Customized Artistic Placemats from My Zazzle Collection

by Mladen

Buy these unique, customized, artistic placemats. Find more products you may like in my Zazzle collection!

Welcome to M&I Zazzle Store!

We create our own designs, and then upload them on Zazzle products!

My girlfriend and I opened Zazzle store in April this year. M&I Zazzle store was one of our first ways to earn some money on-line. At first we didn't know what Zazzle was. We heard a lot about it, but we waited for quite long time until we finally decided to go there on Zazzle, and open our own online store.

We were thrilled after our first contact with this print-on-demand website: Zazzle. It was something completely new we were dealing with. We have finally found the way to make our artistic ideas into the action, and earn from it. 

Soon we had dozens of products set for selling with our own designs on them. We use Photoshop and similar programs to make large, high quality images for Zazzle products. We hope you like them!

Customized Artistic Placemats on Zazzle
Customized Artistic Placemats on Zazzle

About Designs Used for These Customized Artistic Placemats

I make high resolution .JPEG and .PNG files for the best Zazzle experience!

This time I didn't make abstract art for my Zazzle products, but instead, I made designs using turtle and flower elements mixed with textual notes. Textual notes are completely customizable, allowing you to change any text you see on products. You can add your own text, or even personalize these artistic placemats but placing your own name, or the names of your loved ones. Be creative; with our customized, artistic Zazzle placemats there are dozens of possibilities.

As stated before I use photoshop, PicMonkey and other similar designing programs to create design for items I sell. These images are in .JPEG and .PNG format, over 3M large, in high resolution. I don't do resizing, and stretching of any kind, to avoid loosing product quality. 

Placemats Specifications:

  • Size 20”x14”.
  • 100% woven cotton.
  • Made from natural fibers, which may not result in irregularities
  • Handmade by single USA
  • Machine washable.
  • Price: 19.95 USD.

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Why Should You Buy Customized Artistic Placemats on Zazzle?

Zazzle is place where you can buy high quality placemats and other products designed by its members!

There is at least one simple reason why you should buy customized artistic placemats on Zazzle! This is place where you know you will get items made only of the best materials. Besides that, what you see is what you get! Every product is preview in large high definition image, where any flaw is noticeable. 

These artistic placemats are perfect for your kitchen table. it will be great addition to your new dining room set. They are colorful, bright, and your children will adore them! Buy placemats as gift to someone you care about, or get a set for your greater dining pleasure! 

Help brake the chain of poverty for single moms and their children! These products are made by single moms in USA to help them go trough the unemployment!

M&I Zazzle Store
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Updated: 05/12/2012, Mladen
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Mladen on 05/15/2012

@ Tolovaj:
This relaxes my mind and sets the wall between me and real life problems for at least those 1 to 2 hrs I do these products.
It is enjoyable and relaxing activity. :) You were right!

Mladen on 05/15/2012

@ Katie: It is really simple to make interesting Zazzle products. You just need to have imagination for that. I am not an artist. Something I like what I make, sometimes I don't. I know only those basics of photoshop. And I use them here. Everything you can see on my products came out of that program. Photoshop has lots of useful brushes you can use to draw almost anything.

Tolovaj on 05/15/2012

And I can tell one simple reason why you created these cute customized artistic placemats... Because you enjoyed it!

It can be seen and you have to admit it:)

katiem2 on 05/15/2012

Place mats do look awesome on the table and send the message I care and your special because place mats add that extra something making meal time special. I love the turtle art, it would be very interesting to learn from some tutorials here at Wizzley as to what programs you use to develop your Zazzle products.

Mladen on 05/14/2012

Making Zazzle products is quite relaxing thing to do. It helps you grow your creative part of the brain too. :)
Thank you for your kind comment!

sheilamarie on 05/14/2012

I love to make Zazzle products. These placemats are great, and it's good to know who you are supporting when you buy them.

Mladen on 05/14/2012

You are right about kids. We all love placemats. Don't we? They just look awesome on kitchen table!

katiem2 on 05/14/2012

I love placemats. I've used them for every meal since I became a Mom. Placemats are a great opportunity to engage our children in one of life's most enriching experiences, family meal time and thoughtful conversations. What a lovely product.

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