Colombian Devil's Breath | New Age Deadly Drugs: Scopolamine

by Mladen

Scopolamine, one of new age deadly drugs, also known as Columbian Devil's Breath, brings new horrific abuse effects. Read what drug industry brings to our future!

Scopolamine AKA Devil's Breath: World's Scariest Drug?

Introduction to new age deadly drug: scopolamine!

Scopolamine is medical substance synthesized from a tree called Datura or Burgmansia. Its extract is called burundanga. Scopolamine is known to the science for its strong anticholinergic effects (muscarinic antagonist). This substance is known in pharmacology as tropane alcaloid drug.

In recent years, this substance is reported to be used as powerful mind-controlling drug. The largest number of reported cases of scopolamine abuse comes from world's largest drug producer: Colombia. This is not by some coincidence, since the Datura tree can be found in large amount in this South American country. Datura is common plant in woods around Bogotá, but can also be found in the streets of this country's capital. 

It is known, for a long time already, that this substance has strong psychogenic effects, creating powerful, often unpleasant hallucinations. Person overdosed by scopolamine enters the state similar to hypnosis: in some scientific circles called medicine induced hypnosis. Unlike the hypnosis, in this case person is completely conscious, but with blocked free will.

Its dosage is something that is counted in micro-grams, and overdosing is easy to achieve. It is easily administrated: intravenous, oral, transdermal administration. 

In Colombia this substance goes under street name: Devil's Breath!

In Colombia it is called Devil's breath. This name comes from the fact that most people use airways for transmission to their victims, whom they will mug or rape later, after effects come to action. This is  thought to be the perfect drug, and many people in Colombia are afraid of becoming victim of it. It is illegal drug, used by criminals to control their victims in order to easily achieve their goals. 

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Scopolamine, also known as levo-duboisine, and hyoscine, is a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects. It is among the secondary metabolites of plants

Read more about Scopolamine AKA Devil's Breath drug on Wikipedia!

Datura: source of scopolamine (devil's breath)
Datura: source of scopolamine (devil's breath)

Effects of This New Age Deadly Drug Called Devil's Breath

In science it is known as Scopolamine.

Devil's Breath is street name for scopolamine, medical substance with strong anticholinergic effects. It is not famous for these anticholinergic, but other: hypnotic side effects. The latter ones are the reason this substance is considered as one of the world's most dangerous drugs. On the other hand, its powerful sedation is cause of death in numerous cases of over-dosage. 

Devil's Breath is turning its victims into mindless zombies; this is claimed by people who dealt with it.

Known for its strong hypnotic impact on the person used on, scopolamine is in recent years more and more used by law offenders: muggers and rapists

Person under its influence is completely conscious, with preserved memory and social acting, while with completely blocked free will. This condition is used to manipulate with such people, ordering them to empty their ATMs, or to "accept" to have intercourse with attacker (one willingly becomes rapped). 

Victim's behavior and looking seem completely appropriate to someone not introduced with their condition, so they are not attracting attention.

After the effects are over, victims cannot recall any memory from the period between being drogged to the moment of waking up from this "hypnosis". This particular fact makes it perfect drug. 

Conclusion about criminal usage of scopolamine: Devil's Breath:

Criminals use this substance to drug their victims, thus putting them directly under their influence. Victim, then is ordered to do anything, which is complied by the drugged person. In this case the victim is even going to help the attacker or mugger in his crime. The next morning, victim won't be able to recall the momory of the events which happened during the time of intoxication. 

Crocodile Is an Other New Age Deadly Drug With Horrific Side Effects

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Devil's Breath is Also Known as Date Rape Drug!

Bogota's police department says there are more and more reported cases of rape done by previous application of scopolamine to the victims. It is easy to realize that this drug is powerful weapon in hands of rapists after reading about its effects on person. 

The most common usage in criminal circles of Colombia is as date rape drug. Places like night bars, bordellos, clubs and other, are becoming crime sceneries for the criminals in which hands scopolamine takes place where earlier was knife or gun. Its actions are sick, pervert and life threatening, having in mind that even slight mis-dosage can lead to death. It is unimaginable crime and art of cruelty done over one helpless person. 

Is the fact that victims "accepted" to be raped helping them to go easily trough this? No, I don't think so! Being raped AND played with your brain is worse crime than the regular rape. In the latter case one has ability do defend, and maybe even save herself. In this case this is almost impossible. 

Devil's Breath Will Force You Rob Your Own House!

Often, this new age deadly drug is used as a manipulation tool by muggers!

A man from Colombia brought his story to the news paper telling he woke up one morning only to see his apartment being emptied out. No furniture, nothing! In shock he went downstairs to ask building manager what happened, but the answer he was given froze him in place. 

It is ease to administrate scopolamine in form of dust. Every contact in streets can result in inhaling small quantity of air transmitted dust. In two minutes, targeted person will become extremely suggestible. Scopolamine dust is odorless, tasteless and colorless.

