Beautiful and Fun Kitchen Aprons

by katiem2

Wearing kitchen aprons are fun, functional and brighten up any kitchen decor. Learn why aprons are making a big come back and how you can enjoy wearing an apron as well.

Since I was a little girl I've loved wearing kitchen aprons. My Grandmother always wore an apron while doing household chores. I'm all grown up now and still enjoy wearing aprons, I even have many my Grandmother gave me.

I like looking good and keeping my clothes clean and presentable my collection of kitchen aprons helps me to do this. Plus it feels good. Have you experienced the good feeling of wearing a pretty apron?

The Function of Aprons

Aprons are useful for many reasons.

Today we'll take a look at the function of kitchen aprons.  The apron you see in my picture above is a new addition I just fell in love with this apron, I'm really into wearing brown and this apron looks really good with brown, don't you think?  

I enjoy coordinating my aprons with my wardrobe.  Aprons are a fun fashion I am hooked on. I think you will be to once you enjoy the thrill of wearing one. Aprons are more than just functional, aprons are fashionable.  I wear them anytime I cook, wash dishes or clean the kitchen.  

I'll never forget the first time I was seen in an apron while going to the mailbox in my new neighborhood.  You see I'm notorious for wearing my aprons outside the house.  If I'm in the kitchen cooking in my apron I frequently pop outside to check on the kids or get the mail when it runs.  I can be spotted surprising one of my neighbors with fresh warm brownies while wearing an apron.

Back to the point, once I was spotted in my apron the other women in the neighborhood started asking me about them, where do you get them, can I borrow one.  To that I said no get your own and proceeded to guide them on the aprons to have.  

I was amazed as to how the others were so excited about the entire concept of wearing an apron.  I guess everyone didn't have a Grandma like I did to hand down this fine practice.  As it turns out the image of me in my apron struck a nerve with our neighborhood now all the ladies on my street can be spotted wearing their aprons.  I'm just waiting for brownies now!


Apron's at Work

I have two daughters who love cooking and have since they were toddlers, cooking is fun science you can eat.

My daughters wanted their own aprons as soon as they could form the words.  The three of us enjoy cooking in our kitchen aprons.  

Apron's help to maintain a clean cooking environment.  You could have something on your clothes you do not want to get into your food. Its highly unlikely you will put on clean clothes free of hair, dust and other contaminants. It's so easy to slip into a clean fresh apron.

This builds more trust in your cooking as your guest see you as a person who takes their cooking seriously.  Wearing an apron sends the message your a considerate cook.  


Dinner Party Aprons

Anytime you entertain an apron adds a touch of class and makes the mood more festive, special.

Anytime you have guest over to eat, regardless the occasion, its impressive to wear an apron.  Your guest get the feeling they're special and that you're going the extra mile on their behalf.  The best way to impress someone is to first be impressed by them.  Anytime you wear an apron for your dinner guest you're saying you're important and impressive. They will in turn be impressed with you and be all the more thrilled with your menu and cooking skills.

My Grandmother always said, "Pick your apron based on your cooking skills, if you lack great cooking talent be certain to wear a really nice apron".  It does make a difference.  She went on to explain, anytime you get dressed to impress for an date, job or the like you feel better and do better.  The same applies for cooking the better the apron, the better your food will be as you feel more confident.

I love aprons and have enjoyed sharing with you today about my love of aprons and why. I'm sure my Grandmother will approve.  

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

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katiem2 on 04/05/2012

2uesday, me too, I really like tiling my aprons wrap around to the front as well.

katiem2 on 02/18/2012

Angel, so cool you too have some of your grandmothers aprons, its those little treasures taking us back to our childhood that are priceless.

Angel on 02/18/2012

My mother and grandmother also wore aprons all the time. I have some of my grandmother's old aprons stored away. I guess I should wear them and I wouldn't mess up so many clothes while cooking! Great page Katie.

katiem2 on 02/18/2012

uninvitedwriter, thanks you should pull that apron out and wear it.

Guest on 02/18/2012

Those are some very pretty aprons. My mother always wore one. I have one apron I got from the Barnes Collection tour, but it's folded somewhere in the bottom of a pile somewhere :) The ones you have here are definitely not your average "kiss the cook" aprons, very nicely done.

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