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by katiem2

Today we discuss the topic of decadent high end chocolates. Find out how to get your hands on the best quality chocolates for the best prices. Get great deals on chocolate now.

Today we discuss the topic of really good decadent high end chocolates, you know the kind worth eating. If chocolate is what you crave only real chocolate will satisfy. Many candy makers are compromising the quality of the chocolate they make by reducing the amount of real cocoa butter they use. This cost cutting practice seriously compromises taste. A chocolate without cocoa butter is not a chocolate at all and will leave you unsatisfied. If you’re going to eat chocolate it’s gotta be worth eating, am I right? Settle in as we cover the best high end chocolates and a few common grocery store brands that are tantalizing and meet the chocolate lovers need to indulge.

It's not in your head, you crave chocolate for a very good reason during your period. Learn why your brain sends the message to your body to eat chocolate and what you should do.

A Review of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

A review and taste test of fine chocolates placed Leonidas high on the list of favorites.

Leonidas – This chocolate is amazing even though it misses a big part of the box of chocolates experience, reading the artful description as to what your about to embark on in the way of taste adventure. Leonidas leaves you to the quess work. You don't know until you indulge. The box was plain and simple with no fancy touches or features. It is quite elegant as you can see above.These chocolates are simple and good as if you’ve just encountered good quality chocolate giving you that deep sigh of satisfaction as if to say, finally.  You're left surprised as to what your about to get with no warning and yet the surprise is good and rarely a let down. Leonidas is crazy like a fox taking the expectation out of the equation leaving you with a pure and delightful surprise. Who doesn't like surprises?

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A Review of See's Candies

The See's Chocolates Taste Test

See's - This tasty chocolate allows you to customize your very own personal box filling it with only the assortments you like best. Why waste time on those you don't love? The girls and I felt all the more pampered for having this options and what fun! The packaging was difficult making it a bit of torment to unwrap once it arrived.

I just love expecting a package in the mail don't you?

The cellophane wrap is tight and seamless, just be prepared to wrestle with it a bit.  See’s turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for us as it is a sweet chocolate so much so it distracts from the flavor of the actual chocolate.  If you like a really sweet chocolate this is the fine chocolate for you. I have heard from many others that they adore See's chocolates and it is for it's popularity I added it.

Note:  As I embarked on my chocolate fact finding mission I found myself buying a lot of chocolate.I enlisted the help of my two daughters to get a few other opinions.

The best way to buy traditional Christmas candy is to know both a bit of the history behind the candy, where to get the best and get a great deal. Follow along as we cover both.

A Review of Godiva Chocolates

What can i say, we love Godiva with its artful expression of fine chocolate they really celebrate chocolates, we appreciate that.

Godiva – Presentation is everything in the eyes of Godiva. If you want a gift that impressive Godiva chocolates is it at first blush. The package Is a flash of fancy packaged in a bright shining gold making an impressive gift. The girls were in heaven happily making our way through the entire box in one after noon. 

Makes the Bucket List - Everyone has to try Godiva one for it's prestige and yet don't concern yourself with becoming addicted. It's not very likely when it comes to Godiva and yet you will be glad you experienced it.

The Most Satisfying Chocolate

The Snickers Bar

The snickers company still uses cocoa butter in this amazing candy bar.

Snickers advertises its candy bar to be the most satisfying.  This is true, most people say they prefer and crave a snickers bar when they want chocolate. Yes when chocolate comes to mind and begins to nag at you, snickers is the one that satisfy's. There is a product that runs a close first making this chocolate eating contest a tie!  What is it?  Read on to find out.

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The Oreo Cookie

The Oreo is Americas Favorite Chocolate Cookie

Yes, after all these years the Oreo is still the long standing favorite cookie and one many turn to when they crave chocolate.

The quality of Oreo remains the same after all these years. The true definition of quality is getting what you expect each time you experience something.  Knowing what you expect is what you get is quality.The Oreo taste the same and never lets you down. 

While chocolate is high on the list of things we all love and crave there are many things each of us crave. Lets chat about what we must have when we crave chocolate. I can't wait to hear your favorites.  Hopefully I'll get lots of ideas for new chocolate treats.  Yes, I do love chocolate!

I must confess I keep Oreo's in the house all the time. Excuse me while I go find them now. Enjoy your chocolate.

A Review of See's Chocolate

Read a second review of See's chocolate company from trusted Wizzley author Brenda Reeves.

Meet Brenda Reeves

I adore Brenda Reeves, she's a favorite of mine. I just had to share her amazing article on See's.

Since See's is the trusted and favorite chocolate makers of so many chocolate lovers I thought you might want to read a bit more about this great company.  

Enjoy Brenda's wonderful review of See's just below.


Thanks Brenda :)

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Chat about chocolate, what is your go to chocolate treat when you just gotta have chocolate?

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katiem2 on 08/26/2012

Thanks Mira, Enjoy your chocolate :)K

Mira on 08/26/2012

I kept looking at the fancy chocolate section at a local supermarket. Now I'll make sure I buy some :-). I do eat lots of chocolate at Christmastime, but mostly dark chocolate throughout the year. Great idea for an article! :-)

dustytoes on 08/26/2012

Yum... should not have read this page on scrumptious chocolates! I'm off to check out Brenda's article.

zteve on 08/26/2012

Love chocolate - love this page!

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

Brenda, Cool story about See's. Hope you're enjoying CA! I don't know, I love chocolate, snickers are a fast favorite of mine as is Oreo cookies. Plus I buy the high end stuff, the dark chocolate is my favorite. Can't imagine a day without a little chocolate. :)

BrendaReeves on 08/25/2012

Thank you Katie for recommending my article and the kind words. As you know, I'm in CA right now. I was in the mall this morning in Sacramento and passed a Godiva Chocolate store. I didn't even realize there was such a thing. I've always seen Godiva sold in department stores. I have a friend who used to work for Sees. Employees aren't allowed to wear deodorant or perfume, because the chocolate absorbs the fumes and alters the flavor.
I've got to grab a box before I go home. I'm also a Snickers and Hershey's fan. I would say Hershey's is my favorite chocolate second to Sees. I try not to buy it though, because they moved production to Mexico. I'm not always successful at that. Where would we all be if chocolate had never been discovered?

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

ArleneVPoma, I'm one of those who take a bite out of a chocolate and put it back if I'm done with it, or don't like it. My daughters do it too. We figure if we don't want to finish it one of us will, keep it in the family. This drove my husband crazy, maybe the reason we're divorced.

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