OpenAI and Watermarks

by Jo_Murphy

Play a little, work a little, be inspired a little, and all the while use the AI appropriately.

In this article, I claim it is not the image that counts but the theme the artworks fit into. I also make the point that if an artist hits on a great idea, he or she is likely to paint that and put it into an exhibition. AI is an experimental thinking tool that assists with design but certainly is not the be-all and end-all. What do you think?

Let's Get Essek's opinion

Will he take the poll?

Essek 's AI brain dump for this week states that this is the bottom line: .....AI generated artwork isn't legally equal to hand-drawn designs, so act accordingly. He says contact him if you disagree. I don't really agree or disagree, I am experimenting and being very careful in the way I conduct my experiments. I usually mention it if the base images are generated by AI. It doesn't actually protect me at all. I just like to be upfront. It is like being in limbo isn't it?

Michael can you surf over to this article 

Artificial Intelligence a Boost or Curse for Modern Artists

Scroll down and take the poll?

I would really appreciate it!

OpenAI announces they will be adding metadata watermarks (not visible watermarks) to Dall-e-3 generated images.

Not a biggy says Michael Essek

In his latest newsletter, Michael Essek said that this is not a big deal. It is easy enough to strip away the meta data  and all designers will be redesigning the material that is spurted out by AI. For example, I have begun a theme in RedBubble called Star Signs. I generated this image (and many others) in Dream Up Clay Maker. 


 But by the time I finished creating my design, it turned out like this. There has been some work done, but I don't really expect that this will protect my copyright.








Essek says, the issue of provenance in ai-generated content is a hot one, and it’s probably going to stay that way for a while. And it is this issue of copyright that we have been discussing here in this article about AI.   Essek suggests that the issues surrounding the use of AI might spill over into design platform Redbubble, The questions are tricky and they won't be answered any time soon, he suggests. 

I use AI because it is fun

I use Ai when I am stressed and pushed for time. Sometimes I use it just because I can.

But this doesn't mean that I have no scruples, or that I don't care about my work! Not all. Take this joke for example, knowing that the theme of the day would be 'cat jokes' I used DreamUp to generate these cats. 

I wanted cats that were talking. And so eventually the image morphed into this cartoon among other things.

Themes don't take place in a vacuam

RedBubble - Zazzle and much, much more!

If you go to this collection on Zazzle you will see the designer T Shirt in the context of a whole collection for HIM. It is the collection, and the story behind the collection, that give the products meaning and purpose. 

It is the theme and the context that count for me - not just one small element that is the image. 

In this sense I don't just spill out jokes - I think the whole thing through and play to an end product that will fill a niche. Most people who create these kinds of products are aware of the temporary novelty nature of the endeavour. 

But wat? Or is it? 

Think back to Andy Warhol and the manufactured nature of his art. His point was that artists live in a stream of creativity and then every so often they stop an think - this is the ONE! That is the real nature of POP Art too. Artists stop choose one of the designs and hand paint, or spray can paint those chosen minutes of creativity that really work, and it is these moments that end up in exhibitions and on websites such as Blue Thumb

 And so it goes - play a little, work a little, be in inspired a little, and use the art appropriately. 


The main thing is to be aware of the implications. If someone steals my little cats - so be it.

If someone steals my authentic painting of a seagull taking off. I have a lot of proof of ownership and I will act accordingly. 


Here is an example of the DreamUp creator. When you pay for Deviant Art you get 500 creations a month and four versions that create your prompt. 

This prompt was at least in part. Gold and Turquoise Leaf Tesselation.  After cutting, cleaning, flipping and joining the design will now be used in a variety of ways. 

Here is a link to Zazzle Collection using this kind of pattern 


Updated: 02/17/2024, Jo_Murphy
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Jo_Murphy 2 days ago

Yes - will get on to it!

DerdriuMarriner 3 days ago

That's so weird about the links listing the page as non-existent even as the article mustering up that bibliography and all the links perform beautifully.

But yes, it would be educationally entertaining for you to write about AI personalities (and personality types?)!

Jo_Murphy 8 days ago

Hi , Something has interfered with these links. However, I think you are asking me whether AI can have a personality. I have decided to write an article about that. Jo

Jo_Murphy 8 days ago

OK But what do you think about all of that?

DerdriuMarriner 8 days ago

Here's the other 5 sources in case you look beyond the youtube segment you made available -- Thank you! -- in the comment box below.

“Nadine: Singapore University Creates Lifelike Robot Modelled to Look Like Her Creator.” MSN > News > ABC News > Dec. 31, 2015.

NewsBeat Social. 30 December 2015. "Meet Nadine: Researchers in Singapore Build Companion Robot." YouTube.

Scalise, Joseph. 30 December 2015. “New ‘Social Robot’ Has an Actual Personality.” Science Recorder > Technology > Robotics.

Shukla, Vikas. 31 December 2015. “Singapore Scientists Develop Nadine, an Emotionally Intelligent Humanoid Robot.” Value Walk > Science.

Tan, Avianne. 31 December 2015. “Human-like Robot ‘Nadine’ Who Has a ‘Personality, Mood and Emotions’ Unveiled in Singapore.” ABC News > Technology.

Jo_Murphy 9 days ago
I'll bet this becomes 'a thing'
as for the second 'thing' I don't understand the Nanyang Technological University
Could you explain?

DerdriuMarriner 9 days ago

Thank you!

So no hurt feelings, no pouting, no temper tantrums (hopefully ever)!

But have you come across Nadine as emotionally intelligent humanoid robot and Nanyang Technological University receptionist?

Jo_Murphy 10 days ago

No. AI doesn't have emotions at this stage. Later I will show you how I change colours. RedBubble encourages different versions and colours.

DerdriuMarriner 10 days ago

That first image of your fish duo has them standing on a stone that may be interpreted as heart-shaped.

Your and your AI images of your fish-y twosome as is invite constant second, third ... looks and re-looks even as that rock suggests a compelling design for anniversary or Valentine cards or pillows or t-shirts.

Would AI have a meltdown or a temper tantrum over the above-mentioned image with pink, pink and red, red fishes?

Jo_Murphy 10 days ago

Um. It is unlimited in the sense that it can grow. I believe the possibility of AI morphing and growing is worrying people. They think that if the intelligence grows, it can think. Then it will be able to take us on as our enemy and not our friend.

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