Keep Calm and Carry On Spoof Posters

by katiem2

The keep calm and carry on saying is taking on a whole new meaning, in fact hundreds, as everyone seems to be adapting the theme to meet their own unique message, see the many now

Get your very own keep calm and carry on poster adapted in a way sure to meet your personal needs. Who can even remember where the keep calm and carry on statement came from? Okay we remember but we're stealing it, making it all our own. I have an extensive collection of keep calm and carry on spoof posters one sure to tickle your fancy. Come along and explore all the varieties of unique twists on the keep calm saying from over the pond.

Keep Calm and Fake a British Accent

Faking a British accent is always good for a laugh.

It's also very fun. There's something comical about a fake British accent. It's been said to be the most mimicked accent in all the world. Do you think that's true?

Have You Faked an Accent?

Have you ever faked a British accent?

Keep Calm and Code On

This goes out to all the computer geniuses who create and or write code.

Oh we all take all the many conveniences of our tech world for granted and yet somewhere there is a man or woman working fervently to write all the code that makes the tech world so wonderful. So here's to all those working the code mines. 

Tee for Those Who Code

Keep Calm and Call Batman

For all the Batman fans out there this is a must have poster.

Let's not forget batman, this is one cool poster. Any batman fan worth their salt must own one of these cool posters. Am I right?

Keep Calm and Rock On

Every hard core rocker must have a rock poster.

This is for those of us who love rock n roll. This music has a huge fan base and for good reason. Now take that you Brits, oh yea you like to rock as well. Lets all join in.

Rock and Roll Baby

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Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate

I've found that letting it be known you love chocolate plants a thought in the mind of those special people in your life. Beware you will begin receiving lots of chocolates as gifts. There is no better more trendy way to let people know you love chocolate.

Today we discuss the topic of decadent high end chocolates. Find out how to get your hands on the best quality chocolates for the best prices. Get great deals on chocolate now.

Keep Calm and Drink Wine

For those of us who love wine there is no mistaking it. What better way to share your desire to have a good bottle of wine. The number of wine drinkers continues to grow as the health benefits and relaxing properties become better known.

In fact those of us who enjoy often do so with chocolate.  I've included a great pairing with Port, Cabernet, and Pinot. 

Keep Calm and Go Shopping

This needs not introduction, you're here, you love to shop right?  There is much to know about the proper way to shop. Display your ability to get your shopper on with this awesome shop on poster.

The Most Popular Shopping Items Bought Online

Cosmetics are the most highly sought after online products purchased today. Smart shoppers know they can read product reviews and get great deals on the best most trendy shelves. Brick and mortar stores are loaded with products that don't move, it can be overwhelming. You can search what you want and then look at the most popular items, which tells you these products work and deliver on their promises. You just can't get that in a store. 

The media is buzzing with the latest skin care break through bb cream. Learn what bb cream is how it can replace your foundation and make your skin beautiful.

Keep Calm and Party On

Any party goer knows the drill, the pre-tune party rituals. Adding a party on poster to the mix is the perfect statement for those who want it to be known they're known for having a good time. 

Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On

I so relate to this, a big tea lover. I'm always quick to put the kettle on for tea. Tea is a great way to kick back, relax and nourish the body, mind and soul. When was the last time you enjoyed a nice pot of tea?

Keep Calm and ... Zombies

This is a great poster for those preparing for dooms day. I must admit, I've seen Zombie Land (the movie with Woody Harrison) and loved it. Watched it more than once. But I digress, this is the perfect keep calm poster for the dooms day folks.

The Preparedness Kit

Keep Calm and Keep Out

A great bedroom poster ramping up the keep out favorite for bedrooms. Enjoy telling others to keep out of your space with this fun message.

Keep Calm and Conjure a Patronus Charm

Great for the wizards and witches of the Harry Potter crowd. Who doesn't love Harry Potter? This is a wicked twist on the keep calm catch phrase.

The Story Behind Keep Calm and Carry On

Written by Jo Harrington

You are all no doubt familiar with Wizzley author Jo Harrington. She and I have collaborated on other projects you've no doubt read.

If you've not heard the story behind how the whole keep calm and carry on saying got its start this is the article to clear that up for you.

Enjoy Jo's written adventure describing the details as to how the phrase originated. 

As always, thanks Jo for contributing interesting and vital facts. :) 

It's quirky and so frightfully British! All that can be said of a stiff, upper lip is in this war-time slogan. But it was never seen at the time.
Updated: 09/20/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/29/2018

Derdriu, I can't say about the British accent, they all sound good to me although some sound a bit more Australian

DerdriuMarriner on 03/02/2018

katiem2, Keep calm with a faked British accent works, but which British accent works best?!

katiem2 on 02/17/2013

Kim, I had a great time putting this collection together. :)K

Kim on 02/17/2013

Sweet collection of Keep Calm T-Shirts and Posters!

katiem2 on 09/30/2012

Miaden, It's so good to hear from you. Been missing you around here. :)K

Mladen on 09/30/2012

Keep calm and read Katie's articles! :D
Oh, job can kill a fun in the life... Long time no see, Katie. Good to be back to read your excellent articles.
I laughed trough this one.
Great job!

katiem2 on 09/22/2012

mikehehaan, Very good point. Keep calm and carry on is a very common phrase, if you're in the know, I guess that makes you in the know. :)

mikedehaan on 09/20/2012

Great fun here. I'd tried an original "Keep calm and..." line in a thread in another social network, then had to explain myself. It's much better to see the professionals keeping calm.

katiem2 on 09/20/2012

Kathy, lol I have the same problem with my auto correct droid, thanks for letting me know you too enjoy the spoofs on keep calm and carry on There's even more fun spoofs I haven't included, ran out of room. :)

Kathy on 09/20/2012

I meant tees not free.... Darn smart phone auto correct.

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