Gluten Free Cookies

by katiem2

With gluten sensitivity on the rise we've all become more aware of eating gluten free. Now we can have our cake and cookies. Get the best deals and quality gluten free cookies here

Gluten sensitive cases are on the rise as awareness becomes more wide spread. Wheat is grown differently now than in years gone by. Modern day wheat is rushed to process much quicker. The speed at which we manufacturer bread and gluten related products now leaves more gluten in the food we eat. This fact alone is good cause for so much suffering. Oh to eat a cookie without pain would be amazing. Suffer no more as I share with you one of my favorite gluten free cookie line. Lucy's cookies are a delicious and can be enjoyed with no painful side effects. Have you tried Lucy's cookies?

Buy Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies

Get your Lucy's cookies above and enjoy an assortment or pick your favorites at Amazon.

The Best Variety in Gluten Free Cookies

Cookies are a huge part of growing up and building fond memories, cookies will always be the go to food for fun and cherished feel good moments in life.

I was first attracted to Lucy's for the variety of flavors. Lucy's offers them all, I love maple. It's rare to find anything in maple much less a great gluten free cookie.


The Lucy cookie offers all the favorites and they are all delicious. I order them in this sweet assortment. My kids and all their friends love them. If I don't hide them I risk running out. I like to share so I keep the variety assortment on hand. 

Lucy's Gluten Free Cookie

These fast favorite gluten free chocolate cookies get a five star rating with both me and other Amazon shoppers.


I'm a picky eater and so if I'm going to eat it, it must be fantastic. The Lucy's maple bliss and chocolate are one of my favorites. They taste great and satisfy my maple or chocolate cookie cravings without the worry of pain. There is nothing worse then experiencing pain after we eat. We have to eat and so often do so only to regret it. With these delicious cookies there is no regret.

Cookie Lover Yes or No

Are you a cookie lover and have you ever eaten a gluten free cookie? Tell us about your gluten free cookie experience.
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Yes I love cookies
DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2018

I don't remember eating gluten-free cookies even though this product line and your information are game-changers. The product line sounds enticing, particularly the cinnamon and ginger. I'd be interested in the chocolate varieties only if it's white chocolate.

teddletonmr on 10/10/2012

I have and for the most part they were not good. Nice to get a good review of gluten free cookies.

About Lucy's Cookie Company

Lucy's own child was diagnosed as having issues with gluten like so many children everyday this crisis is on the rise.

It's a hard blow to any parent learning their child cannot eat just anything the average normal carefree child can. A big part of childhood is having bonding moments over cookies. The magic cookies has over a conversation is a cherished part of parents quality time with their kids.

The Creator Dr. Lucy Gibner

Dr. Lucy Gibnery is a doctor/mother who faced the challenge of food allergies combining her medical back ground and childhood recipes to develop delicious cookies.

Dr. Lucy Gibner learned her son had serious food allergies. She went straight to the medical facts and researched what would be best for her own child. The inspiration of her son and support of her husband put a fire under her to get serious in the kitchen. Dr. Lucy left her emergency room career aside as she worked to create the best most quality methods of feeding her son. She used her own mothers recipes and modified them to feed those with allergies and gluten sensitivity.

She experimented until she got it right. She made great tasting cookies free of milk, butter or eggs and with her special non wheat flour blend. She worked until she created her own quality controlled bakery.

It is my honor to bring to you today, Lucy's cookies. As she puts it, no one ever has to be denied a good cookie. They are crispy, crunchy and hard to stop eating cookies. 

These amazing cookies are baked without wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. You won't believe it when you taste them, they are really that good. It's really not that surprising, the Lucy's cookies are a result of a mothers mission to feed her child and provide him with the fond childhood memories of great moments shared over great cookies. Enjoy your gluten free cookies. 

What's Your Favorite Cookie?

Which cookie flavor do you think you would like the most?
Updated: 11/13/2012, katiem2
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Gluten Free Cookie Chat and Debate, Which is your favorite cookie flavor?

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katiem2 on 10/15/2012

2uesday, The cinnamon are very good. I like them. The maple are also very good, I really enjoy the maple, it's one of my favorite flavors.

katiem2 on 10/10/2012

Mike, They are delicious gluten free cookies.

teddletonmr on 10/10/2012

Sounds good to me

katiem2 on 10/10/2012

HollieT, They are really good. I eat gluten free most of the time. The way food is processed makes it a dumping ground for insane amounts of gluten. W have a really gluten free vegan bakery here where I live. It is very pricey but wonderful. With a cup cake costing $3.00 I opt for more affordable brands when I find something good. I was thrilled to find Lucy's, they are really delicious.

I'll keep positive thoughts of your sister getting healthier and healing everyday. Thanks for commenting and enjoy the gluten free cookies.

HollieT on 10/10/2012

Hi Katie,

My sister has recently converted to a gluten free diet- She's a renal transplant patient and had recently been having lots of stomach problems and her consultant suggested that she may be sensitive to gluten products. She's converted and says she's feeling much better for it. We've been buying Sainsbury's gluten free products but it's a really small range and they do not have a great selection. It hadn't occurred to me to try Amazon for gluten free food, so this is really helpful- those cookies sound delicious by the way.

katiem2 on 10/04/2012

They do, I'm a vegetarian and love vegan food so it goes hand in hand. Gluten free vegan baked goods are so amazing. I like them better. I've never been a big fan of high fat and sugar as it tends to make me sick, feel bad and the like. I love these crunchy delicious cookies. We get to much high tess gluten in our diets. This is why there is an out break of gluten intolerance. :)

Sheri_Oz on 10/04/2012

Amazing to think that cookies without milk, eggs and gluten-free can taste good.

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