Manager told him he and three of his friends took all the furniture from apartment into the the truck, which then was taken away by them. During whole this action, man who was robbed didn't send any signs, and he appeared completely normal and sane to the manager.

A man, on the other hand, didn't remember any details from that afternoon. He was obviously victim of new age deadly drug: scopolamine. Mind playing, devastating new drug on the criminal markets in Colombia

Scopolamine is Frequently Used in Medicine

Patients use extremely small dosages for their conditions, which cannot lead to previously described symptoms.

In medicine, this substance is used for:

  • easing pain,
  • recovery from anesthesia and operations,
  • treating motion sickness,
  • part of the therapy of Parkinsonism,
  • spastic muscle states,
  • irritable bowel disease,
  • diverticulitis...

These positive therapeutic effects of scopolamine come from his anticholinergic effects in our organism. This means, this extract from borrachero tree will:

  • slow down intestinal motility,
  • decrease the secretion of fluids, such as tears and saliva,
  • block acetylcholine in the brain, which surplus is the essence of Parkinsonism,
  • increase the blood pressure,
  • relax the muscles...

The most common usage of this medication is for treating dizziness, vomiting and nausea as part of motion sickness. 


Datura: source of scopolamine (devil's breath)
Datura: source of scopolamine (devil'...
Datura: source of scopolamine (devil's breath)
Datura: source of scopolamine (devil'...

Myth, urban legend or truth? Is Scopolamine new age deadly drug?

While there are hundreds of reported cases of rapes and robbery done under the influence of Deavil's Breath, there is actually no direct proof this drug was used in such procedures. It is well known, victims of such crimes can go trough the emotional trauma of such magnitude, which then can turn their memory off! 

But still, there are lots of testimonies and stories told by people in Colombia, and recently in Norway and Thailand, that could be actual proofs for these effects. 

Legends tell that it has been used in the ancient history, when kings and emperors of South American lands were buried with their staff. After the death of king, complete his staff would go with him into the grave. It is thought extract from borrachero tree was used to "force them to willingly follow this ritual". 

Scientists who are researching these trees and their extract in Colombia, claim that this is what is called perfect drug on black market. 

Usage of scopolamine during early 20th century:

During early 20th century, this substance was used to "ease" labor pain in women. Actually it wouldn't act as anesthetic. Women would still feel the same amount of pain, but they wouldn't remember it after giving the birth to their babies.

It found its place in treating heroin addiction. The idea was to put the patients under the influence for 2-3 days to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal and then treat them with required medication.

Later scientist were considering using scopolamine in treating nicotine addiction. 

What Is Addiction and How to Deal With IT?

Story written by Katie: great wizzley writer!

I always respect Katie's word. She simply knows what are hot topics today, and she brings them to us in her own style, writing about them straightforward; not accusing, but advising; not hiding anything, but revealing; always putting a bit of herself and her own experience in those articles. 

This time Katie writes about addiction and a war on addiction. What to do when you see someone close sinking into the dark waters of addiction? How to realize you are an addict, and how to help yourself? That and more you can read in her article: 

Avoid Co-Dependency The War on Addiction

Regardless of the addiction it is extremely hard to live with someone who is addicted to anything. The role of co-dependent is an easy role to fall into, learn how to avoid it now.

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Lea on 04/18/2014

i think I am being a victim of this drug. im scared. im only 19. met a guy in santa fe nm. usa. and now its almost been a year. we are engaged nd going to get married. I used to barely sleep. but now I sleep the whole ight and I still feel so exhausted. I think im going crazy. his family is crazy too.i think they are all apart of something but I cant figure it out. I heard him talking to his uncle and said the words "just sell her. that or kill her". bt he seems like the best guy ever. he saved me. and im just really scared. so in a way I know what is going on. what is happening to me. but I ignore it. I would rather live in my retend world and ignore whats happenng to me. like being rapped when im sleeping. because id be nothing without him. is this such dependence I talk about from the drug?!!!! or am I just pathetic?.either way. being drugged. and having god knows what done to me. and not remembering is better for me I guess. I know what happens to me though because I wake up with really bad pains "down there" and im not sure what else to say. I think ive also been gangraped by his frends too. but not remembering anything is what drives me the most crazy.... wish I could tell someone but everyone just thinks im insane. im worried that if this goes on much longer I wont be around much longer either. I cant take it anymore. I can only pretend so long but yet my emotions will drag me to hell anyways. ___ please help.

Mladen on 07/23/2012

I am sorry to hear that. This substance has been used for a centuries in southern and eastern parts of country. Today it is used in almost every part of the country. Information that I have come from the capital (Bogota).
But you need to know that in modern world, drugs travel all around the world, so you can find them in London, Moscow...

For example, in Bogota, you can find trees on the street and in parks, which are used for extraction of Scopolamine.

