Living with Loving and Supporting Your Artist

by katiem2

If you're an artist, love art or live with an artist you know how important it is to have ample art supplies available when the artistic expression hits. Buy art supplies here.

Anyone who enjoys art understands the positive reaction creating art has on both the artist and those who know and love the artist. Art is a great way to release tension, inspire more creative expressions and stimulate the human brain and its thought process. Art is over all a very good investment for everyone. If you're an art lover and enjoy creating or dabbling in art, by all means provide yourself with the tools and supplies to do so. You never know where your art might take you. An artist cannot create the art we all love and adore if they don't have ample art supplies on hand. Often it is we, those who live with and love an artist who can do our part adding to the creative process by giving art supplies to our beloved artist. A simple little just because collection of art pencils, paints, brushes or paper could very well spark the muse for something big. Enjoy living with and loving your artist as you leave subtle little gifts of encouragement and support for them about the house.

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Art Supplies For Sketch Artist

How to be a subtle part of your artists world of creating amazing art is as simple as stocking up on supplies .

Often artist don't buy themselves the supplies they long for as they may not feel they are worthy, good enough to rationalize spending money on such things. If you live with and love an artist or budding artist you could be a greater asset to them than you know.  My artist is a bit of a closet artist, while the work she creates is amazing and jaw dropping she hides most of it away as if a secret she feels the need to protect from the rest of the world.  It is no doubt how strongly artist feel about their art and yet often don't give it the credit it is due.  They don't want a lot of praise or attention.  Often praise and attention can make some artist withdraw.  They may feel their art is a work in progress and they have yet to reach their full potential.  None the less the last thing we want to do is stifle the artistic journey.  While it is a good idea to carefully respond to your artist cues, you can support them by buying art supplies, they may not other wise buy themselves. Don't make a big deal about it just quietly lay them in their room without mention or in the area they create their art. For anyone who lives with and loves an artist you understand such complexities. 

Many Sketch Artist Devour Paper and Pencil

The last thing a sketch artist needs is to run out of correct type of pencils and paper.
Cindy Sherman is one of the most widely sought after contemporary artist in the art world. Learn the interesting manner in which she creates wildly popular art.

Art Supplies For The Painter

You never know when the inspiration to paint something will occur, be prepared with paint supplies.

Artist tend to concentrate on the constant flood of artistic inspirations occurring at random. They tend to forget what it is they need till they are in the throws of their latest muse and expression it creates.  You can be an artist biggest fan by keeping them in stock of the paints, brushes, paper, canvas they need to create the beautiful image waiting to be bring it to life as only they can do. There is no better way to encourage your artist than buying and strategically leaving artistic tools and supplies in their quiet place.  They will be very receptive to these art supplies and tools once the urge to paint hits.  Your artist may thank you but don't be offended if they do not.  It may be you are building a quiet understanding and bond of support and belief your artist is not yet ready to concede to. They will however hold a very special place for you in their shy artistic heart.

A Painters Art Supplies

A few must haves your painter may not buy for themselves but desperately needs.
Jeff Koons may well be the best and the brightest of the contemporary art world. Follow along as we take a mere peak into the world that is Jeff Koons.

Art Bin Organizer

Art supplies have never been so well organized and easily found when the artist reaches for just the right thing at that creative moment.

The Organized Artist is A Happy Artist

The most commonly overlooked addition to any artist collection is the tools to help them organize their art supplies.

One of the best things anyone can buy an artist is the tools to help them organize their supplies.  The ability to have a place for everything and everything in its place is essential for a artist to continue growing in their art.  There is nothing more frustrating than to lose an important brush or pencil. Each tool, supply or medium is a vital ingredient needed for any artist to create the perfect work of art.  

Without all the materials the artist will be met with frustration and no doubt abandon their muse, this creates frustration and tension easily avoided.  The best way to prevent this keeping our artist happy and creative is to buy them organization tools to store and keep their art supplies safe and at the ready.

