Foil Art Fun for Kids of All Ages

by katiem2

Any kid of any age will love foil art, it is so cool and edgy with popping colors and endless possibilities to create art you will want to have around for years to come.

This year my daughter received fun foil art from a relative. She, like a lot of kids, likes art. When she got this gift, she was curious and a bit skeptical and yet once she opened it she quickly fell in love. She could not stop creating fun and amazing art with her fun foil art. She was humming and designing shiny bright fun foil art for hours on end.

It's been six days since she received it and has played with it every day, she just asked me if I had seen it anywhere before and if I knew were we could get more when this was done. This gift is running a close second or tied for first with her new iPod touch generation. That is saying a lot.

Her older sister was in awe of the quiet hours her once loud and pesky sister was spending on her new found art and has even joined in on the fun. Oh how nice to watch them playing quietly and peacefully together.

Affordable Fun for Kids

Foil art is very affordable at under $15.00 you can provide your child with countless hours of creative fun.

Creative fun that is different and unique, something they will instantly take interest in. The art kids create with this fun foil art is priceless and makes for a great durable keepsake. unlike so many pieces of art our kids make this stands up to time.

So I looked around till I found fun foil art for kids online and wow how exciting. I just had to share this keepsake art treasure with all my followers as I know what a prize a gift like this is.

I mean to find something kids can do with their own two hands is a priceless find these days. Oh did I tell you they transform into stickers.

Stickers, now that's another great love of kids. These are great additions to scrapbooks and keepsakes as it's not everyday you get hand made art from your son or daughter to add to your scrapbooks.

Reviewing Foil Art for Kids

Foil art for kids is now on the top of my list of go to presents anytime I need something for a birthday party or the like.

Well am I ever grateful my daughters favorite aunt took the time to find that special gift for her. She loves it and has spent countless hours playing and creating fun art. As a Mom I was even more delighted to find I can buy more. I now know a new and exciting new birthday gift I I'll be having on hand for the special kids in our lives.

I know you'll be happy to learn about this cool art fun. I write this as I look on amazed as my daughters create more and more foil art. Oh, did I tell you its mess free! That's just one more added bonus! One more huge bonus, scroll down and check out fun foil art, it's a shocking low price, but just one of those treasures you'd pass on by if not given the heads up by a very satisfied MOM! Enjoy your quiet time!

Updated: 10/25/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 11/10/2018

Derdriu, Good assessment of art and its impact.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/14/2017

katiem2, It's educational fun since art makes its creators observant and savvy about color, shape and texture relationships that work, don't or might. It's always esteem-building fun, too, for kids to see that their activities make a difference, even if it's "just" personalizing their space.

katiem2 on 11/30/2012

CherylsArt, It is a lot of fun. Given Art is in your name I'm assuming you're a fellow art lover as are Brenda and I. :)

CherylsArt on 11/29/2012

I agree with Brenda. Foil art looks like fun for kids of all ages. Creating art was one of my favorite projects as a kid, and still is.

katiem2 on 11/09/2012

Brenda, It is a lot of fun, the time flies when playing with this. Plus it's a toy or activity that doesn't cost a lot. :)

BrendaReeves on 11/09/2012

This looks like something I'd also enjoying playing with.

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