All the best!

Jen on 07/23/2012

Where is this Devil's Breath being used besides Columbia? I ask this because last year I had something extremely horrible happen to me that I was unable to prove. All I know is that the symptoms that have been described in this article sound EXACTLY like what I went through. If you have any other info about this drug like where it's been used or victims cases, that would be greatly appreciated.

brian on 06/20/2012

I can remember someone with a pretty girl from Columbia comming into a pub and getting me to inhale something from a bottle,i was asked lots of questions ,i was also told to look out for a guy on a motor bike with a sqwiggly line painted through it ,It was like all my friends around me had been victim of this and they began to tell me things that related to the actual time this was done in the club,i was then in a nother pub after and i had a knife pointed into my back and was told to drink a drink that i saw the person put white powdered substance into ,when this was first done in the first pub i forgot all about it ,but do remember the woman saying that all the information she told me would relay back to me ,i drunk it i had no choice ,3 days later i went off my head ,i was taken to hospital ,and because i use to dabble in the odd bit of speed ,i was told it was amphetamine psychosis,Like hell was it ,these people i know there names had extracted information from me and said they would show me what a wank my friends were worth ,they also recorded me ,on tape,later i see these people all getting arrested ,one was shot at and another accidentally fell for a tower block ,I don't believe he fell i think he was controlled by these people ,i also remember one of my friends kept saying to me if ever you see a car with the boot open get away its gonna blow up ,the nest day i went to a shopping center with a different friend and see a flash car in the car park with the boot open ,and noone was near the car ,I Believe this was some kind of columbian hit performed on me ,to drive me mad ,and it did im still medicated for this 13 years later ,
this is true to my word and i am in the uk ,but i was when i inhaled this from a bottle that this woman had been brought over from columbia ,there was a reason they did this to me and all it was was because i had said something to someone about this person ,fking sick idiots, LETS face it if its been around in columbia for ages them bastards know how to use it ,I have yet to meet someone who may come forward as a witness ,but when they spiked my drink noone seems to know nothing only me ,just how they said it would be ,And if ever i have the sher misfortune to stumble across these idiots again i will kill them,as i havent seen or heard of them since ,but i know there familly members are still in the area .

zteve on 05/18/2012

I had never heard of this drug and am shocked and appalled by what I have read. This is a little known though important topic and I thank you for bringing it to public attention.

Tolovaj on 05/18/2012

@Mladen: Thanks for the offer, it happens I had a chance to work for some time in pharmacy too (and I am BS in Chemistry by education), so I know some stuff but I am trying to concentrate on other areas at the moment. Maybe we can join forces at some other project...
And you are perfectly right. With more and more data things can become too complicated (I just wrote an article as Top 10 list and it should be Top 15 really, LOL).

Mladen on 05/17/2012

@ Lee:
I have no data that point to scopolamine being used in UK. I know some cases of its abuse in Norway and Belgium and Thailand. In case of Norway, it was actually overdose by medication, and had complitely different symptoms.
Even in Colombia, only few very wicked bands and as you said scumbags use it. Other people, tough criminals, obviously are aware of its lethal effects. People in Colombia know a lot about this drug, but they also know it is hard to control it. Even slight mis-dosage leads to death. It is mostly used by prostitutes, and people living on the margine: homeless. Drug is cheap, thus on disposal to those groups.
Rohypnol has similar effects. Both benzodiazepines and scopolamin have similar indications in medicine. They both are used in treating some psychiatric disorders.

Mladen on 05/17/2012

@ Tolovaj:
Sure, there is no substance in nature that belongs to only one region. But in this case scopolamin's concentration is the highest in Colombian trees. Not only datura, but few other too. They are all from the same family of trees: Solanaceae.
I didn't want to complicete this article with lots of latin words, and plant names that are completely strange and confusing to most of internet population. The point was to share my knowledge about the abuse of scopolamine, and the stories that are becoming louder and louder.
I know this substance from experience of medical worker I am for 4 years now. I was surprised to hear about the other side of it, to be honest.
It is truth there were stories about experimenting in Germany in WWII with this drug, and later it was being used as truth serum. But they have found that "truth" that was told by interogated men was more based on halucinations, then on real events. Scopolamine is powerful halucinogenic drug.

Thank you for your insight. I would be happy to place a module in article written by you with credits to you, if you decide to write down information you've got about this substance.


Lee on 05/17/2012

What an eye opener! Are any of these drugs being used in the uk? I have never heard of them before. I know Rohipnol is used as a date rape drug . It's disgusting and there doesn't seem to be anything to stop these wicked ,evil, scumbags.

Mladen on 05/17/2012

@ Katie:
I think we all agree with you, K. It is important to learn as much as possible about your enemy, and to approach to modern kids with lots of background on a subject. These kids today often consider they know a lot more than their parents. If they see you know what you are talking about, they will trust you more.

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