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My Artist

Those of us living with artist are very fortunate to experience the art and the process.

It is wonderful to experience. The best way to enjoy an artist is with distance and respect for their privacy. They will invite you to look at their art when they feel it is worthy of your audience. They will appreciate your gifts of art supplies and tools although it may be best to often times go unspoken.  You see anytime a person is so brave to pursue their love and desire for art, they really put themselves out there.  It can be a vulnerable place met with great expectation from others. They put themselves at risk of you and anyone knowing of their art to expect something of them they are not yet sure of themselves.  The best thing you can do to encourage your artist is to give them space.  Allow them complete ownership and control of their work.  Never pressure an artist to show you their work or watch them as they work unless you are invited.  Take it as it comes and be the silent fan allowing the art and artist to take shape and develop in the privacy of their own artistic world. They may invite you in when the time is right and they may bring it to you. Think of it as watching a beautiful bird, you must be quiet not to scare it off, you do not want to draw attention to the creature and yet you want to feed it watching from a far in hopes it will continue to show its beauty at your home.  Enjoy living with and loving your artist.  My artist is my eldest daughter, she has taught me so much about this wonderful experience.  I'm honored to know such a great artist.   Much Love and Happiness, Katie 

Be The Real You

Help your artist to be exactly who they are and enjoy the freedom of this process, you never know what may come of it.
Bob Dylan
Creating Yourself

Art Supplies for Kids

Art is a fun and expressive way for children of all ages to develop, grow and learn.

There aren't many parents who can't say the walls of their home have not experienced a few drawings or paintings.  Young and budding artist have no problem expressing themselves on the nearest empty canvas.  While you can't leave your young artist work on the walls, and it will no doubt break their heart when you do remove it, you can prevent this scene.  The right art supplies will provide for hours of quiet creative play both you and your child will enjoy now and for years to come as you treasure those fond childhood memories put to art.

Great Art Supplies for Kids

Budding artist tend to express themselves with or without the proper materials. Its' best to have plenty of art supplies and materials on hand to keep the art where you want it, not the walls!
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katiem2 on 04/30/2012

sheilamarie, Oh how exciting for you to enjoy the wonderful world of a budding artist. I so appreciate my children and all their gifts. Thank You!

sheilamarie on 04/30/2012

Katie, I love the sensitive way you treat your artist-daughter. Your advice is very wise.
I have a granddaughter who is in the open art stage. She can sit for hours drawing her little masterpieces.

katiem2 on 04/28/2012

Miaden, Great to hear from you and about your artist girl friend, I know you appreciate good art and the creative process, your girl friend is in good hands with you.

Mladen on 04/28/2012

My artist is my girlfriend I live with. She has all sorts of tool and materials, and she is creating great art.
Art is beautiful thing, and thank your for this article, Katie! It's good to be back to read your articles! ;)

katiem2 on 04/27/2012

Why Thank You Belinda, great to have you here. I love my artist very much and want to encourage all artist and those who live with them to keep on creating beautiful works of art.

Belinda on 04/27/2012

This is beautiful advice for those of us who live with artist. The way you explain of dealing with and approaching is so insightful. Thanks.

katiem2 on 04/26/2012

onepagearticles, great to hear from one of my favorite artist. Your art is amazing, my daughters been a long time follower of your work. You've encouraged her art so much. Thanks for your contributions to the art community your tutorials are amazing and fun for artist of all ages.

onepagearticles on 04/26/2012

I'm always buying new pens and pencils and other artistic equipment, even though I've got enough tools and materials I always buy more....will treat the Wife to Dinner out one time, but I've got artwork to create so that will have to wait!

katiem2 on 04/26/2012

Brenda, I would have guessed you to be a creative artist. Glad to hear you keep plenty of art supplies on hand.

BrendaReeves on 04/25/2012

I have tons of art supplies. I'm always trying out different mediums. Great article.

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