/24/2012

I have to admit that I thought this was going to be about a new rock band. I'm well out of the target age group, aren't I? LOL

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