Pearltrees | New Cute Social Bookmarking Website

by Mladen

The coolest one among dozens of social bookmarking websites, Pearltrees, sets new standards to this area. Use it to socialize, bookmark your interest and to have fun!

Is it just me, or these are the times when little or none is done to improve the look of existing bookmarking websites. Not just that, but most of them are going back to earlier designs, or even giving up on image based links (like Delicious did it with stacks).
I don't know, but I surely was excited to try out this relatively new bookmarking tool: the Pearltrees. It fun, cute, easy to handle, easy to share, and easy to socialize with PT community. Use it to attract new readers to your blogs and articles, but also to share interests and meet new people.

Pearltrees | New Cute Social Bookmarking Website
Pearltrees | New Cute Social Bookmarking Website

Recently, many of bookmarking websites I used, were either closed down, or put under construction and remodeling to something rather not usable. First in the line was famous Digg. I loved that website, and my bookmarks were successful there, attracting impressive amount of traffic to my blog and my articles. That place is now something else, confusing, and not worth of spending time on it.

Later, Delicious was put under restoration, and it is not operative yet, and the planned date for the release of its new look was first week of the August, 2012. I even wrote about Delicious, how great social and bookmarking website that was. Now it is just another wasted opportunity.

These are just few examples of how little space there is to promote your articles, and share your interests with other people online.

But now, there is this new, cool, simple and cute Pearltrees, where you can organize your websites, images, movies and songs in the way you never could. Interactive, enjoyable, fantastic new way to keep everything important in one place. Easy accessible, and available for sharing with other members of Pearltrees' community.

Introduction to

New easy and fun way to organize and share your favorite links!

What is that special thing that Pearltrees has, that will make you love it at first sight? This social and bookmarking website is good looking, simple, and it lets you play with your bookmarks the way you want. Build new bookmarks, move them, rearrange them, move them to the various new categories you make, create branches, share them with other members of PT community, or even join with others on building the same pearltree!

The central area of the window belongs to a single main PEARL. Attaching new pearls to it (and every pearl is individual link to your favorite website, image, music video...) you can create a branching pearl, which will finally give pearltree.

Pearl this page is useful tool to easily add new link to your bookmark tree. It is placed within navigation toolbar after you download and instal pearltree plug-in. You can also paste destination link into the add new pearl bar on your profile page in PT. Add everything you like, and everything you want to share with your friends, and tweet it, or post it on FB afterwards.

Pearltree in Pearltrees: consisted of pearls which represent individual links
Pearltree in Pearltrees: consisted of...
Detail window in Pearltrees: gives more information about each selected pearl
Detail window in Pearltrees: gives mo...

Check out more previews!

Introducing an excellent new way to build quality backlinks to your articles and blogs. Zujava is great new content publishing web site that will make you addicted to writing.

Pearltrees' Details Window

Use it to learn more about the pearl and where it leads to. Use preview option to check out what to expect to see behind the link.

To the right, and on the second image above, you can see the examples of a details window, which shows relevant information about each pearl. Here you can preview

Pearltrees' detail window

the link destination, use share buttons to create a post on FB, or send a tweet. Also, you can check out if anyone picked your pearl and added it to their collection. Read comments, and answer the questions about your link in this preview window.

When I joined this community, my first tree was about Wizzley. I created main pearl named

  pearltrees social and bookmarking website: My Online Places Wizzley, a writer's community. Later I started adding more links: links to my articles here on W. This was completely new branch to my tree My Online Places.

It is fun to watch your pearltree grow with new links, and to plan out the shape of it. Useful, and amusing experience, I must say.

How to Engage With Members of Pearltrees' Community?

This social bookmarking website is right place for those who love sharing things online.

Your pearls and the titles you choose for them will connect you with other similar pearls, and you can check them under Related Pearltrees Tab (you can found it at the top of the window). This will take you to the field of numberless PTs, whit your selected PT in the center. This means you are looking at the all pearls that are somehow related to your own, the one you selected before clicking on Related PT tab.

You can now choose to add particular pearl to your collection, you can connect with other people, and share your ideas and collections with them, or you can team-up on building shared pearltree with other members that share interests with you.

Browse for Related Pearltrees and engage with people
Browse for Related Pearltrees and eng...

Are you ready to use this cute social bookmarking website?

Can I Use to Create Quality Backlinks, or To Improve Google Ranking?

I am afraid not. This bookmarking website runs in flash, and it is not accessible for Google to detect links, and follow them. But it is great way to attract new readers by making contacts with members, and sharing your pearltrees with them.

As most of similar communities, this too, offers only possibility to engage with people and get new fans of your work, new readers and friends.

Try It, and Then Come Back and Let Me Know What Do You Think!

Join now and start bookmarking!

It is FREE!

© Copyright Mladen Stajic 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Updated: 01/28/2013, Mladen
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Mladen on 11/11/2012

You and I share few niches, especially that one about contemporary art and surrealism. We could meet there and do a pearltree about it together.
To be honest I am still learning about the website, but should be able to propose more in near future. And then we could share our experience with other readers here, or in the new article.
Possibilities, possibilities, possibilities. :D

katiem2 on 11/11/2012

WOW the more I use it the more I like it! It's such a cool new toy. I imagine anyone finding out about it will love it, hotter than pinterest or just as hot...

Mladen on 11/11/2012

Hi, Katie!
It really is something new, and addictive. But it is a possible powerful tool for bringing more readers to your article. Backlinks are not that important any longer, and if you get more readers this way, it is what we all are searching for. More and more places to show what we do, what we like, and to meat other people.
Of course, this will bring possible new customers to one's online stores...

Great to hear you from you, K!

katiem2 on 11/11/2012

Okay been there and signed up, it is a really cool site, the bright colors and images are very pleasing, feels positive and I like it. I'll let you know more as I use it. Thanks again. :)k

katiem2 on 11/11/2012

Cool, Thanks Miaden for delivering the 411 on the new up and coming pearltrees, sounds like their implementing the latest mode of information transportation that being sharing and social networking. The ability to add images, videos and websites. Sounds very promising and something I will certainly be joining.

While this is not a source for back linking it offers the very thing we content providers need to launch ourselves forward. The ability to gain new readers helps to brand ourselves as writers, the all important goal plus be shared via public social media the likes of which is the current goal. Good Stuff, Smart FIND!

The THING with what we do is the constant change and evolution of the process. It's all par for the course. Keeps things from getting boring :) K

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