Avoid Co-Dependency The War on Addiction

by katiem2

Regardless of the addiction it is extremely hard to live with someone who is addicted to anything. The role of co-dependent is an easy role to fall into, learn how to avoid it now.

Codependency is a scary place to find yourself and yet it happens far to often and more than we care to admit. When a person is co-dependent it tends to go unnoticed as something harmful. A great dose of denial is present in both the addictive person and those who tolerate their life choices. Codependency is characterized as an unhealthy relationship often mistaken for love by those who are co-dependent. The tendency is to over look the addicts harmful behavior, remain passive and exhibit excessive care and support so much to the extent to rationalize and over compensate for the unacceptable behavior, underachievement and lack of participation in normal adult roles. This behavior is harmful to both the co-dependent and the addict.

How to Spot an Opiod or Pain Pill Addiction

When Pain Meds Become a Problem

Honest truth is a large segment of our population refuse opiods when offered by doctors and or dentist.  It is not because they are afraid of taking medication it is simply because they do not feel it necessary.

There are those among us who feel the ability to withstand discomfort and pain leaves us stronger both mentally and physically. 

With this in mind consider it is not always necessary to take opiods for many conditions and in  most cases pain medications should never be taken for prolonged periods of time.  

If someone you love is on opiods or pain medication for any length of time or request refills, it is time for concern, they may be at risk of addiction. 


What's Addictive

There never seems to be a shortage on things addictive things.

The latest addiction in our city is the growing addiction to prescribed pain pills.  I personally know a woman who's been on a prescribed pain medication for over ten years. She's an addict, denies it vehemently, but she is. I've warned her, told her and yet she claims, "If the doctor prescribes them I can't be addicted."  

How sad, this abuse of prescription medication has lead to a sweeping problem in our society. It seems as long as there is money to be made there will be people pushing such substances either legally or illegally.  We do face so many addictions, there is food, behavior, drink, prescriptions and non prescriptions, smokes and on and on the addictive list goes.

Society and Addiction

Society in general has a powerful role to play in the war on addiction it is all to important that we don't over look our civil obligation to stand up to this problem.

It could be said that we as a society have been guilty of codependency ourselves. Maybe we should ask ourselves if we do enough, say enough or stand up to the denial sweeping the addictive many growing in numbers. Are we becoming out numbered?

We tend to talk about people who eat, drink, smoke, play to many video games or any other harmful behavior behind their backs, pretending we don't notice or it's not a problem when around the offending person. This in itself is codependency is it not?

Responsible Actions Against Addiction

The Right Response - Speak up and out when you suspect, know of or have heard about a teen or friend abusing any substance.

The Wrong Response - Turning a blind eye to obvious substance abuse or addiction when you could take the more difficult path and tell loved ones, parents or friends.

The Right Reaction - Nip it in the bud, if your son or daughter, friend or loved one plays to many video games, eats too much, or begins to do anything unhealthy say something. Let them know they need to stop and get involved in something more beneficial. Don't just stand by and let harmful addiction develop, say something and do it till it works. Addressing early onset addictive behavior prevents life threatening addictions from taking hold.

The Wrong Reaction - Avoid conflict and confrontation instead of speaking up about someones developing or full blown addiction.  Speak out against it and never ever support or go along with their delusional thoughts of controlling the abusive behavior.  


What is Addiction

An addiction is the reoccurring over indulgence of anything.

Doing anything to extremes or doing it all the time is addictive behavior. The guidelines to addiction are very straight forward and need little common sense to determine once addiction sets in. We all know what is bad for us and yet many people simply have an addictive personality. They cannot stop themselves. It is best for these such personalities to avoid the things they are prone to abuse all together. It is when we as a society over look addictive personalities and warrant their over indulgence as something of a rarely as we ourselves occasionally over indulge. The key word rarely, the addict plays on this occurrence comparing our occasional behavior to their abusive behavior.

It's not in your head, you crave chocolate for a very good reason during your period. Learn why your brain sends the message to your body to eat chocolate and what you should do.

What is Abusive Behavior

Abusive behavior is repeatedly doing or using something on a regular basis which is other wise intended to be used or done infrequently and to a much lesser degree or perhaps even rarely or not at all.

Using something to extremes, in a manner in which it is not intended is abusive to it's purpose and therefore abusive behavior. The addicts overuse of things or behaviors to the point of being harmful makes the excuse it naturally occurs in others, so their behavior is not abnormal at all.

Note: This is not rational and yet the addictive person uses any reference they can to excuse their behavior as normal.

Breaking News on New Addictive Substances

Mladen Reports on the New Addictive Drugs Threatening Modern Society.

I subscribe to the work of Miaden, a great Wizzley author I respect and look to for an honest take on many topics. We share similar interest. After reading his moving article about the devastating advances on drugs in our society I was moved to write on the topic of addiction.

