Gorjuss Girls Merchandise from Santoro London

by Mira

By Mira at Wizzley. Gorjuss journals, notepads, zip purses, dolls, mugs, and more, from Santoro London. Great gifts for girly girls. Artwork by Suzanne Woolcott.

I love cute small notebooks, and I always need a new supply, as I use them to jot down notes when I visit a new place, an art gallery, and when I go to a lecture. When I travel I go through a number of thin ones, as I visit various museums, jotting quickly so as not to hold up too much my travel partner. I also try to record, as quickly as I can, daily events (of which there are so many on a trip) and some observations at the end of the day. Now and then, I also use notebooks for journal entries.

I've always been like this. Well, since my teenage days. In the beginning I didn't pay much attention to what memo books I used, because there wasn't much to choose from here in Romania in the early nineties. Any blank travel notebook did the job. Well, but then, when I got to travel abroad, I discovered cute notebooks. And I was hooked.

Gorjuss Journal -- New Heights

Only $30.24

Gorjuss Journals

Two decades on, I still like and use girly notebooks. And nowadays stationery stores do carry a range of such merchandise. In recent years, some of them are also importing girly merchandise that covers much more than just stationery. With Gorjuss, for instance, you have journals, pocket notebooks or various sizes, notepads, greeting cards, as well as dolls, zip purses, trinket boxes, coasters, emery boards (nail files), lip balm, and large shopping bags, among other Gorjuss girly girl gifts and accessories.

Santoro Gorjuss Greeting Card, Little Bunny

Only $5.45

Gorjuss Greeting Cards

Amazon has a nice selection of Gorjuss greeting cards, all of them created by Suzanne Woolcott. I have to say I'm puzzled as to why her girly girls don't have a mouth (read: voice). I do wonder why they aren't styled, as far as facial features go, more like Coraline, for instance. It is, indeed, puzzling that journals and notebooks meant to capture a girl's voice present the girl without a voice. I know I'm reading too much into it, but it's a design decision I don't understand, especially as the girls are more than just doll figures. More about that in a minute.


Other than that, I find Suzanne Woolcott's artwork for Gorjuss rather appealing.

Some cards are inspired by various books, and one design, titled "New Heights," has the Gorjuss girl literally on a stack of books. I'm showing here "White Rabbit," inspired by the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, and "Because She Is My Rose," inspired by Little Prince. Unfortunately, they are not available at this time from Amazon (i.e. the time of this update, December 17, 2020).

Because She Is My Rose – currently unavailable

Only $4.25

White Rabbit – currently unavailable

Only $4.25

Santoro Gorjuss Trinket Boxes

I love trinket boxes, especially as some of us girls do like to keep certain mementoes such as certain mărțișoare I've received over the years. The latter are good luck charms we give each other on March 1, and wear the whole month of March -- or used to; hardly anyone wears them on their jacket anymore. But they remain our way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Men give them to women usually (together with a bouquet of spring flowers -- snowdrops, hyacinths, or freesias, mostly -- or other popular flowers such as tulips): to their partners, colleagues, classmates, teachers, but girl friends give each other mărțișoare as well. More on this tradition in another article.

Back to trinket boxes. I've been using for mărțișoare and other odds and ends STR8 aftershave tins and one round cookie tin I received as a gift once as well as other various metal containers.

These trinket tins can also be used to store jewelry. If you know a girly girl who makes jewelry, she might like to use them to offer a special gift to someone, so consider getting her these Gorjuss tins as a gift.

If she's using gem stones, for instance, to make necklaces, the value of the box will nicely complement the value of the necklace. It will be a nice way for your girlie friend to present the gift to someone else.

Storage Tins – currently unavailable

Gorjuss Set of 3 Storage Tins by Gorjuss

Gorjuss Pencil/Cosmetic Cases

If you know a middle grader, preteen, or teen who likes to read, she may enjoy gifts with the "Found My Family in a Book" theme. Amazon sells a pencil case / cosmetic case from this collection. 

There are other case designs as well. I'm thinking this particular accessory could make a great gift for a girl's birthday or for Christmas if you don't know what else she would like. You can put some cash in, and offer her the purse that way. Some people are happier when they receive money. If the girl you want to get a birthday or Christmas present is like that, then "wrapping" the money in this cute cosmetic case is a great idea.

