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by katiem2

Jimi Hendrix a guitar God and one of the biggest guitar legends of all times Buy Jimi Hendix T-Shirts, Posters and Videos.

Follow along as I share an all time favorite of the guitar world, and musical industry, Jimi Hendrix. There is something about him both magical and inspiring. Jimi was a guitar legend before his time, it is for this reason so many people relate to him, get his message and love his work.

Many of Jimi Hendrix's famous experiences are forever etched in our minds as we recall; along the watchtower, crosstown traffic, purple haze, voodoo child, the wind crys mary,a castle made of sand, machine gun and on and on the Jimi Hendrix experience's go.

Jimi Hendrix - Watercolor
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Hentix Guitar Riffs

Jimi Hendrix is the guitar legend mastering a trend so magically it changed music forever, that being the amazing riff.

You don't honestly know what a guitar riff is until you hear it from the God himself, the one who truly gave birth to the reality and expression riff! This would hands down be Jimi Hendrix. Jimi was a guitar God who gave birth to such gut wrenching chords taking the electric guitar to a entirely new whelm.

I think of Hendrix as a poet as he so effortlessly expressed his lyrics into a magical ride of poetic beauty with an energy only he could produce. Now that must be where the term psychedelic came from. It's no wonder 

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Jimi Hendrix Worlds Greatest Guitarist

Jimi Hendrix has no doubt turned many a regular person into a guitarist themselves.

It’s often love at first sight for the soul of a true guitarist once they first see and hear the guitar a instrument built of wood, strings and steel so allusive and awe inspiring.

While many can't wait to get a guitar in their own hands once hearing Hendrix and there are the rest of us who love hearing the mesmerizing melody of the guitar.

Enjoy Hendrix live at woodstock performing Hey Joe and more on this is an amazing tutorial and guitar lesson cd to your right.


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Purple Haze

Jimi Hendrix was a deep and soulful man.

JIMI HENDRIX– Who else could dress like a flag and rock out like he did?

Jimi was the perfect image of the times with his courage and colorful promise.

The man was so extremely talented. The hippie and drug culture seemed to fade in the background as Jimi magically transcends time with his insane mastery of guitar and facial story telling. Was it the times that were psychedelic or the man who coined the feeling?

It was certain his talent was coming from a place so deep within him, no doubt his soul.

Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
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Jimi Hendrix as a Child

Jimi Hendrix's Youth

Jimi Hendrix lead a surprisingly normal life without any extraordinary trauma or struggle. As a child Jimi had a rather normal life with nothing ever being reported with exception to the love of his six-string.

Jimi joined the Army, became a paratrooper and was reported to have he slept with his guitar. I imagine him falling asleep as he strummed out his latest creation, possibly a new twist and turn to his already diverse stylings. He spent every free moment perfecting his craft. I can imagine he did so while he slept.  His short life may have been filled with a constant flow of creative energy. If ever there was a man totally into a guitar I’m sure it would be Jimi.

Jimi Hendrix in the Military

After the military Jimi Hendrix moved to London. He returned to America having transformed into a more cultured and artful man, if that be possible. Jimi was a great poet with the guitar. Hendrix seemed to have a connection to all the injustice of the world. He displayed it as he unleashed it during his historic and earth moving performance at wood stock, “Star Spangled Banner”.  Hendrix did so taking this American tune transforming it into a form of protest none other has ever delivered.  He turned the Star Spangled Banner into a howling of righteousness for all deserving with a much needed slap in the face to those abusing the rights and freedoms of others.

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Jimi Hendrix's short career

Jimi Hendrix's career lasted only four short years, sadly ending at a time when he became so widely loved.

Sadly Jimi’s career lasted but four years in which time he made records now historical monuments of his genius.

Jimi Hendrix took hold of the electric guitar and made it an extension of himself. He created a sonic howl that moved everyone within earshot.

His voice and guitar married in passion to form a piercing energy that no one wanted to end. It was free and easy to be cast under the Hendrix spell.

Hendrix is and will forever be a true guitar God.

Hendrix - Kiss the Sky T-Shirt

Juniors: Jimi Hendrix - Kiss the Sky
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Jimi Hendrix, I just love saying his name, was born in Seattle on November 27, 1942. Just writing this down makes it seem all the more impossible he's gone it seems more fitting for him to have been born much later and alive today.

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Jimi Hendrix - Swirl Poster
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Famous Hendrix Quotes

Jimi made powerful statements many hung on to, here are those quotes.

The Great Poet Jimi Hendrix Famous Quotes;

  • Every city in the world always has a gang, a street gang, or the so-called outcasts. Jimi Hendrix
  • I was trying to do too many things at the same time, which is my nature. But I was enjoying it, and I still do enjoy it. Jimi Hendrix
  • I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to. Jimi Hendrix
  • If I'm free, it's because I'm always running. Jimi Hendrix
  • If it was up to me, there wouldn't be no such thing as the establishment. Jimi Hendrix
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Hendrix Last Big Performance

It was 1969 Hendrix performed a protest by way of his talent and genus.

On New Years Eve in 1969 Hendrix appeared in public with the most eloquence imaginable any gifted speaker as he spoke with strings and peotry attacking all the injustice, napalm and war choppers spreading agent orange and the machine guns blare there stood Hendrix drowning out the war and the horror as if to crush it with his genius. Within the year Jimi Hendrix was dead. A terrible loss as it is haunts us all to live in the wonderment of what next Jimi Hendrix what next?

Jimi Hendrix - Watercolor
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Raw Uncut Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix footage
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katiem2 on 06/12/2013

cmoneyspinner, I love Jimi Hendrix

cmoneyspinner on 06/10/2013

Mr. Hendrix was an American patriot. He loved his country. You can tell by how humbly and lovingly he played the Star Spangled Banner. He left this world too soon. It's a shame because he came across in his interviews as a really nice guy!

katiem2 on 07/20/2012

That's my favorite too, why I added it first and last :)

SeanMac on 07/20/2012

Classic, some really great shirts. Absolutely love the first one shown. Great article!

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