The Best Anti-McDonald's T-Shirts

by WiseFool

If you're not lovin' it, then show the world your disgust for one of the world's largest organizations. Here are just a few Anti-McDonald's T-shirts to choose from.

There are many reasons to hate McDonald's: like a metastasizing cancer, it's wormed its way into almost every corner of the globe; it's one of many similar companies that is causing an obesity epidemic in Western adults and, most worryingly, children; it has an extremely shady past (and present) where animal abuse is concerned; and its 'food' is, arguably, really not food at all.

Quite how McDonald's has become such a popular restaurant (I use the term loosely), and overcome what should have been catastrophic damage done by the wonderful film 'Super Size Me' is, frankly, an astonishing testament to the power of marketing...are we really so easy to manipulate and so quick to forget? Well, apparently, in most cases, the answer's, 'yes!'

If you're in the minority that isn't, it's something to be loud and proud about. I say, wear you're anti-McDonald's T-shirt, both figuratively, and now, literally!

The Immortal Burger

In April of 2013, a man from Utah found a forgotten Big Mac from 14 years previously. He was shocked to discover that it looked exactly the same as the day he bought it. And you can find many similar videos to the one below online, so the question is: why doesn't McDonald's food (particularly the fries) break down and rot like normal, 'real' food would?

Well, McDonald's claims that it's because their cooking processes remove most of the moisture from the foods. Of course, when food dries out, it doesn't break down, in the same way the drying out of a deceased human body slows the decomposition process. Well, that's reassuring then...who doesn't love mummified food?

But it would be naive, surely, to assume that a lack of moisture is the only thing that keeps a Big Mac looking youthful. Might it not also have something to do with additives, such as butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), which is a chemically-derived compound also used in embalming fluid - I'm sensing a theme.

If you're interested in learning more about what really goes into McDonald's food, I recommend 'Disgusting Ingredients in McDonald's Burgers'

Is McDonald's Food 'Real' Food?

Why Don't McDonald's Fries Break Down?

Anti-McDonald's 'Minimum Wage' T-Shirt

Filthy Rich at The Top; Not so Great at The Bottom

Money makes the world go round, right?

One of the objections I have to McDonald's is the fact that it epitomizes all that's wrong with the corporate system. I have nothing against capitalism as a theory, but is it working in reality?

If recent financial events are anything to go by, the answer is 'no'. 

The problem is capitalism lends itself so easily to greed: a greed that drives those at the top to make trims at the bottom. Fairness? Well, that's all tossed out of the window. 

McDonald's is just one of a gaggle of massive, billion-dollar organizations that pays its shareholders and CEOs handsomely, while the poor shmuck, who flips the burgers, gets given the smallest amount their employer's can legally get away with paying. 

Anti-McDonald's Zombie Ronald T-Shirt

I'm Lovin It Zombie Ronald T-shirt

Everyone's Getting Fat...Except Mama Cass

Fast Food is Causing Obesity to Become the Norm

Okay, okay...I accept it's not down to food alone; a spectacular lack of exercise has exacerbated the problem.

And, of course, the responsibility doesn't lay solely with McDonald's or any other fast food company for that matter - there is such a thing as individual responsibility.

Most sane people know that McDonald's isn't healthy food; it isn't nutritious in any way; and it's full of fat and sugar, which is going to lead to...yes, you've guessed it, weight gain and the plethora of diseases that are attached to a high-fat, high-sugar, high-protein diet.

But one of the problems is, McDonald's has made its food addictive.

Additives like MSG are not just there to add flavor, but also to make their food too moreish to resist.

And, it seems to be working!

Because despite most people being well aware that McDonald's isn't a healthy choice, they still eat large numbers - last year, the company made almost $5 billion for its shareholders. 

The McDonald's Theory of Evolution

McDonald's Theory of Evolution
McDonald's Theory of Evolution

Childhood Obesity is Common and on The Rise

Childhood Obesity is Frighteningly Common
Childhood Obesity is Frighteningly Co...

A History of Animal Abuse

And leaving aside for one moment the disastrous effects McDonald's food has on human health, let's spare a brief thought for the poor animals that have made that food.

McDonald's has a long and sordid history where the killing of the animals that go into their food is concerned. PETA first began requesting that the company change its methods back in 1997. And, although McDonald's eventually agreed to improve standards of welfare, the situation has improved but little, especially in regard to the process by which chickens are killed for McDonald's restaurants.

If you're interested in learning more about the ongoing battle to change McDonald's practices, check out

Be Proud to Stand Out From the Crowd

The prevalence of McDonald's chains around the world, and the inordinate amount of money the company reports making every year is proof, if proof were needed, of McDonald's popularity.

And, if Super Size Me did nothing to radically alter that, I don't know what will. 

However, those of us who are unaffected by the allure of fast, additive-stuffed food should be proud that we're not among that crowd. After all, if we are what we eat, who wants to be cheap, full of chemicals and almost completely devoid of moisture?

Anti-McDonald's 'Rather Eat Dirt' T-Shirt

Updated: 05/03/2014, WiseFool
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WiseFool on 04/21/2014

Agree completely, Sherri. Industrialization has its place in the world, but food ain't it.

Sheri_Oz on 04/20/2014

Love these t-shirts. Gotta fight this super-industrialization of our food, making food into something inedible.

WiseFool on 04/20/2014

Thanks, Jo.

JoHarrington on 04/20/2014

Absolutely spot on! Bravo! Bravo!

Guest on 04/08/2014

I sense another McLibel McLawsuit incoming from the fired workers. The way I feel about that kind of behavior from the mega-corps, I'd say McStupid or McFoolish. And you're right - all the fast food joint workers I've encountered lately have been migrant labor, probably minimum wage or illegally less.

WiseFool on 04/08/2014

McGreed is very fitting!

RupertTaylor on 04/08/2014

Hi Sam. The best I could come up with as I nodded off to la-la land was "McGreed." Bit lame but I'm not great at bumper-sticker summations.

WiseFool on 04/08/2014

Hello, Rupert. Thanks for sharing that news, it wasn't something I'd caught. A T-shirt slogan is definitely needed for that. Have to give it some thought!

WiseFool on 04/08/2014

Hi, Kathleen. Yes, I agree 'Super Size Me' was a great film, and a real eye-opener for many. It had an impact, no doubt, but unfortunately not a lasting one.

RupertTaylor on 04/07/2014

I would like to put a plug in for a T-shirt slogan to cover the situation uncovered in British Columbia today. Three MickeyD franchises were caught firing their badly paid Canadian staff and replacing them with even poorer paid temporary foreign workers from the Philippines. Tough one to sum up in a pithy catch phrase, but surely the collective wisdom of the Wizzley community can answer the challenge. I will put what's left of my brain to work on the issue overnight. Can't promise anything.

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