Just Bee-Cause – pencil / cosmetic case

Only $14.99

Santoro Gorjuss Cylinder Case

Only $27.18

Gorjuss Seven Sisters 200-Piece Puzzle, Age 6 and up

$52.99  $36.0

Gorjuss 200-Piece Puzzles

This 200-piece puzzle designed by Santoro is aimed at girls six-years-old and up. It's probably the first age group for which these Gorjuss products are creates. As I've commented in this article, this whole Gorjuss collection with artwork by Suzanne Woolcott doesn't look like it's been designed primarily for the very young, even though some items may seem to target this age group in particular. In fact, this whole Gorjuss merchandise from Santoro, London is quite popular with girls of all ages.

More Gorjuss Stationery, Gifts, and Accessories

The Gorjuss dolls are rather cute, too. They do carry a hefty price tag, however. As I see most gorgeous dolls do nowadays -- not the case when I was growing up, but then they weren't dressed up in cute clothes or traditional dolls like the brand-name dolls of today; my dolls were dressed in my grandma's knitting, who was quite amazing at creating itsy-bitsy pieces of clothing with very thin yarn. That said, I've rather fallen for one of the Gorjuss dolls (shown below) and would be happy to be able to offer it to the young girls in my life.

Gorjuss also makes notepads and hardcover notebooks. I remember how excited I was as a young teenager when I found a colorful pad with a drawing profiled in the background. I know we live in a very digital age, but details like this are little things that make preteens -- as well as younger girls and young women -- happy.

And the mugs. Well, cute mugs make everyone happy!

Gorjuss Doll Bluebirds Proposal

Only $149.5

Gorjuss Hardcover Notebook Bubble Fairy

Only $17.99

Gorjuss Wildwood Tall Mug

Only $16.5

Hope You've Enjoyed This Presentation

I hope you have enjoyed this little presentation of Gorjuss Santoro products. I won't end this article without showing you a mug as well -- equally perfect for tea for a six-year-old and for the girly girl who's not a teenager anymore. 

And if you're a father or grandfather shopping for a birthday or Christmas gift for your preteen or teenager daughter or niece, you have a great chance of not going amiss with this merchandise if the girl in question likes cute things.

And if you're shopping for yourself, well, I hope this article has given you some great ideas. Enjoy the gorgeous Gorjuss lineup from Santoro, London!

Updated: 12/21/2020, Mira
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Mira on 06/16/2016

Nice insights. Yes, given how the mind of children operates, I can see how they would turn these characters into anything they want them to be.
P.S. Thank you for commenting on this page. I have checked the links and some were broken. Have fixed them and added some new products as well. Thanks again.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/16/2016

Mira, It's fun when a theme has many product lines, such as all the possibilities with Gorjuss girl, for those who like collections. Two interpretations of the mouthlessness are an influence, albeit conscious or not, or children being seen but not heard and the possibility of the purchaser, as the guest in the comments below, serving as the voice.

Mira on 09/28/2013

A notebook always comes handy, even though nowadays a lot of us tend to use our cameras more to record stuff: program of a film festival at a movie theater, an inspiring dish on a menu, or the dish itself, and so on. But still, there are places, such as art museums or galleries, where you want to write down a few impressions. These Santoro notebooks are great because they're not too thick or heavy. And they're really fun and good quality. :)

WriterArtist on 09/28/2013

I love the little girl featured on Gorjuss girls merchandise. I think I ought to carry a small notebook when I am traveling to record something that I would like to relate later.

Mira on 05/19/2013

Yes, I think they make great gifts for girly girls of all ages :)

kimbesa on 05/19/2013

Very sweet designs, and I'd not heard of Gorjuss Journal before.

Mira on 05/16/2013

Glad you like them! :) I've been very happy with the Gorjuss notebooks so far :)

katiem2 on 05/16/2013

Sweet indeed, I have two girls who are sure to fall in love with gorjuss girls merchandise. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Mira on 04/30/2013

:) They're sweet, aren't they? :) Thank you for visiting, Peggy!

PeggyHazelwood on 04/30/2013

What darling artwork! Thanks for the introduction to Gorjuss Girls.

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