I know a bit about addiction as I've dealt with a few addicts in my time. I've lost a uncle who died of alcoholism, feel the reflecting pain from a sibling who's an alcoholic in denial and have watched a few good friends eat themselves to gigantic per-portions.  I mentioned my friend who's addicted to pain medication and in the most intense of denial.  It amazes me the degree to which an addict will cling to that denial, I often wonder if they themselves don't honestly believe their lies. The point being addiction is something we must condition our children to avoid and address as it rears its ugly head, all the while noting it can happen to anyone and they are empowered to deal with it. 

Read Miaden's amazing article to stay abreast as to the latest in addiction threats.

Scopolamine, one of new age deadly drugs, also known as Columbian Devil's Breath, brings new horrific abuse effects. Read what drug industry brings to our future!
Crocodile drug is horrible new drug on the market. It mutilates its user, and often it kills the addict after very first injection of this heroin alternative.

Do You Need a Sign?

Rehab Timeout
Women's: Rehab Timeout (Slim Fit)

How to Avoid Co-Dependency

The cycle of co-dependency can be avoided by taking a firm stand against any behavior that is not acceptable.

A Simple 1 - 2 Guide 

  1. Don't pass up honest teachable or boundary setting moments.
  2. People with addictive personalities constantly push boundaries, it is up to us not to allow them to do so.

It would be a perfect world in which none of us had to deal with addictions, addicts or the like, but this is not a perfect world. People with addictive personalities have a way of sneaking up on us, not to say they are bad people they are not. Addictive personalities should be treated with the same respect as any other medical condition. People with addictive personalities should not be considered a person who can handle what the non addictive person can. They have issues with certain substances and or behaviors and we must always keep this in consideration.

To avoid adding addictive personalities to your life consider the reality of the people you choose to associate with. Don't imagine a person who's behavior is over the top will change.  This sort of behavior may serve as a warning.  It's not that difficult to avoid addictive people, the first step is not to exercise denial yourself. 

How to Make a Difference

Deep down it eats at us all, we want to stop addiction and point out the addiction others feel they hide.

Examples of Change

If you realize your teenage daughter eats an entire box of Twinkies you would undoubtedly want to stop buying Twinkies. Talk to her about the dangers of overeating, adding anyone can fall victim to such binge eating and the way to deal with it is to avoid the foods you binge on all together. This is a really natural healthy way to address such habits and prevent them from occurring again.

Your friend drinks to much one night while you are out. Point out they in fact did over do it and you don't expect that to happen again.  Never ignore unhealthy addictive behavior yet discuss it instead. 

If your alcoholic or substance addicted friend or relative thinks their addiction goes unnoticed, don't pretend with them, in fact set them down and tell them you notice they have a drinking or substance problem and should get help to stop.  Have an intervention!

As long as we, the society, over look this problem or choose not to get involved we contribute to the pains it creates. It truly takes a village in more ways than one. Stopping the epidemic of addiction stops the demand, thus the supply.

Updated: 10/29/2018, katiem2
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katiem2 on 08/27/2012

Arlene, That's a good addiction to have. You can work out a great many things via writing. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences.

SeanMac on 07/22/2012

A very helpful resource for anyone in a difficult relationship. Sometimes you do not realise that you are codependent. Excellent work, as always.

katiem2 on 05/29/2012

DebbieBrooks, I will maintain the most positive of thoughts for you. your friend and her kids, what a sad way to live. Thanks for reading

DebbieBrooks on 05/24/2012

My best friends husband is an alcoholic... he is only getting worse...I fear for my friend and her children,. thanks for a great article

katiem2 on 05/24/2012

Glenda. It is indeed sad to watch a couple fall into those roles and feel powerless to do anything. Denial is deeply rooted by this phase. But there is always hope and a good reason to find a way to get across to this couple you've mentioned. I should write something about it. Thanks for commenting.

Glenda on 05/22/2012

It's so sad to watch codependency. I know a couple, she's an addict and her partner covers for her in every regard. I learned his mother was an alcoholic and died by drinking herself to a young end. It breaks my heart to watch him work so hard to make his wife seem normal. I feel its a bitter cycle and so sad how both the addict and the codependent come together.

katiem2 on 05/19/2012

Cindy, Thank you :)

CindyMurdoch on 05/18/2012

It is so easy to become addicted to things, especially when we use those things to bring us solace. And most often, until you are ready to deal with the underlying causes of the addition, it will manifest. I think the hardest addition to fight, although they are all a tremendous uphill battle, is an addition to food. Most substances that you are addicted to you can avoid - food is not one of those substances. You did such a thorough job of covering this subject.

katiem2 on 05/17/2012

Miaden, I too have an intense intellectual curiosity leading me to write and write some more... Thanks for your contribution to my thoughts on addiction.

Mladen on 05/17/2012

Well, Katie, as always you surprise us by the ablity to write about these hot topics in our society. It is really easy to become addicted to something today. I couldn't explain why is it. Todays market searches for ways to make something more and more attractive to buyers. So, chocolate is more sweet today, than 20 years ago. Vidieo games are way more superior than those 10 years ago, etc.
With the improvement of science, drugs become way more powerful and mind controling then few years ago.
YOu have put great advices about how to deal with this disease.

Am I addicted to writing? :) I ask myself a lot about it. It is more like hunger for information. And it is simple then to share them. ;)

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