The Eagles an All American Band

by katiem2

The Eagles an All American Band Posters, T-Shirts and Music get it all here plus interesting facts about the greatest all American band The Eagles.

An amazing long running rock and roll band formed in 1971 beginning their long journey as a all American band in Los Angeles California. Ask any American about the greatest rock band in America and they'll tell you, The Eagles is that group! The Eagles have created unforgettable hits such as Hotel California and still today the band rocks on.

The band members are;

Glenn Frey (fry)
Don Henley
Bernie Leadon
Randy Meisner
Timothy Schmit
Joe Walsh

The Eagles list of hit songs and albums is staggering and the band is said to be the best of the seventies. Listening to the story telling lyrics of the Eagles conjours up a many fond memory in the minds of their oldest fans and creates new beginnings for their youngest fans. The bands fan base is still growing strong today.

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Eagles - Hotel California

The Eagles History

The Eagles chose the band name in respect and admiration of The Byrds. Bernie Leadon the founding member had been in Dillard and Clark with former Byrds singer Gene Clark not to mention in the band The Flying Burrito Brothers with former Byrds Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Hillman and Michael Clark. The deep roots and beginnings with the Byrds gave birth to the highest of respectful nods naming the band The Eagles.  

Glen Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner were backup players for Linda Ronstadt in 1971 and it was then they decided to form their own band.


The Eagles early sound was a combination of country music and surf rock. They released their first album in 1972, it was a million-seller. Guitarist-vocalist Don Felder was added in 1974. Joe Walsh replaced Leadon in 1975, and Timothy B. Schmit replaced Randy Meisner in 1977. Can you name that first million seller?

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The Eagles Achomplishments

The Eagles have had a very impressive run of fame and fortune and the music plays on today.
  • The Eagles are one of the most successful recording artist with 5 number 1 singles and 6 number 1 albums.  They were without a doubt one of the most loved and successful bands of the 1970s.
  • By the end of the 20th century their albums, Their Greatest Hits and Hotel California fell among the 20 best selling albums in the recording history.  
  • The Eagles landed on The Rolling Stones list of The 500 Greatest Albums with Hotel California coming in at 37th plus the band itself weighed in at 75th on The Rolling Stones 2004 list of the Greatest 100 of all times.  
  • The best selling album to date in America is The Eagles Greatest Hits. The Eagles have created a very impressive history of both songs and lyrics. 

The Eagles Music - 93 Songs

The Eagles have been successfully making music from the time of their humble beginnings in the 70's to the current date.

The list of song titles written and performed by The Eagles is staggering.  

1. After The Thrill Is Gone

2. All Night Long

3. Already Gone

4. Best of My Love

5. Bitter Creek

6. Business As Usual

7. Busy Being Fabulous

8. Center Of The Universe

9. Certain Kind of Fool

10. Chug All Night

11. Desperado

12. Do Something

13. Doolin-dalton

14. Falling Down the Stairs

15. Fast Company

16. Frail Grasp On The Big Picture

17. Funky New Year

18. Get over It

19. Good Day in Hell

20. Guilty Of The Crime

21. Heartache Tonight

22. Hole in The World

23. Hollywood Waltz

24. Hotel California

25. How Long

26. I Can't Tell You Why

27. I Don`t Want To Hear Any More

28. I Dreamed There Was No War

29. I Love To Watch A Woman Dance

30. I Wish You Peace

31. In The City

32. Is It True

33. It`s Your World Now

34. James Dean

35. Journey of The Sorcerer

36. King Of Hollywood

37. Last Good Time In Town

38. Last Resort

39. Learn to Be Still

40. Life in The Fast Lane

41. Lie's Been Good

42. Long Road Out Of Eden

43. Love Will Keep Us Alive

44. Lyin' Eyes

45. Midnight Flyer 

46. Most of Us Are Sad

47. My Man

48. New Kid in Town

49. New Years Eve

50. New York Minute

51. Nightingale

52. No More Cloudy Days

53. No More Walks In The Wood

54. Ol' '55

55. On The Border

56. One of These Nights

57. Out of Control

58. Outlaw Man

59. Peaceful Easy Feeling

60. Pretty Maids All in a Row

61. Saturday Night

62. Seven Bridges Road

63. Somebody

64. Spank It

65. Take It Easy

66. Take It to The Limit

67. Take The Devil

68. Teenage Jail

69. Tequila Sunrise

70. The Best of My Love

71. The Disco Strangler

72. The Girl From Yesterday

73. The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks

74. The Heart Of The Matter

75. The King of Hollywood

76. The Last Resort

77. The Long Run

78. The Sad Cafe

79. Those Shoes

80. Too Many Hands

81. Train Leaves Here This Morning

82. Try & Love Again

83. Try And Love Again

84. Twenty-one

85. Victim of Love

86. Visions

87. Waiting In The Weeds

88. Wasted Time

89. What Do I Do With My Heart

90. Witchy Woman

91. You Are Not Alone

92. You Never Cry Like a Lover

93. Busy Being fabulous

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The Eagles A Great American Band Chat

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katiem2 on 08/10/2012

PDXJPrice, lol Hotel California is a great song, really cool that your Dad looks like Don Henley. One of my girl friends loves Don Henley.

PDXJPrice on 08/10/2012

My dad says that Hotel California is the greatest song of all time. He also looks like don henley... go figure

PDXJPrice on 08/10/2012

My dad says that Hotel California is the greatest song of all time. He also looks like don henley... go figure

katiem2 on 07/28/2012

Jerrico_Usher, lol, The Eagles are a great collection. The Eagles had 6 number one albums, I'm not certain as to how many albums they released, will have to research that one. I love many of the old bands, but The Eagles are a favorite as my writers heart loves the lyrics. They wrote some amazing songs. The Eagles are Timeless. I really like the song busy being fabulous, one of their recent songs. I'm off to see if I can get my hands on the video to include on this tribute.

Jerrico_Usher on 07/28/2012

download completed, I got 16 albums (are there more than that?) I'm stuck right now on the soundtrack to the amazing movie "Crash"... so soothing the music... great writer stuff too- I'll be lacing in eagles (playlist) soon... Hotel california is a great song!

katiem2 on 07/28/2012

Jerrico_Usher, The Eagles are a great band to listen to and be inspired by, glad to remind you about the Eagles, I think I'll listen to them now myself.

Jerrico_Usher on 07/28/2012

You do realize that you've forced me to download the eagles entire discography and for the next 7 days or so I'll be listening to eagles non stop as I work :)

I love the eagles music, it's kick back and relaxing with an energy component. A dopamine fix with every one of their chart toppers :) thanks for bringing the eagles to the surface again, I was looking for a new band to listen to... I've probably heard 30 of their 93 songs...

katiem2 on 07/19/2012

Kim, I agree when I put this list together I was amazed as to how many songs they have performed and recorded. An amazing career.

Kim on 07/19/2012

I had no idea the eagles had such an extensive play list. I will be checking them out on iTunes.

BrendaReeves on 07/18/2012

I do the same thing. I take my laptop on vacation with me. I'd probably have withdrawals if I didn't.

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